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  1. I just read your biography, nevermind...
  2. All that being said, you guys didn't have to resort to name calling... personal name calling, I don't get that either.
  3. 1) Can't Load shells into the magazine, Federal shells, not some strange off brand 2) Numerous Fail to feed malfunctions 3) Numerous Fail to extract malfunctions 4) Stuck shell lifter 5) Ate it's own trigger group 6) Questionable metallurgy around the pistons etc, etc Not entirely sure what it would take to scare you off...
  4. How about the review in post number one on this thread by internet shills that couldn't get it to go through the video without a malfunction? Like I asked before, you gonna get one for your duty gun?
  5. Here ya go. Comments are welcome
  6. I found it through this thread, you are reading this thread right?
  7. OK, I'll go look it up, it's a barrel of laughs...
  8. You didn't watch the video over on the arf forum did you?
  9. You seem to be awful sensitive about this...
  10. I am enjoying THIS forum, the forum for BENELLI shotguns. I guess you didn't watch the videos? It's not the cost, it's the quality. The video in the OP post number one showed it malfunctioning. And that was a "positive" video. The idea of youtube videos is to help you develop an informed opinion without having to reinvent the wheel or buy everything and analyze it yourself. I can't believe you've watched that video and determined that gun was worth a second look. It shows an obvious piece of crap. Your name here is Mr Military Police. You can't tell me that after watching that vi
  11. It's not snobbery to watch a few videos that show it's a piece of junk and make a determination. I don't need to buy one to see that. That's what the youtube world does for us, keeps everyone from making the same mistakes. Like I said, who wouldn't want a Benelli for $600? However, I wouldn't put $100 into that gun in the video on the ar-15 forum. I don't see the point. That gun was one buttload of major malfunctions looking for an excellent opportunity to catastrophically fail.
  12. I thought Benelliparts sold these for like $250? Admittedly I don't follow this because mine came with one.
  13. I'll throw in my two cents here, which are worth what you pay for them. I had to make a leap, of faith to trust an autoloading shotgun for a defensive weapon. I just didn't trust them. Then I got an interest in them and started looking with the Mossberg 930. Not reliable enough for me. Looked at the Beretta, Remington and others. Didn't know much about shotgun's when I started, nothing about Benellis. The cost of the guns went up as I continued looking. I noticed everything was being compared to the M-4. That was the benchmark everyone was trying to achieve. Light went on i
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