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  1. My stuff showed up when it was supposed to.
  2. It’s in stock. The link let me put it in a cart, guys....
  3. Buy it once, don’t buy it again. that’s really the best advice I can give. Don’t compromise on on price. Save up. Get what you want.
  4. Stranger, what would be the cost of sending in my black M4 to be Np3 plated? Could you handle that?
  5. Remarkable, has that second batch of guns arrived yet?
  6. Does the current H20 model have the three position stock receiver extension? If so, what’s the model number?
  7. Thanks. Looks like the 11795 is the standard field grip stock. 11796 is the collapsible with the 7 rd mag.
  8. Anybody have any insight on stock numbers for the H20, and whether they can accept the collapsing stock?
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