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  1. Awesome! Just got my first 308 too, Daniel Defense DD5
  2. Dont think it was the fact that was #4, but the ammo itself. The crimp lengths were too long after firing, causing failures to extract.
  3. Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. Tactical shotgun courses unfortunately dont seem to be very common anymore...
  4. My Background The M4 is my first shotgun, and I have never taken a formal training class with it. My M4 haD less than 200 rounds through it before this class. My Equipment The Shotgun M4 with a steel 7 round tube, C-stock in the middle position, and the following mods: Surefire Dual Fuel Light on an IWC QD Mount GG&G Bolt Release TTI Shell Lifter Aimpoint T2 on ADM Low Mount FFT Trigger Set and A&S Housing IWC QD Rear Mount VTAC 2 Point Sling Tactical Gear SOE 12 GA Micro Rig The Class This was a “Ba
  5. FWIW I feel like MatchSaverz are a niche product. Makes a ton of sense for competition, but questionable for HD use. A side saddle is worth it if you want to be able to just grab and go and have some optionality (e.g. mix of slugs and buckshot).
  6. First @ClackClackBAM has issues with the fitment of his FFT trigger, now this. @nimslow was this trigger from the most recent batch?
  7. @Kyuss FYI the preorder is open on Benelli Parts for the muzzle brake.
  8. Oh boy, you ever order from there before?

    M4 Final Setup

    Looks like it’s a Taccom matchsaver on a Briley MLOK adapter that allows it to attach to the MLOK forend
  10. I mostly use Fiocchi #4 buck and PMC 00 buck
  11. Of course! At the end of the day, you’ve got to set up your weapon the way that it’s going to be most practical for you. In my case, because I run the stock in the middle position, I would not be able to get good sight picture (I’m also, shall we say, vertically efficient at 5’6” 😂). Scalarworks makes great stuff and the RMR is a solid optic (have one on my Glock!).
  12. Thanks SD! @FJCowboy because I think he had a similar question on a different thread.
  13. I’m looking into getting a Salvo 12 suppressor, but if I do, I would want to SBS my (currently stock 18.5” barrel) M4. As I understand it though, the SBS barrel is not threaded for chokes, which is how the Salvo 12 attaches. Has anybody encountered this or found a way around it? Any suggestions?
  14. @SnidelyWhiplash here are a couple of photos of my setup. Always difficult to get decent sight shots, but hope it’s helpful. Note that I run my C-stock in the middle position.
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