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  1. Boy you guys are really illustrating to me how little I know about these threadlockers. I was kind of a Red Pill -- Blue Pill kind of guy...
  2. Thanx, looks interesting https://www.vibra-tite.com/threadlockers/removable-reusable-threadlockers/vibra-tite-vc-3-threadmate/
  3. Samsung and Sony cells are both good cells. Probably whatever they can get at the time. Great 18650 Test that is illuminating: 18650 Testing
  4. I haven't glued mine in either. Just wondering how many people had them escape, possibly under cover of darkness or what not.
  5. Do All you guys glue them back in? I just tightened mine up hand tight.
  6. I got one located but would prefer to do PayPal. Anybody have one for sale?
  7. Hey, Anyway you could make one like the one here on the far Right? It is made by KZ. I really like it, but it weights twice stock, right at 20 grams. I don't know if anybody else would be interested in one in Steel/Ti, maybe start a poll. I like yours a lot but like the stock one as well or better, it's just too small. I realize you would end up a gram or 2 heavier than stock but I would buy it!
  8. That's sharp, didn't know they had that! Smokin' on that H20
  9. Double Be Advised: I picked $9.95 shipping after gawking at the $41 shipping and saying WTH, then later in the checkout process it reset the shipping to $41 bucks. Almost did not catch that.
  10. I tried to do that trade-in but they force you to buy their tapeswitch and their mount which was $$$ and I didn't need them.
  11. Yes, it is a Scout Mount Light I was looking at 3 lights recently for that mount on my Binelli M4 The Cloud Defense Rein The SureFire M6400DF The Modlight The Modlight and CLoud Defense came down to just too much $$$ I wanted the Cloud Defense over the other two because it would make a great shotgun light. Ended up with the Surefire, wished this had been available at the time
  12. You can select $9.95 shipping, just look for it. I said the same thing! But I selected the low shipping and it tried to put it back in on the final page, watch for that one. I'm with you on being pissed about the tax, but cannot find anyone that doesn't charge it since about a year ago. Plain and simple robbery on mail order stuff. Mine was $190 with tax, tag and dealer prep...
  13. I just saw this, won't last Long. Hard to find these under $299 https://www.dvor.com/cloud-defensive-rein-weapon-light-kit.html
  14. https://www.dvor.com/vism-double-carbine-gun-case.html?promotion=dvor-s-most-wanted-gear-43-2021-10-07 I just ordered one of these. I've had one for a number of years and could use another. This is the best deal I've seen on Gun Cases.
  15. I made a mistake when I posted that link! My old eyes saw "Double Shotgun" case when it was "Double Subgun", Dohh! I discovered it when I saw the size later. I've got two folding stock AKs that I thought might fit, but alas they are a few inches too long when folded. Decided to leave the link up just in case though.
  16. Do I need to quit posting these links? I've got one of these and they are not bad for the $$$ https://www.dvor.com/vism-deluxe-subgun-ar-ak-pistol-case.html?options[]=2249-57-94604
  17. That Stock pad looks like it is there to withstand combat more than mitigate recoil!
  18. Pile on... https://www.dvor.com/gun-cases-and-bags-45-2021-09-23.html?utm_source=event-notifications&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=dvor_event_notifications_sep_23_2021_10_00&pdata=623058712f34365f39716b2f363659736d
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