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  1. Im in, thanks for your work on a great new product!
  2. I also have the FFT Hammer installed, I think your concerns regarding not being able to pull back the bolt while the hammer is decocked and the safety is on, holds true with the stock hammer as well... I think this is the way the Benelli M4 functions in general and no hammer will make any significant difference. I could be mistaken, but I could swear my M4 functioned this way, prior to the FFT hammer as well as after and while it may seem unusual, like another poster stated, just a quirk that I think you get used to. Similar to the AR15 and the inability to safety while decocked.
  3. When they pin the C-Stock does this involved drilling into the stock or buffer tube? And also how easily is the pinning process reversed? Love the look of the C-stock, hate the fact in California it must be pinned which makes absolutely zero sense... Like the idea of pinning it in the middle position, the LOP on the standard stock is a bit much for me. But hate to do irreversible damage to an expensive brand new stock.
  4. Thank you for the advice above with using a tool to push the pin through while expanding the ring, worked perfectly! Quick question for everyone out there as I can't remember what the functionality was like prior to installing the hammer, I just finished installing an FFT hammer for my last 922r compliant part. After installing the hammer, I simply removed the old and put in the new after oiling and greasing, I noticed that after discharging the hammer, in the uncocked position it seems to be loose in regards to having some movement front-to-back, when in the uncocked position, is that normal? I cant remember what my hammer was like before installing the new one, and don't want to reinstall the stock part to verify this. It seems to function fine, just can't remember if the hammer has no movement in the uncocked position or if it does in fact have play front-to-back like mine does now. Let me know, Thanks !
  5. so I should put some pressure on the inside of the ring with the snap ring pliers and use a seperate set of pliers or a screwdriver to try and lift up on the non-snap ring side of the ring?
  6. holy sh!t man, what kinda snap ring pliers did u use? Im using some nice channel-lock snap ring pliers, but getting that snap ring off the side is brutally difficult, everytime i put some pressure on it just pops out of the ring and cant seem to get a good grip on it to expand it.. just dont wanna do any damage to this thing...
  7. Just finished installing the mag tube, was really surprised how easy it ended up being, only felt like I had the heat gun on for a couple minutes before it was free to turn. Cant wait to go shoot it now. Still need to swap out my hammer prior tho for the 922r now! maybe tomorrow...
  8. I was just gonna email you about this I need to swap out my hammer and was bummed when I saw the photos down
  9. Just received my tube yesterday the 12th, ordered again on Jan 13th. Everything looks phenomenal and the quality of the part looks perfect as well as the coating etc, can't wait to install it, the wait was brutal, and hopefully they can get their production times down significantly, now that I have mine its not a concern, but was definitely much longer of a wait then I was hoping for.
  10. Just an update for everyone interested, haven't received my tube yet but I ordered on Jan 13th and just received my shipping notification today!! The long wait is finally nearing its end, excited!
  11. Still waiting on my tube, ordered Jan 13th.. hoping soon, and LRM u need to get an oversized bolt handle if you havent already the comfortability in my 1/2 FFT charging handle vs the stocker is night and day. Looking good! Jealous, cant wait for my tube to get here!
  12. Awesome! That means I'm getting closer! Moving into January.... Thx for the update
  13. Jdkarmy


    I had used froglube a couple times recently and shot my guns soon thereafter and actually liked the product as it seemed to lubricate well and overall seemed like a good product. Just recently pulled out my 1911 which I had applied froglube after I had went shooting maybe 3-4 months back now and I noticed the slide is slowed down tremendously, as if the froglube has gunked up the action and got more gooey over time? Is this normal and will it function properly when fired? Just wondering if I should go through and remove this from all my firearms and go back to regular breakfree CLP which always seemed to work well for me in the past without this weird goopyness. When releasing the slide it is noticably slowed by the froglube as opposed to snapping back like normal.
  14. Anyone that ordered in early January get a shipping confirm yet? I ordered Jan 13th and still nothing as of yet, seems people near end of December got theres a few weeks ago, got to be getting nearer.......
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