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  1. No tool needed, it is a flat wall plunge dimple that does not allow the detent to rotate at all. To remove the handle it needs to be pulled straight out. As for cerekote, yes the small titanium portion that enters into the bolt I would reduce by a micron to prevent any Possible binding. If I was to cerekote I would prefer to have it black entering into the bolt, not the steel tang, just the small titanium section so it is a fluid black flow from handle to bolt. it is looking more likely I will be doing a black version in the future. The price will be going up regardless due to materials cost, I’m having issues getting metal for other products, the supply chain problems are a pain. -Robb
  2. in order to keep the weight to spec, that is maximum length I could go before the weight started to exceed the OEM handle (if we are comparing to GG&G, that handle weighs 2x as much). I have been thinking about fluting the steel tang portion to save some weight, and use that savings to extend the handle. Perhaps on my next run. In my personal opinion, once you get a locking handle, it is had to go back to the spinner type, having the confidence to rack the gun as hard as you want and know the handle will not rotate at all is nice peace of mind.. (this includes also the FFT handle which can rotate out of place due to the knurling force) Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I will explore further the black version, perhaps my whole next run will be black, as I need to machine the part a little different to allow for the cerekote thickness (as mentioned above).
  3. I forgot to mention, this charging handle locks into place and does not rotate out. This actually makes the knurling effective in use. Other knurled “non spinning” handles can actually rotate out, mine will not.
  4. I looked into black, I can get it done, but the machining needs to be changed by some microns to allow for the cerekote thickness. I am brainstorming this option. Will add about $5 to the cost for graphite black.
  5. Thanks! Unit ended up weighing a bit less than the OEM handle. I am happy with this result considering how much bigger the handle is, and also using a steel tang. The lighting makes a big difference for how dark the handle looks. Both examples are blasted, and oiled.
  6. Just wanted to update you all. Was still tweaking the design for the detent... Hoping for you all to be pleasantly surprised at what I was able to accomplish with my design. I spent a bit more $$ on R&D as I had a specific vision for what I wanted out of it.. for a smaller company it was a big leap, I believe it will be worth it. Photos will be added this week most likely, in addition to me being able to start taking orders (hopefully).
  7. I hate to give pricing right now (might be more than this in the end...). Canadian prices titanium raw blasted look: $110 plus probably flat rate $15 shipping includes tracking to USA/Canada. Converted to USD should be around $99 USD including shipping. Trying to keep below $100 USD. cerekote I have no idea. Waiting to hear back from some companies.
  8. I will reach out to some cerakote companies and see the rates. Black would cost more but if people want to pay it that is okay with me. Plain sand blasted titanium will sell for cheaper.
  9. A little teaser. This is shiny, final version will be sand blasted, I'll try and get a photo of a blasted one this weekend. Also, likely to reduce the wall thickness to take weight down a bit more. But as it is, it is the same as OEM. Doing more tests this weekend. Went with “volcano” knurl which has a dimple at the peak of the knurl to reduce sharpness. It feels good.
  10. you are right, in that one cannot just bend 1095 hardened spring steel... I've broken several while making fabricating this product, and I continue to break them from time to time if they are not done 100% perfect with the right amount of heat. I have not worked with 4140 steel in this thin of material. The reason I chose to go with 1095 spring steel, it has high manganese content to give the steel more resistance to fatigue, and it also has a high elasticity. Also thanks for kind words on the design, I spent quite a bit of time fine tuning the aesthetics believe it or not.
  11. Just updating this product.. Still testing various designs on the mechanical fitting of the steel and titanium. I have settled on the weight, I will be keeping the weight of this charging handle no more than 12.5g, to match the weight of the OEM handle. The larger titanium handle (5/8" or 0.6") is adding a bit of weight to it, but I feel it is worth it to get a bit more grabbing area than the 1/2" diameter. Thanks.
  12. Steel and titanium have arrived, I'll be conducting design tests over the next couple weeks. Ammo is slim picking up here, I was told by a local gun shop that no ammo at all has come from USA into Canada since January. I bought up the last few hundred rounds of target load that they had, otherwise empty shelves...
  13. It is probably going to end up looking similar. But raw titanium look instead of black. out of curiosity if someone has the carrier comp, how long is the handle portion?
  14. Thanks for your input. I know the same charging handle for the M2 will fit lots of Benelli models, I do not know if it fits the versamax, that would increase the chances of me making one. If someone can confirm this that would be great. I do not own a versamax or M2.
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