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  1. @Pack Rat, can you clarify what you mean here?
  2. les_garten

    M4 Trigger work.

    Image not displaying
  3. les_garten

    Benelli M4 922(r) Compliance Questions

    So it was you! I knew it.
  4. les_garten

    Benelli M4 922(r) Compliance Questions

    I'll bet even on a dare, you wouldn't cut the label off your mattress or run with scissors!
  5. les_garten

    Benelli M4 922(r) Compliance Questions

    I think the "real" answer is to contact the ATF... I got an idea what they would say. NON Compliant. You may win the case in court, but how much would it cost you to go against a Million Pound Gorilla in court. Which brings you to the "real" real answer, why risk it for a few bucks. Or just throw caution to the wind, rip off that mattress label, run with scissors, and just wing it my friend!
  6. les_garten

    Benelli M4 922(r) Compliance Questions

    I bought it through Gunbroker brand new. It was well priced. It's been a while. It came Full length mag tube and Collapsible stock. I would look there first. Mine is not stamped LE on the gun. But the box is stickered LE, the model number(Benelli 11721) on the box is LE and the SN confirms LE through Benelli. These are $1799 all day long on Gunbroker right now NIB
  7. les_garten

    Benelli M4 922(r) Compliance Questions

    Probably the only way 922r stuff is going to bite someone is as an addon charge to something else they did, like being caught colluding with Russians or something... But it's of note to remember who you would be dealing with, the ATF I personally wouldn't rely on saying the last owner created the "illegal" gun as a suitable defense. Kinda like musical chairs, you'd be caught without a chair. If you keep your nose clean, you most likely have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting prosecuted with 922r issues. I bought an LE gun to solve this problem.
  8. les_garten

    Black Rifle Balm

    Thanx! Since it was basically free I ordered some of it to try.
  9. les_garten

    WTS: Complete Benelli M4 With Asgard Rail System

    Charlie? Is that you? Where ya been keepin' yourself?
  10. les_garten

    Black Rifle Balm

    Have you used any of the Brian Enos grease?
  11. les_garten

    Benelli M4 -- Complete Trigger Group Assembly Guide

    Sweet, thanx!
  12. les_garten

    Benelli M4 Chokes???

    Where did you get your IC choke? Have a link? I need to get one for mine as well.
  13. I think ya forgot something. Looks like an IWC QD mount on your stock.
  14. les_garten

    My Noveske QD mounts installed

    Sounds like the biggest deal is getting heat safely down on that nut. I have a Mapp/O2 torch setup on a small wand that I think will work if I can find it. Thanx for the instructions.
  15. les_garten

    My Noveske QD mounts installed

    Good deal, how much was the tariff to have it done?