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  1. If you wanted to be sure, just remove your stock and look at the tube. Super easy. Pull the barrel, drop out the trigger group, then unscrew the stock. You'll find out right away if you have a three position tube.
  2. Appreciate the suggestion! I used to shoot trap with my 725 Citori so I'll probably avoid taking the M4 out there, but the SBE3 would do a good job. Plus give me some tracking practice for when I eventually go duck hunting with it. I'll probably use those loads for plinking around though. They generally destroy a soda bottle pretty well haha
  3. Yup. I spoke with Marcy on the 14th and she expects our batch to be out within four weeks. They try to allow three weeks per batch to be safe, but it hasn't been taking that long. She said they were about a week away from releasing the batch before ours, so It should be about done by now. Mid-June is looking like when we'll see it.
  4. Following this for the same questions.
  5. Hey all, this is my first time really using a shotgun for "plinking" and I was wondering what, if any, types of ammunition you prefer. I picked up a decent amount Federal of 2 3/4" slugs and buckshot but I'm looking for shells that aren't quite as expensive. Main targets will be paper and AR500 plates. And the occasional two liter soda bottle. Thank you for your suggestions!
  6. I'm glad to hear that it went smoother for you! Let's see some pictures when you're done.
  7. Perfect! I'll head to the hardware store to get some strong backing. Brownell's shipps pretty fast so I'll most likely have it before the end of the week.
  8. It's funny you should mention that.. I literally JUST ordered it before coming back to check this page. It doesn't look like they have a mounting option for the M4 yet, but I figure I can just get some industrial strength velcro then attach it to the receiver. The M4 is anodized aluminum so I would be very surprised if the glue on the velcro backing did any damage.
  9. I’m not normally in favor of side saddles for all of the reasons you mentioned above but I’m open to trying a Velcro version. Any idea where to find the one I mentioned above?
  10. Another option to look for is the VCS Detachable saddle. I can't find it anywhere online though.
  11. I shot mine last week for the first time and I was very surprised at how well the recoil is managed. I was running high brass magnum slugs that have always been painful to shoot but when I put them through the M4, I hardly felt anything.
  12. They’re great, aren’t they? Plus you get to enjoy it in a great setting. I’m a little jealous! Post some photos of your range please!
  13. So it looks like I might have been premature with ordering that OEM 7 round tube. Spoke with Marcy at CC yesterday and she told me they are about a week away from finishing the batch before mine, so I'll most likely see the tube early to mid-June. If I were to take it off then repackage it with the CC Wolff spring and CC 922R follower, what could I get for it? Paid $200, so hopefully I won't lose too much.
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