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  1. One Heart for you Sir! Stated Clearly and succinctly Which of their springs did you get?
  2. Everything man does is in the Pursuit of Pizza -- Freud, NYC circa 1922 Here is an actual photograph of him waiting in line at Patsy's
  3. The more the merrier my friend! Jump in, the water's Lukewarm though...
  4. I can find it for that price, that isn't a trick. Silly Wabbitt!
  5. I've been watching on there, but they don't come up too often. Thought someone here might be wanting to sell one.
  6. Anyone have one they need to be rid of?
  7. Sweet lookin' shotgun ya got there. I'd add stippled forstock
  8. Everybody and his brother makes bad charging handles. One guy making a good charging handle could own ALL the others. Needs to be a steel stem with Ti handle. Simple yet nobody makes them like this "anymore"
  9. Seems simple when you say it like that!
  10. Shhhh! You'll drive up the price to $1000...
  11. Was there a problem after the first hundred?
  12. Thanx for circling back!
  13. I have the factory 7 round spring that came in my LE model. I also have the spring that came with the carrierComp magazine. Do I need to buy a Wolf spring? It would increase the impressiveness of my spring collection... I am using the Facto 7 rd spring cause I figured it was factory and should be the best...
  14. Will be interesting to see what they find. If you can remember, touch back here.
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