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  1. O i c. Taran carrier is a must. Stock tore my thumb up. Impact weapons mount is awesome. I have a inforce wmlx light.
  2. I say a 7rd tube, A and S trigger guard, and impact weapons light mount, and a taran carrier
  3. i have a 10% code for taran if u want it. I like freedom fighter a lot but hate that have to sign for a delivery makes things very inconvient. I heard they are the same and even made at the same place. Not sure if this true though
  4. The A&S trigger guard is very very nice and well made. It fits perfectly and the indexing trench they cut out to help load is very helpful. Just a great upgrade and it wasn t crazy expensive ( about 210 or so ). Taran tac carrier and oversized safety are a must. The stock carrier pinches and tears up my thumb. The carrier is a little longer and shaped a little different. This aids in loading and makes easier on thumb. Oversized safety is just easier to use and looks awesome too. The stock is small and harder to kit. The taran safety is only 30 bucks and worth it. I am new to sho
  5. U know the sad thing is that it would be a great handle if they changed the bottom. It isn't like the stock one and it doesn't lock . I love the feel of it but those 2 things are deal breakers .
  6. yeah man same here. I ve been trying to do the same thing but just so hard to find unless u pay crazy price.
  7. Anyone have a freedom fighter or benelli charging handle that has the little edges on them to grip better for black M4
  8. I ll bet it is nice, I just hate gold triggers. Don t know why companies don t keep it more stock color
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