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  1. Like new IWC Benelli M4 mount, $50 tyd PayPal Text 502-507-4020
  2. SHARP1983

    Benelli M1014

    Benelli M1014, not a M4, 7rd mag tube, GG&G bolt release, standard field stock, less than 100rds fired. Excellent shape, no longer have box or paperwork. $1650 shipped PayPal CONUS Text 502-507-4020 for info/pics. Unable too upload pics.
  3. Like brand new IWC Benelli M4 mount and Surefire Scout 300c. Both were mounted on a safe queen, never seen live fire. $260 shipped PayPal CONUS TEXT 502-507-4020, unable too upload pics
  4. Hello members, I am currently searching high and low for a M4 Field Stock. Does anyone have one they are willing to part with???
  5. I bought them new about 3-4 months ago
  6. Bump, need this stuff gone.
  7. GG&G Benelli bolt release $65 Meprolight night sights $65 (sold) DMW safety $20 (SPF) DMW bolt handle $20 (SPF) FFT mil spec rail $40 (sold) Straight field stock $125 (SOLD) Tru-loc tactical choke $40 $6 shipping, PayPal gift or add 3% 502-507-4020 for faster response. Will trade for Wilson Combat 47D mags or similar
  8. BNIB Benelli M4 model 11707, unfired bone stock. $1600 shipped PayPal gift or add 3% or USPS money orders. 502-507-4020 for faster response. SPT
  9. Almost brand new (installed on a safe Queen) AVA Tactical Benelli M4 light mount with both ring sizes and a Surefire 6PX tactical flashlight. $275. PayPal gift or add 3% 502-507-4020 MOUNT SOLD, SUREFIRE LEFT FOR $90 AND COMES WITH A TITANIUM POCKET CLIP
  10. Bump, also adding a new FFT fire/trigger control group $170 and a FFT mil spec rail for $60
  11. Bump with new additions
  12. Like new Trijicon RMR-08 with all factory items, no mount $SOLD NIB Benelli OEM C-stock $200 DMW charging handle $20 OEM pistol grip stock $50 OEM 5rd mag tube, spring, and dummy extension $30 OEM rail $15 Add $5 for shipping, Paypal gift or add 3% 502-507-4020 can text pics.
  13. I finally got the safety too work. Went ahead and installed it again, added some grease and took a hammer and lightly tapped it free and then spent about 1/2hr just working it back and forth. Seems to work just fine now. I'll get pics of the handguards tomorrow and let you see.
  14. Really small Allen wrenches pushing the spring down while driving the roll pin.
  15. Recently ordered a DMW oversized safety for my M4 and received it today along with a ton of other parts. Went and installed it and no matter how hard you try to switch the safety too fire it will not budge. I've taken it apart 3 separate times with the same outcome. Finally said screw it and installed my OEM safety which works just fine. Anyone have any idea as too why it may not work? Also having fitment issues with the FFT handguards, any ideas on how too fix that?
  16. I intend on leaving it on and changing the battery on my Birthday. Guess I'll go with my original idea of the RMR-01
  17. SHARP1983

    M4 with RMR???

    Seriously debating running a RMR on my Benelli M4 but am uncertain of which model. I was kinda leaning towards a RMR-01 but wanted some feedback from the ones that are running RMR's.
  18. SHARP1983


    I've looked and can't seem to find the answer I need so please don't flip out if its been asked before. I'm running a Benelli M4 with all OEM parts along with a OEM 7rd mag tube and OEM collapsible stock. How many parts do I need too swap to become 922r compliant?
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