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  1. I ve drilled and tapped mine. I still have the stuff so i ll do it for u if u send it to me.
  2. great deal man, you ll enjoy it for sure
  3. Congrats buddy. Thank you for your service. The A & S trigger guard is an awesome upgrade. I would make sure to upgrade the carrier too. I have a Taran Tactical carrier and it goes great with the A & S trigger guard. Makes loading easier especially if dual or quad loading. Enjoy it bud
  4. I work in a machine shop. It is super easy to just drill and tap it yourself. So basically your paying about 75 or more for them to drill and tap it for you. Maybe you could drill and tap and they d sell you just the screw in part.
  5. LOOOOL had to bring up the blue m4 lol, 😜. That is great to hear. I ordered one and should go great with my iwc light mount
  6. So glad I saw this post. I got mine about a week ago and WOOOOOW. The match is incredible and it is just great quality. I can t imagine find a better tube than this one. It has to be very hard to get a perfect match on these tubes but I can t imagine the H20 ones getting much better. I am thoroughly impressed with the H20 one I got.
  7. Socomguy makes some awesome tubes. He makes a good quality tube at a fair price. I got my H20 tube last week and was blown away at how well it matches. The tube he makes looks the same as the OEM tubes. I don t understand the big deal about the titianium tubes because the one i got is pretty light. I just can t see it making that much of a difference ( just my opinion I could be wrong ). I got a black one long ago and it was a bit darker than the barrel but wasn t a big deal. I am sure batches will vary a little bit. These other companies make u wait for months and charge a VERY high price, I
  8. Anyone know where I can find a M4 USA made hammer? I only need the hammer
  9. do they do online orders? Give me the name my friend wants one with collipsable stock. That GREAT price. I been looking around and Europtics best price i ve seen at 2099+tax was 2270
  10. seems crazy to come with a collapsable stock that won t collapse. Heck seems the regular pistol grip better for the 1014. The recoil tube looks like a pain to change ( that if u can even find one ). Hate to have to get one this way but it seems like swapping stock and selling the 1014 with regular pistol grip most cost effective way to get a c stock. I m pretty sure i can sell it without losing too much. Hopefully I ll get 1900 to 2k pretty easy.
  11. I have a a and s trigger guard and it is awesome
  12. I like it ,looks great. Let me ask u about the trigger. Is it a lot better?
  13. Dang, i hope i come out good on this one. Hopefully, i ll get me a collapseable stock cheap and someone gets a heck of a deal on a m4
  14. This is a pic the one my friend just sold. Just using it to show what it ll look like. Hope ur doing good bud.
  15. Lol friend told me that the best way to get one. Gotta be cheaper than the 1k and up they selling for now. Love my h20 and want to put the collapseable stock on it. Hopefully i ll come out pretty good on it😁
  16. Paid 2270 for it and prob put on gunbroker but thought i d tell u guys in case.
  17. I figured the H20 would be much harder to match and wondered how it would turn out.......well , he has this on lock and I am super impressed at the quality and finish. If you need a tube get a hold of him.
  18. Anyone want a M4 let me know. I'll get the stock and they'll get great deal on aM4
  19. I want sure if I'd like it but glad i took the risk. Looks better than i expected. And...... it isn't blue LOL
  20. Would love to find someone wanting one and work it out but prob buy and then put on gunbroker.
  21. Thinking I can get a collipsable stock that way and come out better. If I can find someone wanting a 1014 I ll sell to them like 300 to 400 cheaper. Might be a good for 2 people. Heard of people doing this so was thinking about it
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