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  1. Got a ton of their stuff up right now, a shot out of the Dark! https://www.dvor.com/deals-on-voodoo-tactical-gear-55-2021-09-18.html?utm_source=event-notifications&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=dvor_event_notifications_sep_18_2021_10_00&pdata=395948662f3435336a6d762f363659736d
  2. I bought a few of mine off Davor. I just pulled them out and looked at them. Voodoo tactical. Very expensive. The one you see here for $189, I paid $50 for it on Dvor. https://www.voodootactical.com/cases-packs-and-bags/weapon-cases/rifle-cases.html When I bought them off Dvor, I paid like $40-$50 bucks for them. I bought all my Crimson Trace Lasers and Trijicon RMRs off Dvor. Thing is, you have to subscribe, have patience, and WATCH. There is usually a deal will come up, but it will be on their schedule of when they get some deal on things. May have to wait a few months. Sometimes a lot of months. They send me sales things daily. When you get the one you've been waiting for, you got to jump fast. Good luck! Hope you score what you're lookin' for!
  3. Should have stated a Price, my bad. Looking for somewhere around $75 or thereabouts to the door. Doesn't have to be flawless, will be a chop up stock for shortening.
  4. That's a good analogy! I've bought 2 or 3 Crimson Trace Lasers from them, a Trij RMR, and numerous soft cases from them, socks, fishing shirts, they sometimes have really good deals on things. But you have to watch and wait for your particular treasure to come up on sale. Lots of sights, flashlights, just tons of stuff that would be of interest to ALL folks here. Most of my cases were like $39 and really nice quality.
  5. I got some nice cases really cheap from DVOR.com that has great deals from time to time on optics, cases, lasers, flashlights, etc. You have to watch for what they have a sale on for the deals. But their deals are usually good if you can signup and wait.
  6. I have the field stock but am looking for a Pistol Grip stock to cut.
  7. I have Trijicon SRO on my M4 and am getting Holosun 510's for my AK's. That matches right? Do I have that lined up right? 🤩 The Holosun 510C is awesome BTW...
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