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  1. SHARP1983

    FFT 1/2" CH

    Brand new 1/2" FFT charging handle. Purchased it on the pre-order, ended up not using so I'm letting it go. Paid $82 shipped, will let it go for $70 shipped PayPal.
  2. All parts sold, mods please close Thanks Benelli Forums....
  3. Only stuff left is DMW oversized safety, RXArms hybrid charging handle, IWC light mount, and choke tube. Will take $135 for all.....
  4. All parts where installed on a unfired safe queen. Open to offers if my prices are off.
  5. I've got a GG&G bolt release and RX Arms charging handle for sale if you're interested.
  6. Scalarworks mount sold
  7. All prices posted are shipped PPFF with zero mention or comments in section, all parts where purchased new, installed, and never seen live fire. M4 was a safe queen spur of the moment purchase. Cross posted on ARFCOM as well so time stamp takes it... IM only, can send pics via text if you send me your number Scalarworks Sync/01 RMR mount $100 GG&G Oversized Bolt Release $100 A&S Enhanced Trigger Guard, no logo $210 IWC Light Mount $70 DMW oversized safety $20 RXArms hybrid titanium/steel oversized handle $80 Surefire M300c Scout, black $280 TTI enhanced shell lifter $80 Tru-Lock Imp Cyl choke tube $22
  8. Brand New unused with Trijicon screws. Paid $57+ shipping, asking $55 shipped PayPal. Originally purchased for my M4 but ended up running a RMR instead.
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