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  1. Had this on a Benelli Supernova that sat in a closet (now sold). Like new as its never seen a range. This one has the standard attachments for Supernova (other weapons as well I assume) and also QD attachments for any weapon that allows. Asking $60 shipped, USA only.
  2. Hello everyone, new to the forum here. Over the last couple of years I have began to be plagued by cycling issues regarding my SBE2, in specifics 2 3/4 inch shells. Now I would like to start by saying this is a gun that I have owned for going on 11 years and have put close to 20,000 rounds through it during that time. I noticed the problem dove hunting a couple years ago when it wouldn’t fully cycle Remington Gun clubs. Since then it absolutely will not cycle any target load, and will not cycle most 2 3/4 magnum rounds. It will either stove pipe the empty hull or eject it but the next round will get caught under the bolt carrier (bolt won’t cycle all the way back). This problem has lead me to purchasing another shotgun. Now that that is addressed I would like to add this. I have tried several different kinds of cleaners including CLP, Lucas gun oil, frog lube, hoppes, and clenzoil. I’ve tried powdered graphite along the slide rail, I’ve tried well oiled, light oiled, and bone dry. I’ve cleaned every nook and cranny in this gun you can imagine. I have also replaced the recoil spring with a Wolff XP and have tried a RP spring, as well as a factory replacement. I’ve replaced magazine caps followers, inertia springs, and locking pin retainer. (I’m sure I’m leaving something out). I love the gun, I shoot it very well but I can’t trust the reliability issues. Any advice or comments would be appreciated as I would love to get the gun back shooting again so I don’t have to keep shooting a dang beretta
  3. Since my last post was very informative, I figured I'd make one for parts and for 922r compliance. I'll start by first sharing the information I received via an email from the ATF. With that out of the way, I would like to know what are the best US made parts to get for upgrading a Benelli M4 11707 while making it 922r compliant. I'm wanting to get the 7 round tube and the collapsible stock. I'm aware of FFT and TTI as well as Carrier Comp. I've heard good things about the ladder and went ahead and ordered a full length titanium magazine tube from them. Since it comes with a follower, that would make 2 US parts and, based on my understanding, I would need 2 more parts replaced to have both the full length tube and collapsible stock. What other parts are worth replacing and by which manufacturer? I am also interested in getting the TTI extended carrier, the TTI oversized safety, the GG&G bolt release pad, and the GG&G charging handle: TTI Carrier: https://tarantacticalinnovations.com/tti-benelli-accuguide-extended-carrier/ TTI Safety: https://tarantacticalinnovations.com/tti-oversized-benelli-ultimate-safety/ GG&G Pad: https://www.gggaz.com/benelli-m4-tactical-bolt-release-pad.html GG&G Handle: https://www.gggaz.com/benelli-m4-tactical-charging-handle.html Are these parts worth it? Any additional information and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I purchased my Vinci and another gun at the same time at Gander Mountain - which has provided awesome customer service through this whole process. I am currently on my second Vinci since I experienced an approximate 10-15% misfire of my shotgun shells - which were the Winchester Xpert Hi-Velocity 3" shells. With my first Vinci, I went on three major, 5-day duck hunts. During these hunts, some different, yet similar failures were happening: 1. At first I was having periodic misfires with the first shell. Simply pulling the trigger, all I would hear was the 'click' of the firing pin, and of course, there was an associated firing pin indentation in the primer. The indentation was faint and obviously not strong enough to fire the shell. This happened a handful of times. 2. Occasionally, the 'click' of the firing pin on the first shell in the gun would not even leave a firing pin indentation at all. When these misfires of the first shell occurred, I was eventually more prepared and would quickly pull the slide back, ejecting the shell and loading the second round in the chamber which would then fire. 3. In the beginning, all misfires occurred only on the first round, however, at the end of my second hunt, I also experienced a misfire (hearing the firing pin 'click' and no indentation on the shell) on the third round. This misfire occurred after attempting to fire three rounds in succession. The gun was disassembled and thoroughly cleaned after every use. Gander Mountain(GM) was contacted after each hunt as well as the gun being brought into their in-house gunsmith. Neither any of the sales reps or gunsmith heard of this or any problems with the Vinci thus far and only a guess as to what the problem may be. They suggested that the 'machined groove' (on the barrell) that the bolt locking head could have been dirty and did not provide good shell:firing pin contact. This was the only thing that we could collectively come up with and I was sent out in the field to try it again after the first hunt. I did not have much faith as the gun was thoroughly cleaned after each use. As, described, the problem continued. I contacted Benelli which was quick to offer to send out a new firing pin and spring, however, I knew that there was something else going on and that it would not solve the problem. GM also contacted Benelli to find out what they wanted to do; they did not hear back from them and GM simply replaced the Vinci with a brand new Vinci. Well, I just got back from another duck hunt. I shot only 23 rounds through the gun and had two misfire (first shell only) as well as one feeding problem where the third shell and carrier would get stuck. Again, this is nearly a 10% failure rate. During this trip, I realized what I believe is to be the problem. When the bolt is automatically and/or manually put in the forward position (ex, loading a shell), sometimes the bolt locking head is not in the proper position. When the bolt (action) is properly closed, the bolt locking head (BLH) actually turns a bit counterclockwise as it gets seated into the machined groove on the barrel. I noticed that sometimes, the bolt locking head is not turned - thus preventing enough of a gap between the shell primer and the firing pin. The photo below is the proper position of the bolt locking head (note this by the ejector on the BLH): Below is what I believe is happening when the gun misfires, whether it is the first or third shell - compare the position of the ejector to the picture above! Finally, the last picture (not shown since there is a limit of two photos per post) is duplication of how the shell got hung up in the carrier and does not pushed all the way into the chamber. This failure only happened once in the last 20 or so shells. This is the first Benelli that I have ever owned. Two other hunting partners bought the Winchester Super X3 and the Beretta Xtrema 2 have shot a season of trap and season of hunting without a hitch. It is a bitter-sweet purchase. For my first semi-auto, I would never imagine that I would have these problems for the amount of money it costs. Has anybody else had any problems at all in the field with this gun. I will be taking the gun back to GM tomorrow to see what they think. I will also be contacting Benelli in the near future to get their opinion on this problem. I hope that since it is a brand new gun this year, that maybe there was a quality control issue or something that has now been straightened out. I will check out some other blogs to see what others are saying....good luck.
  5. I've been camping out on the Benelli website and drooling over the R1 for a future elk hunt. The bad news is I'm left handed. Before I buy an R1 I need to know if the ejected shells will hit me in the face. Anyone out there shooting an R1 left handed and willing to share their experiences?
  6. Recently purchased a used 12 gauge nova from a pawn shop. Was cycling rounds through it after I brought it home and noticed the pump does not lock when the gun isn’t cocked. Might sound weird but if I pump it once the action stays in place like it’s supposed to. But if I fire it the pump wants slide back on it’s own. It’s annoying because I have to hold the slide up while chambering the first round otherwise the slide is too far down to insert the first shell into the tube. Any ideas on what it could be? Wondering if I should try to take it back?? Thanks for the input.
  7. Morning y'all, looking to purchase a fore-end and spare parts for the MR1, obviously this rifle is now discontinued and there is no more parts support, so I come to the forum for help. If you have a fore-end or any spare parts laying around let me know, im ready to purchase right away. THANK YOU
  8. Haven't heard anyone talk much about the Benelli M2 tactical. I'm looking at https://discreetarmsdealer.com/product/benelli-m2-tactical/ Someone please take a look and tell me if it's worth the investment. I know it could be higher. But it could be lower too right?
  9. I have owned my Vinci since 2012. In that time I have shot trap with it every summer since I have owned it as well as carried it extensively while wing shooting every fall. At this point, the gun has multiple thousands of rounds through it. The one thing that has bugged me since owning the gun is it will not cycle 1 oz. loads reliably. It is even slightly picky on which 1 1/8 oz. loads it will cycle. I have tried all stages of lubrication from basically dry to what I think is too much lubrication and the problem has still persisted. I have never had any issues cycling field or waterfowl loads so I have been willing to live with it. Today I was out shooting with some friends, one of which has a newer Vinci. I believe the gun was purchased in 2015. He has always reported no cycling problems at all with his going as light as 7/8 oz. loads. Today he ended up having to go to work early and left the gun with me overnight. I took both guns apart and compared them side by side and noticed some differences on the guide rod for the recoil spring. On my gun the guide rod is rough in texture. There is also a cutout on the guide rod. I noticed on his gun that the guide rod is completely smooth. It also doesn't have a cutout. I will attach some pictures along with this post. Any info anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I'm hoping to find out more about this benelli special 80 I inherited in box still wrapped from my grandfather who passed away. Most of the manuals are in Italian and I'd like to know as much as possible about it as it means much to me (history, rarity, specs, ect.) any help is appreciated
  11. Hello and got my first shot gun (m4). Go big or go home. Still learning about the weapon (am a Former Marine, so shooting isn't new) but looking to breaking it in and just general cheap /decent ammo to shoot . I will maintain good home defense ammo and will train with it at some point in the near future. Trying to Google/you tube info from experienced shooters. Any advice on decent ammo to break this in and not kill the wallet to badly? thank you in advance.
  12. So i just purchased my new Benelli SuperNova. It seems to hang up a bit unless i muscle the shotgun a little bit. Now i know you can't just move the pump with one finger i know you have to put a little bit of force into it but i called benelli they told me to strip it clean and re lube it. I did that and it does feels much better. They also said there is a break in period as it is a BRAND new firearm. Maybe i'm just being anal and paranoid but i just don't want any issues. It has loosened up the more i play with it but it just had me a little worried. Am i just being a little too paranoid and worrisome or is it an issue worth looking into? And secondly... Seeing as my supernova is my very first shotgun, i'm a little lost with how all these kinds of shells work. I know birdshot is for birds and buck shot is for buck but idk what size shell to shoot and what i should shoot for clay pigeon shooting and so on. What's the point of bigger shells over the smaller shells, I know i will stick with Federal Ammo mainly because i shoot that in my Glock and Bushmaster XM-15 with no issues. I like Fiocchi ammo as well. It's an Italian gun so i might as well feed it Italian food right? Sorry for being so un educated but it's just a bit overwhelming to me at the moment. I just got into firearms 2 years ago so i'm slowly learning each kind and shooting them. My next purchase is a Bolt Action Savage 110 Tactical. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. I bought this Benelli M4 used. The original owner said he shot 50 rounds through it. Seems to be true there was near no wear on the bolt. He upgraded the springs in the gun to reduce trigger pull Taran Tactical. I have shot several rounds through the gun. Every 3rd or 4th round the firing pin does not discharge the round. The firing pin strikes but not hard enough. The round has been hit clearly but not hard enough. I put the round into my cousin benelli super nova about 15 year old shotgun with like 10000 rounds through it and it fires perfect. I have tried 3" bird, 2 3/4" bird, double o, etc. Same thing everytime. Some of the more expensive ammo works fine but still have a problem every now and then. I have followed the Benelli lube tips in the manual. The gun is always very clean and well taken care of. I recently replace the firing pin spring. Still didn't fix the problem. Any ideas what is going on it is really pissing me off. What a cool gun one of my favorites can't wait to get it running correctly. Maybe i need a new firing pin? FYI the bolt seems slow to close like it is missing some power. Sorry if i am not using proper terms. I am new to this forum. I also apologize if this was already answered i was unable to find anything on this problem in this forum. Thanks for your help in advance.
  14. I use an 870 for work, but bought this for play. Benelli Supernova Cerakote FDE with co-witnessed SpeedBead/FastFireIII
  15. Factory OEM Benelli M4 Collapsible Stocks on GUNBROKER.com & Ebay Factory 7 round magazine tubes on and Amazon. Same Collapsible Stock on the Service Shotgun of the U.S. Marines. Factory New Original OEM Benelli M4 Collapsible Stocks on GUNBROKER.com, eBay.com and Amazon.com $399 On Gunbroker.com also available 7 round factory OEM magazines email @ [email protected] call direct (909) 659-1050 to order
  16. I would like to have a Benelli Nova owner help me check out a barrel that I purchased from Gunbroker. I purchased this barrel for a gunsmithing project and I need to check the fit by installing it on a Nova action. Are there any Benelli Nova owners in the Rochester NY/ Ontario Co./ Wayne Co. area that could help me out? I could travel to meet at a gun club or local dealer, whichever would be more convenient. If you want to message off list my email is [email protected].. Thank you for any help I may get. midnightrider0996
  17. Hello all, thought we would pop in and mention we just opened up Pre-Ordering for our ATI Raven Benelli M4 Stock and Forend on our website www.atigunstocks.com Check it out and let us know if you have any questions - Our Facebook page will continue to put out more info on the Raven leading up to SHOT.
  18. Hey there everyone! Glad to me a new member and a proud papa of a Benelli M4. New here and new to Benelli and looking for some tips. Ammo to use, ammo to avoid, mods, opinions, etc. So far in the works I have a Mesa Tactical Urbino stock, gg&g tac bolt release, Mesa Tactical rail / shot shell carrier (all on back order from Botach) and a preorder for an ATI fore end -considering a surefire for the rails but damn they are pricey. Heard good things and excited to be a part of the community.
  19. I opted to remove the rail on my m4 and thought I'd share... -Rail screw holes are M4x.75 NOT #8-40 (8-40 is what I used, but do so at your own risk - read further) -Screws should be no more than .130" long to match receiver thickness I purchased these two plug screws, either one will work: -Brownells hex plug: 080-534-002WB $16.99 http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/small-hardware/metal-screws/hex-plug-screws-prod21185.aspx -Brownells slotted plug: 080-533-840WB $8.99 http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/small-hardware/metal-screws/plug-screw-kit-prod792.aspx Personally I thought the hex screw looked best, even though they were pricey. I was worried the hex plugs might be a shade too long as the receiver seemed to be 1/8" but they fit perfect. Other options on Brownells include a positive stop screw and a SS option. I secured these screws with Loctite 243 as it supposedly works better if oil contamination is present... and I already had some 243 from my titanium carriercomp mag install (thx Unobtanium for the 243 insight). I'm sure any blue loctite would do the job though. All in all probably a huge waste of time for this, but I like the cleaner m1 type look with the rail out of the way. Plus I was bored. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2048[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2047[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2046[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2045[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2044[/ATTACH]
  20. I've been lurking here for awhile now trying to learn about which benelli I want to get. I've decided to get the M4. This is a very great site and I want to say thank you for all the info, ya'll have been very helpful to me. I have a gold $20 double eagle and a .999 silver half pound coin. I will mail them to you along with a copy of a FFL so you can inspect the coins before you send the shotgun. I was going to put then on Ebay but I want to see if anyone would want them first. Thanks!
  21. Is there anyone out there reloading an R1? Any helpful hints? I am using RCBS equipment and trying to load the 300 Win Mag. On top of my ignorance I am new to reloading in general. Should I use a crimp? What is a good bullet? Load? Any info will most likely help me.
  22. I just bought a brand new Supernova field model. I cleanned it but i'am having cycling issues. When i have 2 shells in the mag and i go to chamber one, the shell refuses to move out of the mag. it doesnt matter how many times i try it. Please let me know if you have any advice. Thanks
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM5-UHYSpho&feature=plcp
  24. Hey new friends.. I noticed a clicking/ clanking sound that I'm pretty sure my m4 didn't make when it was new. I found that both pistons were the cause of it. Basically when I tilt the shotgun forward and back the pistons will slide and I'll hear the metal on metal click of the piston when it slides forward. Is it normal and I'm putting myself through undue worry or should I be concerned? thanks!
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