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  1. @Grant I bought the Vickers padded two point with QD attachments, then used the IWC QD mounts front and rear. Highly recommend.
  2. @PyochimI just installed the FFT/A&S combo on mine and I was really happy with it. easy install, parts fit great.
  3. @Edgedriver77it finally showed up on the porch this morning. I’ve ordered a lot of stuff from them, they’re usually pretty good.
  4. The tracking information said it was supposed to be delivered yesterday, now it says delivery unknown. Seems to be in transit, but I'll let you know if I actually get in.
  5. Ryomi

    M4 Picture Thread

    Just about done! Waiting on the Limbsaver, but otherwise have it how I want it. Really grateful for this forum, and especially @remarkablefor helping me find one, and @StrangerDangerfor the trigger input and excellent overall input on this forum. Only thing I’d change is the light mount, if anyone has an AVA they’d part with.
  6. @Edgedriver77I got a shipping notification yesterday afternoon
  7. I was able to order one from Grabagun.com this morning after getting a "back in stock" email notification. They still show in stock as of now. https://grabagun.com/sims-vibration-benelli-m1-tac-sbe-pad.html
  8. I just got mine assembled and have yet to try it with the new stock. Any idea which spacer, 2.5mm or 10mm, might give better alignment for the RMR with the C-stock in middle position? Has anyone tried something like this?
  9. I will chime in here also, huge thank you to @remarkable for helping me finally get the M4.
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