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  1. I signed up a while ago, I'm on it. Thanks for the ETA, you guys have great, innovative products.
  2. Mr Gunsngear did a good review on the Rein. He compared it to Modlites, SF Dual Fuel and the OWL. He does a pretty nice job on all light reviews. No one seems to have much of a concern about unprotected battery cells.
  3. I know the boats are running slow these days but over a month and still no shell latch. Does anyone have experience ordering from J-Kenny? Curious what normal order to receive times were prior to the pandemic.
  4. I wonder why they include a Samsung 18650 battery but sell Sony's on the Cloud website. Any major difference?
  5. I used a fair amount of blue. It's easy enough to break free and cheap insurance. I might give Vibratite VC-3 a shot on the new one.
  6. I would buy one of those little gems you fabricated. That’s awesome.
  7. You guys are killing me. I had a $5.00 coupon. $185 and change. I read that the Rein is made in USA. Thanks for sharing the info and great pics. I'd give you an up vote but I'm told I reached my daily limit.
  8. Is there enough clearance between the light head and the barrel? Can you get the battery out if needed while it's attached to the IWC mount? It looks like your tail cap is slightly different.
  9. The Rein looks awesome. I know the OWL is made in the USA not sure about their other lights.
  10. Does it align with the IWC QD sling/light mount?
  11. Good to know about the screws. I'm more curious how the recessed part of the QD fits. Does it insert fully/flush into the slot? I was under the impression that this was the piece that's giving everyone fitment issues. I'm just looking at pictures and thinking about how it fits. So my apologies if I'm talking out of my behind.
  12. I'm wondering what SD's experience has been with these. Is there some fitment wizzardry to this part? For those that have been successful, are you installing the parts and letting the torque from the bolts pull the QD into the slot? Or, do the parts fit and clear the slot as one would hope? It seems like the BFG Uloop would be a great alternative.
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