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Found 3 results

  1. Great News For those looking for quality 922r complaint trigger parts. I have some 922r compliant Benelli trigger parts being made. Coming Soon! Hammers, trigger, disconnectors and followers. These have been Chemistry tested for metal type and hardness. Also being made is the larger bolt release button.
  2. Hi all, There have been some questions about how difficult it is to disassemble the trigger group of the Benelli M4 in order to install a US made hammer, disconnector and trigger. The difficulty level of this job depends on what tools you have on hand. With the wrong equipment, plan on swearing a lot. This disassembly requires that you manipulate a lot of small pins and springs. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a proper set of roll punches, roll pin holders, snap ring pliers, disassembly block and dental picks. Brownells has an awesome selection that will last you a lifetime. First off, ensure that your Benelli M4 is unloaded. Remove all ammunition from the weapon and remove it from your work area. Now, remove the bolt handle, and use it to push out the trigger group's Axle Bushing. Once it is started, you can pull it the rest of the way from the opposite side of the receiver. Press the bolt release and pull the trigger group downward and away from the stock. The entire assembly will pull out.
  3. I just replaced the hammer in my M4 for compliance and slightly deformed the little snap ring that holds it in place. I squeezed it back with some pliers, but it is more oval than circular. It seems to hold it in place but it makes me nervous. Does anyone know of a place where I could order a new one or if it is a common size that I could pick up at a hardware store?
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