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  1. This will work and uses existing mounts. http://www.spectergear.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=970
  2. 12508

    Asgard Defense

    $2250 is a little steep. Not sure there is a market for a $2000+ tactical shotgun? Alot feel the Benelli M4 at $1700 ish is too much . . .
  3. 12508

    Asgard Defense

    Looks like Asgard is making their own shotgun now. Bolt/carrier seem similar to an M4. My old Sidarmor rail needs to be reamed and was going to contact them but I don't think they make them any more. https://asgarddefense.com/?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_9&products_id=16
  4. Magpul slings are ok, but I like these for simplicity and weight: http://www.spectergear.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=SG-1126 or http://www.spectergear.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=970
  5. I like the KZ version. It is just a larger version of the factory knob. Have abused it in a few classes and it runs fine. https://www.botach.com/kz-benelli-m4-ergonomic-3x-oversized-charging-handle/
  6. Just use what the gun came with. You will be fine. I have a M4 I have been shooting for 11 years with untold amounts of slugs with no problem.
  7. 12508

    Rethinking my HD Ammo

    I like the Federal LE loads. You really cant go wrong with them. Some M4s may have issues with the low recoil loads though (in my experience). I really like the LEB127LRS low recoil slugs. Some people load the gun with buckshot and keep a few slugs on a side saddle. YMMV.
  8. I will just continue to shoot it . . . didn't mean to hijack your thread glad yours is gtg
  9. I use lots of lube FP-10 or the stuff Benelli ships the guns with.
  10. Yes. But I am 220lbs and this is my 5th M4. Some need lots of break in. Some don't. I haven't put alot of rounds through it so far. However it has mostly been slugs and buckshot.
  11. I have the same gun. Except mine won't reliably eject Fiocchi or Federal LE low recoil buckshot.
  12. Great post. A broken piston is easy to replace. I assume you could still rack the bolt manually to get the gun to work. I have often thought about firing an M4 without the pistons to see what would happen but I've never gotten around to it . . .
  13. 12508

    Unifluid MF-82

    I like the stuff! It is great for break in. I think someone here posted that the EPA doesn't like it and Benelli can't officially import it? Guess sliding it the box with the firearm is a work around . . .
  14. Just an update. I installed the TTI reduced power trigger spring. I would say it lessened the pull by a pound, maybe 1.5lbs. There is a little creep now but I don't mind as it lets you know what is happening. The spring didn't like to stay in the pocket like the factory one or the Wolff ones during installation. A dab of grease was used to hold it in place. Also, I didn't pay enough attention to the trigger pin and it walked out far enough to let the shell release lever spring (which requires 3 hands to reinstall) fly across the room. Take this with a grain of salt. This is just an example of one. I think it was worth it for $7.99. The trigger has gone from atrocious to merely bad. Who knows how these parts would work in a trigger pack that wasn't so bad from the beginning. I will update again once I put some more rounds through it.
  15. Thanks. I may just get their trigger spring and see what happens. Barring that, I guess I will just have to put some rounds through it to see if it improves.
  16. Just as the title says . . . I have an M4 with a horrible trigger pull. No creep but extremely heavy. So I installed the FFT/Wolff spring pack. No change. Ok, the break is a tad better. Was I expecting too much? I thought it was good for a 2lb reduction. Several years ago I installed an FFT hammer in another M4 for 922r and it did lighten things up. I suppose I have to go that route again? FFT no longer sells them separate though. Not sure I want to drop another $200 on their hammer/trigger bundle. Any thoughts? I may try the TTI trigger spring . . . TIA
  17. Great thread. I just got an M4 sbs out of NFA jail. It has the plastic triggerguard/assembly. I wanted to swap out the collapsible stock for a pistol grip stock (I hate the cs cheekpiece). What a pain. The plastic trigger group would not fit into the receiver fully (pin wouldn't sit flush against receiver all the way) with the pg stock. I had to lightly sand the pg and and parts of the plastic triggerguard (rear half moon tab) to get everything to seat rearward in the receiver properly. Anyone else have this issue? Other than that, it seems durable enough what with all of the manhandling I put it through. I wonder if the aftermarket will come up with a metal solution . . . edited: Also, I have owned 5 M4s. This one has by far the worst trigger of any M4 or long gun for that matter that I have seen. No creep but I kid you not probably a 12 lb pull. I have a Wolff spring kit on the way. Fingers crossed.
  18. 12508

    Error message

    Yes. When logging on yesterday.
  19. My M4 sbs does not have that wear. I don't have that many rounds through it but there is zero wear. I would say yours is not normal. Have you removed the pistons? Are they bent? Are the cylinders in line with the barrel or angled?
  20. Would this also help loading with gloves on? I always get the leather pinched . . .
  21. Better ticket sales= better likelihood movies like jw2 are made in future. Just sayin . . .
  22. Anyone with the slightest interest in firearms or cars needs to see jw2 asap.
  23. Just ignore the tacticool crowd and get the KZ ergonomic version. I abused one in a shotgun class doing various drills over and over again with no ill effects to it or the M4. https://www.botach.com/kley-zion-benelli-m4-ergonomic-3x-oversized-charging-handle/
  24. 12508

    WOW! PIC m4

    The ad says 30 were made. Elsewhere I have read 60 (maybe even on here)? Anyone know the real total? I was able to get my hands on two of them. I sold one off. Interestingly enough, one (the one I still kept) lacked coating on the trigger guard. I realize the 11711 is now a regular item for LE.
  25. I have found that every Benelli/M4 I have fired/owned loves Wolf slugs. One ragged hole at 50 if you do your job.
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