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  1. It looks awesome. When I bought my M4 I was delighted that the receiver had a bluish tint to it. Looks great in the sunlight.
  2. If you can, try to get your hands on a CarrierComp rail. They are UBER rare these days but if you can score one you'll be very happy. I'm definitely speaking from experience here.
  3. Hey All, I've been off the boards for a while so I hope you all are doing well! In my downtime I decided to take the RMR off of my M4 so that I can run open sights. While I like the look and quick target picture of the RMR, I prefer the irons due to my being able to get the gun deeper into my cheek. Makes for more comfortable shooting, for me anyway. The only downside to this is that at night I am not able to see my sights. I thought about the Scalaworks mount but after getting lucky enough to acquire a CarrierComp rail (thanks again StrangerDanger), I really don't want to take it
  4. I'm curious to know this as well. Anybody have a lead?
  5. It's well-known that Antoine is a piece of shit, sorry that he got you.
  6. I agree with Evolution, go with the CarrierComp. There is almost always a wait for this tube, but believe me when I say it's worth it.
  7. This is what I use to keep my keys, wallet, etc. https://saddlebackleather.com/leather-valet-tray-firm
  8. Nope. Believe me, I know. I practically begged Marcy to make one for me and all I got in response was a laugh. lol
  9. Edit, nevermind. I managed to find a website that has it in stock, somehow.
  10. Hey all, I'm looking high and low for one of these but am not having much luck. Does anyone have a spare they're willing to sell me?
  11. Post your favorite pics. Let’s enjoy the beauty of black rifles and shotguns!
  12. Out of what can only be described as sheer luck, I came across this gun at Bass Pro this afternoon. To add icing to this already awesome cake, I got it for almost $150 under normal retail. It’s safe to say I’m pretty happy right now!
  13. Hell yeah Joe, that's awesome! Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll find this to be a good home!
  14. I'm sure this post will be in vain, but I'm looking for a Henry H012MX, the .357 blacked out lever action. I went to almost every link through page fifteen on Google today and I called more than forty Henry resellers but only one had this gun and they were asking $1,399 on a standard price of $789. My old boss will have his rep try to find one, but in the meantime I'm guessing my best bet will be a smaller local gun shop that could just have one in stock. Does anybody know of one of these guns at their local shops? Thanks in advance!
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