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    My name is Jason, I am in my 40 s , and live in Alabama. I use to be real heavy in martial arts and always love learning how to defend yourself. I think it was about 5 yrs ago these church shooting happened and I decided to get a gun and learn how to shoot it. Right away I loved it and really enjoy training, buying, selling, and trading firearms. I just bought my first shotgun and chose a Benelli H20 M4 and absolutely love it. I ve met some awesome people on here and thankful for the info and help i get.
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    guns ( obvioulsy ), martial arts, working out , and women lol
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    I work at a metal fab shop
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  1. Anyone have couple extra screw for this or a link to find them?
  2. The A & S trigger guard is awesome. It has a cut out that allows for much easier loading too
  3. WOW , great score man. The local gun shop by my house has one of the np3 H20 s. He said they made around 100. Not sure if that true but might very well be.
  4. I use vibratite v3 on all firearms. I find it works better than loctite. Blue loctite will work no prob but look into v3 it works great
  5. Jaason0

    M4 OEM Sling

    I like the vickers sling. Very well made and easy to use.
  6. The carrier was one of the first things I replaced. The stock one tore my thumb up. The taran carrier is awesome and makes loading much more comfortable. Once you start with the upgrades your screwed LOL........it is addictive. You ll love it man they are so much fun to shoot.
  7. I ll be dam...you got a black receiver lol. Maybe the blue is on the way out. Looks awesome man, congrats
  8. WOW man that is awesome. I thought about the Noveske QD before aI got my collipsable stock but thought it was a difficult install.
  9. Those all of your guns on that truck? Lot of cool stuff man. I hope to have that many one day. I don t have that many yet. What kind of gun safe would u recommend for someone with just a few guns?
  10. That is a great pic and great idea. That makes a lot of sense to me. It is a fuzz to shot and therein lies the issue. They make great stuff and have a great rep.......then to put out a handle with this issue is messed up. He should immediately make a video and issue a recall and make it right. I know it will cost him a lot but he should checked this before sending them out. I ll bet this is one of many that had this issue.
  11. Yeah I was gonna order that very handle u have . Now glad i didn t. If Freedom fighter is selling the H20 charging handle and not allowing for the proper clearance that is some bull crap on their part......and worse they know this is a problem but blame it on the cerakote? They make quality stuff ( but you pay a high price ) for it and the fact that it can mess up your gun and they do nothing tells me a lot about this company. They know this is happening and instead of fixing the problem they blame it on the gun owner. Very disappointed and will do my best to not give them my business for this.
  12. yeah I like the new taran charging handle too. I can t see why someone would want these huge handles lol seems too much.
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