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  1. I would like to have a Benelli Nova owner help me check out a barrel that I purchased from Gunbroker. I purchased this barrel for a gunsmithing project and I need to check the fit by installing it on a Nova action. Are there any Benelli Nova owners in the Rochester NY/ Ontario Co./ Wayne Co. area that could help me out? I could travel to meet at a gun club or local dealer, whichever would be more convenient. If you want to message off list my email is [email protected] Thank you for any help I may get. midnightrider0996
  2. Can anyone comment on barrel interchange between models? My Shotgun has a M1 style receiver. Will M2 or M3 barrels fit? what is the difference with the pump/auto M3? I am also still looking for a m1 barrel extension for a project gun. Thanks. If this info is in a faq please tell me the search term as barrel interchange revealed 0 results. Thanks in advance.
  3. Great pictures, very clear and detailed. Thanks.
  4. It looks like there may have been some threadlocker present. You can thread them back together, but I am not sure how much torque is required to get them realigned. Also how to hold them securely and not damage your dip camo surface. The threads look perfect. Does this gun have many rounds through it? I would not expect these two pieces to separate as they need to be correctly aligned to function correctly and to maintain correct headspace with the locking lugs. I would probably call Benelli Customer Service.
  5. The end of the barrel is threaded? Any chance of a higher resolution photo of the barrel end and the barrel extension? If they are threaded you should be able to carefully line up the threads and tighten until the extension is aligned with the barrel. I would assume that this joint was not designed to be taken down, so not sure why this loosened. If this is a new gun you may want to take it to a gunsmith or contact Benelli as there may be a warranty issue here.
  6. I am working on a project, and I need a Benelli Montefeltro barrel extension, the part of the barrel that fits into the receiver and contains the locking lugs. A damaged barrel, bulged, bent, split, dented rusted, pitted,is fine as long as the barrel extension is undamaged. If someone has or knows of a barrel in this condition, please contact me. If someone has a damaged barrel and needs a good barrel, I have one for sale, 28 ",3" chamber, matte finish, vent rib, that takes Beretta/Benelli chokes. Maybe we can work something out. If anyone has a Beretta 1201F barrel in similar condition, it will also work for my project. The 1201FP police barrel that fits with a longer 7shot magazine tube will also work for my project, but will not exchange with a Montefeltro due to the shorter magazine length. The Beretta 1201 F and FP have the same dimension barrel extension, the FP has a different location of the barrel lug. It looks like the extension on a M1 Super 90 will also work, though I have not viewed it closely, I know the barrel lug is different on a Super 90 Barrel.Thanks for any help. fxdf[email protected] Midnightrider0996
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