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Found 7 results

  1. Morning y'all, looking to purchase a fore-end and spare parts for the MR1, obviously this rifle is now discontinued and there is no more parts support, so I come to the forum for help. If you have a fore-end or any spare parts laying around let me know, im ready to purchase right away. THANK YOU
  2. Greetings. Anyone interested in selling their Surefire M80 handguard/forend? Please PM or text me at 302-232-8100
  3. I purchased a 12ga. BUL in 2009 for hunting pheasants. The original forend bushing quickly became damaged (chipping on the top part of the washer) but was serviceable. I replaced the part (#60619) prior to this year's pheasant season and the replacement is damaged (same chipping as the original and split completely through). Has any BUL owners had this problem? Am I over/under tightening the forend cap? Any suggestions would be helpful. TIA
  4. I am looking for a Super Sport Comfortech stock and forearm, 12 gauge, in decent shape. Lent the gun to my nephew and his Dad for a Boy Scout outing and the nephew (actually I think it was my Brother-In-Law) decided to clean the stock with "Brake Clean" or some plastic melting cleaner. Melted the stock and you can't touch the gun without the stock coming off on your hands. Before you say it, I know they are available new from Benelli, Midwest, Brownells and several other sources. My nephew is supposedly paying for the damage and I'm trying to go easy on him... he's a good kid and a new shooter / hunter - but his Dad... Anyway, if you've got a 12 gauge simulated carbon fiber Comfortech stock and forearm for a Super Sport laying around, I'd be happy to help you convert it to CASH! Thanks guys and Happy New Year to all!
  5. Hello all, Promag Tactical Forend for Benelli M4 Promag item #PM253 ***MADE IN USA, AND COUNTS AS ONE 922R COMPLIANT ITEM*** The package came with a collapsible stock and this tactical forend, I only needed the collapsible stock... I opened the package, removed the stock and resealed the package, leaving the tactical forend brand new and uninstalled. It has a rail on the 3, 6, and 9 O' clock positions. See attached pics! email me at [email protected] if interested
  6. Hello all I recently received a Monte which I love, but have a question as a new Benelli owner. The forend cap has to be screwed down extremely tight to get the forend snug against the receiver, even with this a 1/64-1/32 gap remains between the cap and the plastic forend piece. When I take the barrel off and place it in the case this is not an issue, it sits flat on the forends plastic cap. One concern is that I have it too tight and may crack the forend. I know this is an issue with the other "B" brand's models. Is this normal? Benelli has already sent a new cap, which helped a lot, but a gap remains.
  7. Does anyone know whether the KZ Quadrail for the M4 will work on the M2? Or, whether the B&T Quadrail for the M1 Super90 would work on the M2? I can't find a quadrail for the M2 anywhere?
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