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  1. I also like 7.62, I don’t own any 5.56 rifles… robot warfare would be versatile with slugs and buckshot, can do air targets and ground.
  2. Shotguns are the way of the future, and the past. And everyone thought rifles were the best 😏 Shoot a robot with 5.56 or 12g, take your pick!
  3. The gun rubbed on something or banged something, I know you’re probably disappointed but now your gun is on its way to looking like it actually gets used! I get this is an expensive gun, and I am a bit desensitized to it, since I shoot M4s like the tools they were made to be. Shoot it and enjoy it. Run her hard, enjoy all she has to offer. if it really bothers you you can try some Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black, it might work for you.
  4. This thread got off topic a bit, but talking about how I usually carry my M4 (in the woods on my hikes and walks). No shell in the chamber, but I have a shell on the carrier, all I have to do is rack the bolt and I’m good to go. Just one way to go, but when I’m with my kids and dog, I don’t want something stupid to happen with a loaded shotgun in battery and would rather have a quick rack of the bolt to get my shotgun ready if I ever need it.
  5. Was your barrel fully seated and tight? Might be a cause if it loosened itself. as the comment above I have shot thousands of slugs through the M4 stock choke, even though they say not to… (apparently)
  6. I’ve had to redesign the heatshield unfortunately. Problems started to occur after 1K rounds and had to go back to the drawing board after a few months of trying to remedy it. Hoping to have a whole new prototype for testing in January Feb.
  7. Benelli would do well to apppoint a regular member with reputation to have low level admin power, honestly. What a crap shoot. a velocity filter would be useful, stopping members/IP from doing more than 2 new posts an hour or something.
  8. 15% off all our M4 gear this weekend. First sale I’ve ever done! rxarms.com
  9. I think the worst that can happen is a round will fire, bolt goes back, recoil tube dislodges, your buttstock comes off with a bit of force. I don’t think there is any real danger other than that, the bolt can’t exit the rear of the receiver it will just impact the back of the receiver and will be contained. if this were to occur I think you’d have warning signs, such as a slightly loose recoil tube before it happens. I’m glad you got it sorted out! Sounds like it will work just fine as you felt the torque of the nut was sufficient.
  10. Wow thanks for posting, I don’t take down the bolt at all if everything is working well, but I might start cleaning it more often once a year as you say.
  11. Movement is normal, the sound looks to me like the buttstock pin is compressing a bit, then releasing when it seats back into the groove, causing that sound. I don’t believe it is out of spec, but maybe some others can chime in regarding the sound.
  12. Just a thought on the M4 buttstock for those that feel it is sub par.. I’ve seen a lot of collapsible stocks, and I can’t recall any that come close to the quality of the M4 legacy buttstock. Not often do you see an aluminum frame collapsible buttstock, everything these days is made out of polymer. It is one of a kind imo, and this is why it is so expensive, I haven’t seen any clones but I doubt clones have aluminum buttstocks.
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