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  1. Yes. I had seen that same video but since those are not options on the ethos wondered if there is some leather sling that can be just slipped/buckled on
  2. Speaking of which... anyone have ideas for a sling that could be used that wouldnt need mount points screwed in? Ethos doesnt come with any attachment points
  3. Its called learning. But great you were born knowing everything about every machine you own
  4. Thanks guys. This is my first "waterfowl" gun so have never seen a round limiter. Came out just by tilting with a little shake! You described it perfectly. I was thinking this was some kind of plug that had to be installed infront of the spring or something.
  5. Hmm. Thanks. Will try when i get home
  6. Hmmm. So taking off the plastic cap (like you are breaking the gun down) shows a metal rod that needs to be unscrewed using a wrench. This would lead to the magazine spring area. So are you saying i need to unscrew that piece to get to the spring and then i will find a plug? sorry, i am a bit new to this.
  7. Hey all. Had to do it. Cabelas had a 28" nickel. And now they have one less. wont be able to shoot it for awhile but had a few questions for anyone who hasone or who has been able to play. All info i have seen states this is a 4+1 but i am only able to get two 2 3/4shells in the mag + 1 in the chamber. I alos dont seem to be able to ghost load it like my M4. am I missing something obvious?
  8. Got it. Yes, it was only sticking a bit if i pulled it gently and tried to get it to stick. I wS forgetting that for any kind of breech reload you will still have to have a finger on the bolt latch to keep it back unless it is empty. And i agree with the lubing. I am a SIG guy when it comes to handguns and am now convinced that using slide glide or another light grease is the best thing for metal to metal sliding/contact points. Grease sticks and stays where you put it so you do t have to worry so much about that grinding that eventually leads to wear.
  9. Yes, thank you. I searched a bit more and realized i was thinking of this more as an AR in terms of bolt function and that it would lock back anytime it was pulled back (obviously without a bolt catch button). I think i was referring to what you mentioned as hanging.
  10. Hey all, I'm wondering if I'm having a problem with my M4 or if this is somewhat normal. If I press the cartridge drop button and pull the bolt back it will lock back but not very securely. For example, if I push the bolt knob forward slightly the bolt will spring back to battery. Is this normal? It seems like the only time it will fully locks back is if a round is on the carrier and then the bolt is pulled back. Then, even pushing on the bolt forward will not budget. I thought there was a way to lock the ball back regardless of whether or not there are rounds in the magazine or on the ca
  11. Ahhh. Duh. So the trigger group has to be removed first? I have a mesa tactical stock on which goes on simply sliding on and screwing a bolt into the receiver extension. Didnt think of that! Thanks
  12. Thanks for the heads up. Got mine from mgw and it has the plate. I sent an email to customer service asking why the product page says you have to buy it separately. now for the stupid question..... how do I install it?! Lol just got done replacing my mag tube with the carriercomp (MAJOR pain in the rear), and went to try to put this one on. Didnt see an easy way to get the butt pad off so is there something i am missing?
  13. Man! Videos make that look so easy....clearly not so. i bought a wagner digital heater ( other type they made only has two settings, one low and one higher) this one went up to around 1250 f or so. Started out like te instructions said at around 450. At first i didnt have a vise so was trying to do it holding the receiver in a towel clamped in my knees with my dad trying to turn. Was not budging so i upted it to around 750. After heating fir maybe 10 minutes the whole receiver was starting to get really hot and the tube budged slightly. Red loctite. finally gave up and got access to a vise
  14. Hey all, just an update.My Feb 8 order arrived this past weekend! So all in all, a little over 8 months. Wow. So have hope. they are shipping out
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