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  1. Anybody have any sources?
  2. OK, worried about the heat gun damaging the finish on the receiver. My gun doesn't have a temp setting. Any tips or tricks to help guys? Thanks!
  3. So use the same magazine spring with the +2 extension correct?
  4. Thanks! Any tips or tricks as far as install? Same spring, follower, ?
  5. Thinking about picking this up, any success? https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/81043
  6. Pretty much just a standard sling, not a bunch of attachments thanks!
  7. Stranger danger, does the 11707 have the correct set up to swap out the C stock? thanks!
  8. Reading a previous forum post I noticed that some models of the M4 could accept the collapsible stock, some can’t and need more parts? Thinking of buying, the model 11707 Ora different one?
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