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  1. This will work and uses existing mounts. http://www.spectergear.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=970
  2. 12508

    Asgard Defense

    $2250 is a little steep. Not sure there is a market for a $2000+ tactical shotgun? Alot feel the Benelli M4 at $1700 ish is too much . . .
  3. 12508

    Asgard Defense

    Looks like Asgard is making their own shotgun now. Bolt/carrier seem similar to an M4. My old Sidarmor rail needs to be reamed and was going to contact them but I don't think they make them any more. https://asgarddefense.com/?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_9&products_id=16
  4. Magpul slings are ok, but I like these for simplicity and weight: http://www.spectergear.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=SG-1126 or http://www.spectergear.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=970
  5. I like the KZ version. It is just a larger version of the factory knob. Have abused it in a few classes and it runs fine. https://www.botach.com/kz-benelli-m4-ergonomic-3x-oversized-charging-handle/
  6. Just use what the gun came with. You will be fine. I have a M4 I have been shooting for 11 years with untold amounts of slugs with no problem.
  7. 12508

    Rethinking my HD Ammo

    I like the Federal LE loads. You really cant go wrong with them. Some M4s may have issues with the low recoil loads though (in my experience). I really like the LEB127LRS low recoil slugs. Some people load the gun with buckshot and keep a few slugs on a side saddle. YMMV.
  8. I will just continue to shoot it . . . didn't mean to hijack your thread glad yours is gtg
  9. I use lots of lube FP-10 or the stuff Benelli ships the guns with.
  10. Yes. But I am 220lbs and this is my 5th M4. Some need lots of break in. Some don't. I haven't put alot of rounds through it so far. However it has mostly been slugs and buckshot.
  11. I have the same gun. Except mine won't reliably eject Fiocchi or Federal LE low recoil buckshot.
  12. Great post. A broken piston is easy to replace. I assume you could still rack the bolt manually to get the gun to work. I have often thought about firing an M4 without the pistons to see what would happen but I've never gotten around to it . . .
  13. 12508

    Unifluid MF-82

    I like the stuff! It is great for break in. I think someone here posted that the EPA doesn't like it and Benelli can't officially import it? Guess sliding it the box with the firearm is a work around . . .
  14. Just an update. I installed the TTI reduced power trigger spring. I would say it lessened the pull by a pound, maybe 1.5lbs. There is a little creep now but I don't mind as it lets you know what is happening. The spring didn't like to stay in the pocket like the factory one or the Wolff ones during installation. A dab of grease was used to hold it in place. Also, I didn't pay enough attention to the trigger pin and it walked out far enough to let the shell release lever spring (which requires 3 hands to reinstall) fly across the room. Take this with a grain of salt. This is just an example of one. I think it was worth it for $7.99. The trigger has gone from atrocious to merely bad. Who knows how these parts would work in a trigger pack that wasn't so bad from the beginning. I will update again once I put some more rounds through it.
  15. Thanks. I may just get their trigger spring and see what happens. Barring that, I guess I will just have to put some rounds through it to see if it improves.
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