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  1. Your answer may possibly be here
  2. Kahamu

    Rmr vs t2 for m4

    Yeah they are! Been waiting forever for their T-2s to come in but kenziesoptics.com had a comparable deal going this weekend. Finally got a T-2.. feels great in the middle stock position. May just forget about getting a scalarworks sync and keep it as is.
  3. Nice snag on the scalarworks t-2 mount. Looks like fft is the only way to go to grab em at the moment.
  4. Kahamu

    Rmr vs t2 for m4

    Nevermind, forgot I actually got the LE price through aimpoint direct. Actually cheaper to go through rooftopdefense.com or kenziesoptics.com.
  5. This was posted by iwc on the gram. Like stated, the recessed part does not fully go into the slot.
  6. Kahamu

    Rmr vs t2 for m4

    How much is a LE discount for the t2? I already pulled the trigger on one after trying a RMR.. not a fan.
  7. I assumed it was the screws. The recessed part does not fully insert into my stock. It's fully secure though and sits flush with the cheek rest. I could possibly fully insert if it was more in the middle? Not sure.. I got it in place and it works so don't want to mess with it haha. I just copied SD's set up and put the QD mount high on the stock.
  8. Mine was a perfect fit. No forcing needed. 11715 model.
  9. I've had the savior urban for a month now. Also recommend it.
  10. Damn, thought maybe your P-2 came in
  11. Mine also has IT21. Bought last month.
  12. Selling her to make room for that new Scar 17 NRCH? 👀
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