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  1. Steel and titanium have arrived, I'll be conducting design tests over the next couple weeks. Ammo is slim picking up here, I was told by a local gun shop that no ammo at all has come from USA into Canada since January. I bought up the last few hundred rounds of target load that they had, otherwise empty shelves...
  2. It is probably going to end up looking similar. But raw titanium look instead of black. out of curiosity if someone has the carrier comp, how long is the handle portion?
  3. Thanks for your input. I know the same charging handle for the M2 will fit lots of Benelli models, I do not know if it fits the versamax, that would increase the chances of me making one. If someone can confirm this that would be great. I do not own a versamax or M2.
  4. As a general inquiry, what type of knurling do you all prefer to have? I am thinking to not have such sharp knurling as to cut up the hands, but knurling with a bit more of a flat top on it that will still provide grip, but not chew up the hands. If any of you have any input on your preference would love to hear it. I had in mind, something similar to the attached photo. Thanks.
  5. I do not have an M2, I would need to get considerable interest to commit to a titanium steel tang charging handle for the M2. I do know that the M2 is a very popular gun in USA. Perhaps I will put up an area where people can sign up give me an idea of demand for that. I’ll post back here when it is live.
  6. Canada is expensive... we get all the metal imported. As for springs there are none to be had, Wolf is not shipping to Canada until later this year.. also, all prices are in Canadian.. so you can deduct around $80 for USD equivalent. Can also deduct $25 for shipping as that is included, and also deduct taxes which are included currently.
  7. Thanks! It is an exciting product for me to release. I’m working with a very talented machine shop with knowledgeable machinists and technical engineers that are also gun enthusiasts, they CNC machined the full tubes for me and they came out looking impeccable.
  8. Good evening everyone. I am in the final stages of getting in material to produce a steel tang, titanium handle charging handle. I will be posting more details in this thread as they come. Titanium is ordered (Coming in from USA), and the steel tang will be stainless steel to prevent corrosion, RC 40, to prevent deformation from inserting and taking out the handle. This will be a locking charging handle. CNC Precision made, has an outside diameter of 0.6" (5/8") which is in between the 3/4" and 1/2". Final product finish will be sand blasted for a darker grey natural titanium look.
  9. Hey all, Just wanted to put out the word that I'll soon have full length tube replacements for the Benelli M4 Custom made in Canada, plugged to the legal limit of 5.5 or so 3" shells, and 6 x 2.75" shells. Unfortunately Titanium isn't an option right now due to the extreme costs of titanium in Canada. They will be made from 4130 steel and parkerized to a similar colour to the barrel. I am hoping to have them available in early August. If you do want to be notified when its available, you can visit www.rxarms.com for more info. Local pickup will be available in Southern Okanagan
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