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  1. Merry Christmas sir! Why is it so hard to ask a question.. especially as a newcomer as you say? If u don’t like it, don’t comment or move on. It’s really that simple.. no need to reply, that simple. But like you said, Adios!!
  2. Ok, I’m a heal now. I think things come across differently over a keyboard vs conversation. I know you were trying to be helpful, so I’m the turd, my apologies. I’m pretty well versed in the handgun world.. personal and duty.. but this shotgun is a new and wonderful world to me.. I absolutely LOVE my M4 girl!! I really do appreciate your input and I’ll update when I do the deed! Thx again, much appreciated! Merry Christmas man!! JW.
  3. Thx 9n9.. current intel and a new way of doing it. I appreciate it. And thx for your fft point of view. JW
  4. Thx dad#2... ever occur that maybe updated intel could be useful? If u don’t wanna reply, then don’t reply. It’s easier to ask for CURRENT info than to scroll thru 500 pages of old info. Thx though.
  5. Fronk, did u get the DG finish? Is it close or right on re matching stock black Benelli? Thx, I’m looking for a mag tube extension as well. JW.
  6. Thank you guys for the fresh feedback. Oh, thx dad for the forum rules!😉
  7. I’ve had my M4 for 3 months now.. still in love! Finally going to upgrade her to a full tube! Any input from y’all would be great. Recommendations, break down and install recs, any problems operating wise? Thx everyone, this is a whole new arena I’m in now! Much appreciated. JW.
  8. Thx Diesel, appreciate your response. I’m not worried about FFT mag tube, but more concerned with the forends... sloppy fit? Anyone else?
  9. On that note, I am looking to get an extended magazine tube for my M4. is FFT a good fit? Any other recs? I am looking to be 922r compliant ( I know, I suck.. but I live in Kalifornia).. so I was thinking tube, follower,(wolf spring) and the fore end handles.. but now maybe not the handles if they are that jacked up.
  10. Ok.. but when I call and am told that my shit will be sent out “ tomorrow “, and tomorrow is more than 10 days later... bullshit is bullshit. Just be honest! And maybe put on the order page what you said... just be honest and forthright... maybe Biden has stock in this company??
  11. I ordered a BFG sling more than two weeks ago! Called 10 days ago, was told over the phone it would ship “ tomorrow “... well, it still has not shipped! But they sure charged me right away!! First time dealing with this company.. might be my last! A little basic comm goes a long way!! And it’s fricking FREE!!!
  12. Emailed Benelli USA 🇺🇸 last night..2000EST.. received an email this morning stating the new part will be shipped out tomorrow morning, also received an apology. Was told this is not common. More than impressed I am so far!!
  13. My M4 is brand new. Only 150 rounds thru her.. whilst cleaning after last time used, I saw this. Is this a big deal? Covered under warranty? the rubber seal is not full.. it’s missing a small chunk.
  14. Thank you all for the speedy responses and intel. Much appreciated! JW
  15. Thank you!! Hate being paranoid! My handguns are old school to me, this M4 is just new and I need to get more intimate with her!! More range time, more baths!! Thx again.. JW.
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