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  1. Hell yeah Joe, that's awesome! Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll find this to be a good home!
  2. I'm sure this post will be in vain, but I'm looking for a Henry H012MX, the .357 blacked out lever action. I went to almost every link through page fifteen on Google today and I called more than forty Henry resellers but only one had this gun and they were asking $1,399 on a standard price of $789. My old boss will have his rep try to find one, but in the meantime I'm guessing my best bet will be a smaller local gun shop that could just have one in stock. Does anybody know of one of these guns at their local shops? Thanks in advance!
  3. ClackClackBAM


    Gun shops that gouge people like that deserve to go out of business.
  4. ClackClackBAM


    Asking the real questions haha Honestly I'd also like to know. I have some but that gun is hungry and I like feeding it. haha
  5. Well since this is your second thread about the same topic, why don't you just go onto Gunbroker and bid on one of the H20s that are listed? Just know that you will pay AT LEAST $3,500 for this gun, more likely the final bid will be between $4,500-$5,000. It doesn't appear that any 11711 models are listed but you can set up item alerts so that you're notified once it shows up.
  6. I'm still looking for that spot. Can you share?
  7. What you have isn't a true H20, it's just a cheaper cerakoat version that Benelli is making to replicate the original.
  8. ClackClackBAM

    Some R&D

    That looks awesome! I would definitely be interested in one of these when available.
  9. Nope. Just the plain-jane M4. There are a couple of real H20s on Gunbroker but the prices are inflated due to the panic and election.
  10. I hope you have $3,500+ to spend because it’s unlikely you’ll get one of these for less.
  11. Hey all, I have a spare seven round OEM steel tube if anybody needs one but doesn't want to wait months for Carriercomp or FFT. Shoot me a PM and we'll work it out.
  12. Thank you! I had oiled the spring in the mag tube before I realized I wasn't supposed to, but I forgot to go clean it out. Taking it down for a full cleaning tomorrow.
  13. It's a legit website and many people have had successful transactions with him, but personally I see him as unreliable at best.
  14. Just got back from the range and am wondering if I did something wrong. While it only happened twice and it stopped after I put my shoulder into it, the last round hung up at the end of the mag tube. Shells in question are Federal Power Shok 2 3/4” 1oz slugs. Thoughts?
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