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  1. We are in the process now, we are expecting 60 days or so. Thank You for the continued interest!!!!!
  2. Yes, I am waiting on some samples so I can design to accommodate it. Precise measurements will be important, obviously. I think with the new output capabilities, this will be the defacto standard. Lumens are king in the market, and I'd bet this will be 95% of all scouts in the future.
  3. I can take some measurements, but the pocket was made for the lug, it has enough clearance for the lug and not much more. As far as older scout bodies... good question. I honestly don't know yet. If the new body is 1 inch, that would mean for us we only would need one band for all lights including the new scouts. Making the .8 inch band for legacy scouts may then may not make sense. Not saying no, because I don't quite no yet. I also don't know how long surefire may continue to make the older style bodies. Have to understand these dynamics and make an analysis of where to go from there...
  4. Hey Unob - Pictures can be seen on this post here: https://forums.benelliusa.com/showthread.php/33501-Announcement-AVA-Mod1-for-the-Benneli-M4?p=188677#post188677 The idea is that the lug is captive in a pocket. Then the light is secured with the band, using 4 screws. Unless those screws come loose, the lug will prevent any recoil from moving the light. A scout using standard mounting would secure the light with 2 screws into the actual lug. I believe as far as recoil movement mitigation you have the same result. We will likely make a a Mod 2, yes. Surefire, for one, keeps this industry on their toes. For example there are new Scouts being released that support a larger rechargeable battery and they are no longer .8 inch as a result.
  5. Hey All. For one, I am looking forward to SD's input on the SI Hand-guard. I find it intriguing. A few things, we introduced our mount in 2013, there were no M4 specific options for mounting lights at that time - and we all know that the generic options are garbage. We were the only ones willing to invest in the platform and bring options to the table. For me, it was a labor of love - I am not an engineer in this field, and I've never brought a product to market like that. But I designed it because I wanted something that worked and once I had the design, it only made sense to try and figure out how to make many of them and offer them. My daughter can still tell you about all the hours she spent sitting on my lap watching me tweak the design in auto-cad. A few notes on the design: Fit For the AVA Mount, we've had about 0.2% that the hanger is out of square enough to cause fit problems. We did not stop selling them because of this, we actually ran out. I am going to make some small adjustments, that I made manually on the ones that did not fit, to fix it in the next run. I've tried to get my hands on one of these barrels, but nobody has been willing to trade theirs, not that I blame them. I have about 9 barrels for m4s now, these are my engineering samples. If someone does have a ill fitting barrel with our mount, contact me and I will buy it / trade it. I think I have the data I need, but would still love to have one. Mount / Scout Recoil The mount is captive between two features on the barrel hanger. It cannot move forward or aft under recoil, even with the recoil of a 20mm it would not / could not move. The same for the way we mount scouts. All other lights are different, but scouts the lug is captive. This means, when using a scout it also cannot / will not move just as the other scout mounting option on the market. Where the screws are placed is indeed different, but the results are the same. Unless the screws come loose, the lights are not moving on ours or IWCs. Non-Scout Lights That said, standard lights are indeed compression fitted. Again this is the same for all light mounts for every platform (M4 or otherwise), point being this is not a AVA issue this is any cylindrical light mounted to a weapon. With Mod 1, we have not be able to get a light to slip under recoil, we had several others test this as well and provide feedback before production and all went well. Additionally, one of the lights we offer - the Doberman - has a squared tailcap, which would work just as the lugs on the scout would preventing it from moving. Thanks All. Always appreciate the discussions around this market.
  6. If it came from the factory like that, I would contact Benelli and see about warranty service. If the barrel was replaced, contact who you bought it from - it's still technically a SBS, but if you bought it as factory it doesn't seem right. You can have Steve at Rose Action Sports shorten it up properly, baring no other options. He's very reasonably priced and has quick turn around. You only have to ship the barrel.
  7. Does ITAR keep things from being imported anyway? I don't think it does... I think it's aimed at keeping defense related items and IP from leaving.... I am saying this because I know I can't even send my drawings to overseas machinists... But... people freely import all kinds of wild AK stuff all the time.... I don't think you need a special clearance to import weapons accessories... certainly weapons and ammo, but I think you can bring in things that are not firearms..... IANAL... no wait... I am not a lawyer...
  8. If was going into war, aimpoint. Seems more protected, durable. Battery changes without removing the sight, tool-less, no screws to loose or need thread lock. Also seems to capture my focus and bring my eye to the dot very effectively HD or other situations where you are still backed by home comforts, society, functioning economy - the RMR is lower profile, lighter, more open design that works.
  9. SBS is in the gallery.... Example:
  10. I didn't even catch the rear site being gone. You can use plugs to fill those no? Be cool to see one with the front site shaved if it's not going to be used. Difficult to reverse though....
  11. Sadly, more than a year ago, Surefire discontinued all of the non-flared .8 inch / scout tailcaps when every single production light in that size came with the flared tailcap. So they simply were not available. Since that time, Surefire has reintroduced E series lights with non-flared tailcaps but they have not made the tailcaps available as a part. So, the only way to get one is used (pretty dried up),buy a complete light and sell the parts you don't want, or the best way is to have SD make you one. The market is changing again, as Surefire's new scout light will not have a .8 inch body anymore as it supports a larger OD battery. They've been extremely unclear if the standard scouts will continue to be available, doesn't look good as distributors don't seem to have stock... so....?
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