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  1. you want this baby. fast to adjust, tough as hell, inexpensive, SIMPLE
  2. i literally bought another one 4 days ago for $1540......i know what their website says, ....but call them about a cash price
  3. new benelli m4 is $1540 here in Kentucky. namely BUDS GUNS
  4. theyre HORRIBLE design!!!! 1. they promote dirt to fly into the piston system 2. their attachment is nutty and junk (read the instructions on attaching them!) 3. theyll chew your fingers up 4. make you wanna hang yourself taking them off and on to clean the gun more than once!!!
  5. it makes no matter who has ownership, the MFG. is still Benelli. the form asks for the MFG of the gun, not the coincidental ownership of the company.
  6. why paint just ONE M4 when you can paint two? ..... thats it though....ill leave 2 unpainted ROFL! 😂
  7. Ok, im not Bob Ross of paint..... anyway..... (and yes its 922r compliant, thanks to expensive USA parts list). 😂
  8. My 'stress remover time-out'....leatherwork....i made a 'back' scabbard for my Benelli M4 tactical I make a lot of leather things (for MYSELF only cause it hurts the hell out of my hands to do it!)
  9. youre the 1st ive heard anyone claim the GGG handle was a pooper. one of mine has tons of abuse and is ok.
  10. most def you want the 3/4 titanium baby from freedom fighter tactiCOOL
  11. Also, read this thread on your "issue"
  12. Noooooooooo, 7 at 2 3/4" thats not a defect in your gun, rather in the SPECS and the ACTUAL length of your shells. Most 2 3/4" shells are NOT actually really 2 3/4" just sorta kinda.
  13. NOT TRUE..... you only need 4 parts if youre doing a collapsible stock AND a "normal" tube add on If youre just doing a tube only, you need only THREE PARTS Which parts can we replace on our Benelli M4 to obtain compliance? Federal law and the ATF told us that we must replace THREE parts from the following parts list to bring a BENELLI M4 semi-automatic shotgun into compliance: Receiver Barrel Bolt Bolt carrier Gas piston Trigger housing Trigger Hammer Disconnector Buttstock (with integral pistol grip) Forearm/handguard (forend) Magazine body Follower Messing with the trigger group is a BAD idea, and its far easier just to replace THOSE three parts highlighted in RED
  14. talked to 2 diff guys, the 1st one wasnt all that smart OR helpful, the 2nd was sharp as a tack. 1. He told me that YES M4/ M2 / M1Super90 tube FOLLOWERS are all interchangeable...... i know about the diff colors / shapes between both factory ones, but that YES, theyre all interchangeable. 2. He told me that YES Benelli knows that their charging handles on the M2 (tactical) and M4 absolutely SUCKS and that Benelli KNOWS THIS and that they ARE moving to create charging handles people WANT to use (cough cough, like the ones from Freedom fighter tactical). 3. That he AGREED that its DUMB that all civilian / LEO M4 ship with a modified choked rather than an IMP CYL (also included, meaning MORE than one choke with new gun).....since LEOs and those buying the M4 are really only shooting BUCK and SLUGS thru those guns and that the INCLUDED Modified choke is most def. "not recommended" by Benelli and he was told that yes, in most cases youre fine with rifled slugs with modified BUT BUT......Benelli says if your busting those slugs down the barrel that you "should drop in a IMP CYL choke" .............. i dropped by my gun shop and bought 3 IMP CYL Benelli chokes for my 3 M4.......cause, you know, they didnt come with them (lame). 😂
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