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  1. most lasers ARE LEDs son..... both are point-source light emissions. glad i could fix that confusion for you
  2. name me one TINY red dot HWS that has a quick detach throw lever. maybe one exists, but not that i know of .
  3. not really, theyre both laser or laser from beam-splitter projections on semi-mirrored glass
  4. Yes yes, my typo. ... indeed
  5. Please report back: 1. how many of those people unintelligently mounted an Eotech or larger on their Benelli 2. Of those that DID,...... how many rounds down the barrel otherwise its called a hearsay fallacy.
  6. a dead window vs. the rear sights....... rear sights win. However your premise is accurate , .....generally. NOT generally however for slugs and 00 buck,......these are not bird guns throwing a swath of tiny pellets.
  7. you: 1. NO EVIDENCE 2. your own anecdotal account. me: 1. one example posted above...yet another one below... ( i can post 2 more if you wish) 2. laws of Newton / Physics 3. Seen it happen twice myself.
  8. logical and reasonable, yes. nods head Contra-indicative use premise being however that all battery operated sights under adverse conditions take a dump on themselves given a chance, .....and redundancy is god. i.e. backup iron sights. hugs and kisses
  9. Is that what passes for an intelligent rebuttal here in the "Land of OZ"? tell it to this guy (below) that mounted a large-mass (same as an Eotech) Aimpoint on his M4 sheered off Im a gunsmith and seen it happen twice on Benellis. So, Marsha,.... facts are facts. The laws of Newton / Physics STILL APPLY
  10. ROFL......... there are no MOUNTING ISSUES.... that goes without saying, the ISSUE is keeping an Eotech (or something even larger) MOUNTED over xxxx# 1000s of shots fired. 1. the M4 / M2 receiver is ALUMINUM 2. Mass / inertia SHEERING FORCED imparted by good old Newtonian LAW will SHEER the screws, and if the screws manage to NOT SHEER, the threads will STRIP,........PERIOD and NONE OF THIS has a single darn thing to do with loctite and or proper torque applied to those screws. You said "Lets see if I can dispel some myths here" the only MYTH on this thread are the countless people that think laws of Newton / Physics DONT APPLY to a HUGE MASS sitting on a rail screwed into an ALUMINUM RECEIVER
  11. its called a SHEERING MASS. Benelli will flat out tell you not to mount an absurd mass like that on top of a Benelli. Are you a gunsmith? I am.
  12. thats good, lets see your leatherworking skills.
  13. ad hominem and not on topic.
  14. Whoooooops, heres yet ANOTHER guy who thought it a hot idea to mount a nasty big MASS to his M4 Benelli, ...the rail FLEW OFF this time was a side-saddle attached to the top PIC RAIL and its screws.
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