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    My name is Jason, I am in my 40 s , and live in Alabama. I use to be real heavy in martial arts and always love learning how to defend yourself. I think it was about 5 yrs ago these church shooting happened and I decided to get a gun and learn how to shoot it. Right away I loved it and really enjoy training, buying, selling, and trading firearms. I just bought my first shotgun and chose a Benelli H20 M4 and absolutely love it. I ve met some awesome people on here and thankful for the info and help i get.
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    guns ( obvioulsy ), martial arts, working out , and women lol
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    I work at a metal fab shop
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  1. Bright does amazing work. He stippled mine and i love them. Texture is aggressive and feels awesome
  2. Looks awesome man. It is amazing how much better a good stipple feels. Just feels so much more secure. I ve had the full stipple and the one like you have . I like the full stipple a little better but can t go wrong either way
  3. This is the good Taran handle. I ve had both and this is the best one. Great handle
  4. Stranger Danger is the man. Thanks for this and the others you do. I ve done this to mine and a couple friends. It makes a noticeable reduction in felt recoil.
  5. I agree with StrangerDanger. The A & S is awesome and makes it easier to load.
  6. Bright does a heck of a job on these. His stippling gives you a heck of a grip and just feels great. Looks great and worth every penny. You won t be disappointed
  7. One of the members here ( Bright ) stippled my m4 forends.
  8. Looking for a good deal on a set of used benelli m4 night sights
  9. The TTI lifter is a must have in my mind. It makes it much more comfortable to load. I also find a better bold release a must. I bought the TTI bolt release ( i use a tango arms stippled bolt release too ). It is very easy to do. You need a bit and tap but you can get on amazon cheap.I have a TTI safety ( it is awesome ) and I also got a TTI charging handle but their old one is the one i like ( maybe i ve got them mixed up but one of them sucks ). Be careful with charging handles. We ve seen some of the freedom fighter handles mess up peoples receiver ( scratched them up )
  10. I am the exact opposite. I don t care about a co witness. A lower 1/3rd is ok but i don t like the front sight and the red dot competing for my eye. We are all different but I like just seeing the dot ( or circle ) I find it easier to get on target fast and just less busy. If you could find a lower 1/3rd cowitness i think that would be the best of both worlds. Good luck buddy.
  11. WOW...i feel for you man i would be super frustrated. I got a M4 H20 and it is a little difficult to load fast. I recommend using the taran tactical lifter, It is extended and doesn t pinch ur thumb like the oem one. Also I like the Taran tactical safety and bolt release. It is easy to drill and tap the bolt release. I swapped the Taran bolt release for a stippled tango arms one. I had my forends stippled and it makes a HUGE difference. Man i really hope you get it sorted out. When it functions like it is meant, it is awesome. They are super expensive but i think they are worth it.
  12. I have often wondered that too. Are there followers you can buy that gives you any advantage ( easier loading , faster loading, or just more comfortable loading ). I am using a black freedom fighter follower now but would give some other one a try if it had any advantags.
  13. you ll love it man. I bought a M4 too for my first shotgun and so glad i did. I have a h20 and took it out with birdshot, slugs, and buckshot. I shot about 25 buckshot and slugs without any issues at all. I wanted to mix them up and see if it would eat all of them without problems. I loaded buckshot, slugs, birdshot, and som clay shot rounds. I also fired them all fast. It ate EVERYTHING. I would also recommend cleaning it really good and put some CLP oil on it. I would fire about 25 or so buckshot and slugs thru it and then try birdshot and mix them up to test it out.
  14. yeah man I know exactly what you mean. Outside it is much more noticeable. I wanted a BLACK M4 ( like advertised not a blue one. It makes me so mad that you have to think about reanodizing it to get it right. What makes me the most mad is that they made no mention of this. Geissele s adozing has varying shades but they tell you this upfront. When i order a black shotgun i want a black shotgun. I sold mine and got a H20 one. You could always order a h20 one and switch thee stocks and sell the 1014. That way you d have a h20 with collipsable stock. I did this and just sold the 1014 about 250 less.
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