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  1. The Super Vinci and the Raffaello both have a Crio barrel and chokes. The actual "Super Sport" is a Legacy type design, similar to the American version of the Raffaello. The European version of the Raffaello is what we have in the US as the new Ethos. Regardless, all of the shotguns have Crio barrels and chokes.
  2. A quick, yet rather un-precise way of checking is to use an engineers ruler (really a metal straight edge) and gently lay it on the flats of the receiver. Any twist or deformity should be visible. Although not accurate, it should give you piece of mind that nothing is out of spec. Good luck with your project.
  3. There are options for "no-swivel" slings, both in leather and nylon. There's this style: Problem with this style is twofold. First, I'm not sure how this type of stock attachment may or may not interfere with the Progressive Comfort recoil system. Secondly, the barrel attachment would cause sight picture issues, covering the vent rib on your Ethos. I've seen slings that go under the vent rib with smaller velcro or similar material but I personally would not want to put that kind of stress on the carbon-fiber vent rib of the Ethos. Given how proud they are of the newly designed magazine cap, I would doubt we will see any different cap with swivels, maybe something aftermarket well down the road. The Raffaello mentioned above is the Legacy design: standard metal mag cap so swivels are available. Depending on how you use a sling, I have seen "belt shotgun holders" that are either over the shoulder or belt type "trays" made of leather or cordura that carry the weight of the shotgun on your hip as you support the shotgun with your leading hand. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2530[/ATTACH] There are options but the carbon fiber rib and recoil system would be concerning. I would look at all available options and make a decision based on how you would use the sling. Just be glad, until then, that the Ethos is so light! Good luck in your search.
  4. According to the Benelli rep at Pheasant Fest last week, they are planning on 3 different recoil pads, three different combs, interchangeable fiber optic sights and changeable carbon-fiber ribs. None of which are currently listed on Benelli's website but they, Benelli, has never been quick to get out the accessories and when you see what you want, BUY IT because historically, they (Benelli) doesn't support their accessory market indefinitely.
  5. No problem, glad to help. Enjoy your new gun!
  6. No problem, after you unscrew the cap (as if you were going to remove the barrel and forend) you should be able to just tilt the gun, muzzle down, and you will notice an aluminum, flat ended rod that goes through the magazine screw - the part that the cap screws on too. The best description I can give of the part is it looks like an aluminum nail, without the point. A little shake and the rod or plug should move out slightly and all you need to do is grab it with your fingers and pull. It is much simpler than I am making it sound. This is what the rod looks like... [ATTACH=CONFIG]2518[/ATTACH] Hope that helps!
  7. It does hold 4 in mag, 1 loaded. The gun comes equipped with a "waterfowl plug" in the front of the magazine so it is waterfowl "legal"... only three rounds. The plug is easily removed to allow full magazine capacity. Twist off the magazine cap and the "plug" should be obvious, holding the gun securely, you should be able to turn it muzzle down and the plug may even just fall out. It will not "ghost load" like your M4. Different design. Nice gun, I'm sure you will enjoy it!
  8. Can anyone with previous experience or knowledge comment on the differences between the Taran Tactical reduced power hammer spring and the Wolff reduced power hammer spring?
  9. Excellent... count me in! Nice contest and nice product, by the way!
  10. Beretta A400 Xcel Parallel Target. Ugly as sin, as I'm not a fan of the blue "Smurf gun" receiver, but the softest target shooter in 12 gauge. A 20 gauge, although a great idea when recoil is considered, might prove to be too little for a dedicated trap gun. Gas guns are far more challenging to keep clean, but since your friend is retired, he has the time... Good luck and it's nice of you to be assisting your friend enter the trap shooting world; good for both of you!
  11. This one, serial number 0016 sold on Gunbroker for $1,500.00 new and unfired.
  12. I have no real input except to say it sounds like you have a very cool job!
  13. Thanks for the further explanation. Still makes little sense that a company so fearful of litigation puts out guns with 10 pound trigger pulls but instructs armorers that it's improper to load an un-cocked weapon with the safety on. Interesting that there doesn't seem to be any touted improvements in their new Ethos trigger group.
  14. Sorry to hijack your thread, congrats on a job well done! The above quote makes no sense to me... if you shouldn't cock the hammer when the safety is on; how do you chamber a shell? Certainly NOT with the safety OFF? Cycling the action will cock the hammer... Maybe someone smarter than me can explain. Thanks.
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