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  1. "Only facts and logic are to be valued, not the musings and opinions of the peoples " - PROCLUS Here ended the lesson son.
  2. In the one image bottom, we have a SWAT (or other armed forces) with a MATTE black M4, low reflectivity= IDEAL TACTICAL The "fighting tool for those who know". In the other image at top, we have a very pretty M4 with reflective surfaces undesirable for field USE Its perfect for showing others, and posting pictures of. Such mods are boasted of their weather / anti-rust properties (rather than keeping their gun oiled and cleaned as anyone ought to do). i.e. the boasting rights of a Keyboard-Jockey. This is the same reason a $4000 1911 is said of "what you show your friends"........and a Glock is said "what you show your enemies". Here ended the lesson.
  3. Heres a novel idea, keep it cleaned and well oiled and dont worry about NON-TACTICAL reflective coatings.
  4. well make sure it stays pretty, thats whats important. If you need to shoot your M4, its best to put that one under glass, and buy another one and shoot the "ugly" one. but the ugly one eventually gets the upgrade too, then youll need to buy another one. thats how i ended up with 4 benelli M4's.
  5. From the bolt condition, this means you either 1. re-coated it 2. your lying. Like most who boast online, im going with the later.
  6. WOW, that looks like a HATCHET JOB. Ughhh
  7. Get the RAZOR VORTEX, all these "must look pretty gun" types above (most of which dont even shoot much) love the LOW PROFILE of the RMR and flat rail, but the RMR sucks backside in incident lighting, is overpriced, and overtly fragile.
  8. Yes, it sure it pretty, looks like one of those guns that gets dressed up and never shot. Youre one of "those" .
  9. most lasers ARE LEDs son..... both are point-source light emissions. glad i could fix that confusion for you
  10. name me one TINY red dot HWS that has a quick detach throw lever. maybe one exists, but not that i know of .
  11. not really, theyre both laser or laser from beam-splitter projections on semi-mirrored glass
  12. Yes yes, my typo. ... indeed
  13. Please report back: 1. how many of those people unintelligently mounted an Eotech or larger on their Benelli 2. Of those that DID,...... how many rounds down the barrel otherwise its called a hearsay fallacy.
  14. a dead window vs. the rear sights....... rear sights win. However your premise is accurate , .....generally. NOT generally however for slugs and 00 buck,......these are not bird guns throwing a swath of tiny pellets.
  15. you: 1. NO EVIDENCE 2. your own anecdotal account. me: 1. one example posted above...yet another one below... ( i can post 2 more if you wish) 2. laws of Newton / Physics 3. Seen it happen twice myself.
  16. logical and reasonable, yes. nods head Contra-indicative use premise being however that all battery operated sights under adverse conditions take a dump on themselves given a chance, .....and redundancy is god. i.e. backup iron sights. hugs and kisses
  17. Is that what passes for an intelligent rebuttal here in the "Land of OZ"? tell it to this guy (below) that mounted a large-mass (same as an Eotech) Aimpoint on his M4 sheered off Im a gunsmith and seen it happen twice on Benellis. So, Marsha,.... facts are facts. The laws of Newton / Physics STILL APPLY
  18. ROFL......... there are no MOUNTING ISSUES.... that goes without saying, the ISSUE is keeping an Eotech (or something even larger) MOUNTED over xxxx# 1000s of shots fired. 1. the M4 / M2 receiver is ALUMINUM 2. Mass / inertia SHEERING FORCED imparted by good old Newtonian LAW will SHEER the screws, and if the screws manage to NOT SHEER, the threads will STRIP,........PERIOD and NONE OF THIS has a single darn thing to do with loctite and or proper torque applied to those screws. You said "Lets see if I can dispel some myths here" the only MYTH on this thread are the countless people that think laws of Newton / Physics DONT APPLY to a HUGE MASS sitting on a rail screwed into an ALUMINUM RECEIVER
  19. its called a SHEERING MASS. Benelli will flat out tell you not to mount an absurd mass like that on top of a Benelli. Are you a gunsmith? I am.
  20. thats good, lets see your leatherworking skills.
  21. ad hominem and not on topic.
  22. Whoooooops, heres yet ANOTHER guy who thought it a hot idea to mount a nasty big MASS to his M4 Benelli, ...the rail FLEW OFF this time was a side-saddle attached to the top PIC RAIL and its screws.
  23. its noteworthy HOW FAST i proved you wrong in that other thread about mass on top of the pic rail,.... its even EASIER to do so here. 1. its the responsibility of the owner before modding the gun / shotgun to LEARN 922R compliance regulations and the PARTS LIST and NUMBER OF PARTS needed to make it 922r 2. putting on a Italy genuine +2 DOES NOT KEEP ANYONE FROM MAKING THE M4 922r COMPLIANT with the appropriate parts and number of same. 3. Keep it simple?????? there is NOTHING MORE SIMPLE that adding a +2 and then a USA made follower, stock set, hammer, disconnector, trigger etc...... thats FAR easier than using a heat gun to remove the 5 round BASE TUBE and it makes the gun 10000X easier to clean the shell tube / replace springs. Some people (for the reasons just listed) do NOT want a FULL TUBE,............NOR does doing this make it "harder" to make said gun 922r compliant. Please dont waste my time, or the OP time posting illogical hyperbole and inaccurate subjective opinions. 922r compliance parts list / possibles, easiest highlighted in black. Receiver Barrel Bolt Bolt carrier Gas piston Trigger housing Trigger Hammer Disconnector Buttstock (with integral pistol grip) Forearm/handguard (forend) Magazine body Follower Notice that the “magazine body” is in the list. This is the magazine tube. So, if you install a full length magazine tube on your gun, you are replacing the factory magazine tube, so you now only need to install two more parts off the list to be in full compliance with 922(r). Notice that the three parts must be USA made and totally replaced. Therefore, the installation of a magazine EXTENSION does not count towards 922(r) compliance. To use the EXTENSION, the user must still replace a total of three other parts off that list in order to be compliant with federal law. The reason the EXTENSION tube does not count towards compliance is because you mustreplace the original part with the USA made part, and using the EXTENSION does not replace the original magazine tube, it only extends it. The ATF specifically stated in the letter we received that “no paperwork or fees are required to alter your weapon as long as the barrel length is kept above 18 inches, the weapon features a shoulder stock, and the resulting firearm retains an overall length of at least 26 inches (with stock extended).” Additionally, ATF agents we have spoken to at the SHOT Show have informed us that it is not necessary that the parts are stamped with marks identifying the part as made in the USA, but it is a nice precaution that any parts one uses to achieve compliance are indeed marked as made in the United States. It should be noted that this discussion in general presumes you are either using the Benelli OEM stock or an aftermarket stock, and NOT the Benelli M4 collapsible stock. For those using the Benelli brand collapsible stock, you actually increase the 922(r) part count by one, meaning you would need to replace a total of four (4) other parts to achieve compliance. This is because the original Benelli M4 stock is a stock with an integrated pistol grip. The Benelli collapsible stock is two pieces comprised of the stock as one piece and the pistol grip as another piece.
  24. adding a +2 does not IMPLY or SAY one should violate 922r I never SAID, NOR IMPLIED any such nonsense. youve created a STRAWMAN FALLACY assuming anyone here was saying or advocating a 922r violation.
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