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  1. Free Keyboarding lesson for you. Learn how to use a paragraph break. Who is gonna read word Vomit like this...
  2. Interesting... Can you lookup the SRO and tell me what price they have on it now?
  3. SD: Thanx! Anybody got a source/Deal for the SRO?
  4. I am thinking about getting an SRO for the Sync rail. I have astigmatism and was thinking about getting the smallest dot possible, since they look big to me anyhow 😉 Any of you guys with Red Dots and astigmatism? How did you cope?
  5. I'm interested in this once you get it ironed out.
  6. I bought the RM06 to mount on my M4. Decided to go with an SRO instead. This is not a clone, never used, never mounted, just fondled a few times... in box with everything it came with. I believe I have 2 of the mounting seals for it. I think I can lay my hands on them but am not sure, pretty sure though. I will include them as well. Price: $300 Shipped CONUS
  7. I'm kinda in and out... Haven't had one(malfunction that is). Noticed that sweet spot as well. Was thinking about my M4 as an Anti Grizzly Bear gun and was wondering about reliability if I Ghost loaded?
  8. Has anybody had a malfunction due to Ghost Loading?
  9. There was something done in the 2000's that made all these things degradable. I had 20 pairs of echo shoes do it. They replaced them and the replacements did it. All the Microsoft mice and keyboards from that time had a soft plastic coating. All degraded. I have 8 JBL LSR 4328 Studio monitors and the 4312 subwoofer that had this rubberrized coating on them and they turned to goo. My 2002 Landcruiser armrests just starting breaking down. Really is ticking me off. It turns into an absolute mess. The Navy's Bates shoes soles all do it. You can find a ton of pix showing high
  10. Fear is the mind killer... I guess there are limits somewhere in regards to length. I have a M4 LE as well, mine was the same way when I got it. Would not load seven, and I think the initial feeling is disappointment that your new shiny badazz LE Benelli won't do it's capacity. Mine is ok with just goofing with the keeper by leaving it loose. Last round is a bit of a push. Here's how I would handle it if a new shell wouldn't load 7. Just load 6, put in number 7. Push it in and get a feeling for how many more centimeters of space you need and clip off like twice that off the spr
  11. When you shoot, keep one round tucked behind your right ear, kinda James Dean style...
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