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  1. It will show you the way. You'll want to make sure you order that new stock retaining/slave nut before hand.
  2. Glad I could help. 😁 I noticed they actually have them in stock now.
  3. Thanks guys. One thing I've noticed is that co witness with the SRO is like lower 1/4 not lower 1/3. The front sight is just visible through the SRO window. Still functional but barely.
  4. Thank you sir. I picked up the QD plate up at Optics Planet. From what I heard they can be tough to find. When I ordered it was on "back order". I think I still received it in about 2-2 1/2 weeks. It takes a little work to replace in the stock but totally doable with time, patience and tools. SD's tutorial made it much easier.
  5. Upgraded/aftermarket items: GG&G Bolt Release TTI Charging Handle TTI Lifter/Carrier TTI Follower TTI Oversized Safety FFT Trigger Group + Springs FFT Forearm A&S Trigger Housing A&S Reduced Effort Safety Spring Scalarworks Sync Mount Trijicon SRO Benelli OEM Ghost Ring Night Sights Carrier Comp Muted Mag Tube with Wolf Spring Noveske QD Sling Mount IWC Light/Sling Mount IWC M600 Backbone Light Body Surefire Scout 1000 Lumen Head Surefire Z61 Tail Cap Limb Saver Butt Pad All stipplin
  6. It seems I can never get the lighting right. I prefer natural light but that’s hard for me to do where I live. I have to watch out for the knee jerk neighbors.
  7. Alright, alright. I’ll work on it.
  8. Yesterday after about two hours of fitting forearms my M4 was completed and finally brought to life. Or, brought back to life I should say! It's been a 10 month process with a lot of ups and downs. These downs ended up having me reassemble the entire M4 essential on my own. NP3 plated in and out and many aftermarket upgrades. I certainly learned a lot and know much more about this platform than I ever did. StrangerDanger and Vertcofiremarms were sounding boards throughout my journey and that was very much appreciated. I want to put out what an awesome individual Stranger Dan
  9. The trigger guard pin would pull right out of the receiver.
  10. Milspec

    Some R&D

    Is there a reason to remove this ring besides refinishing?
  11. 25 inlbs felt about right. I could feel the force it took to remove them because I goofed and had the light mounted on the wrong side. I've been doing the decreasing thing. I have acetone but I've been using alcohol lately on fasteners. Also used the loctite 243. 36 inlbs for the IWC mount felt right at the upper end of the torque limit. The IWC instructions call for a max of 40 inlbs but I figured I'd back it down a bit since I used loctite. I've used the sharpie trick on a couple of rifles. Silver/Gold depending on the color of your work piece. I replaced the screws in
  12. That's what I was initially thinking. 25 inlbs no more than 30. However, I felt 30 was pushing it with the aluminum light body. I don't think there are heli-coils in there. If anyone has ever had an older Aimpoint Micro you know the concern.
  13. TY sir. That gives me a point of measurement. I plan on using the thread locker as well.
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