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  1. Curious to know where they can be sourced.
  2. Somebody forget to pay the bill?
  3. That’s a good price. Where did you score that?
  4. How many revolutions/turns should you get before the pistol grip is fully seated? I'm thinking 4. The 3rd was tight but I pushed it to a 4th turn.
  5. Cool! I'd probably side with the nitride over the cerakote.
  6. Just bumping in case a unicorn is grazing in the pasture.
  7. Hmm, the site is not coming up for me. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  8. No FTE issues yet. It was just noticeable pushing on the extractor with finger pressure.
  9. I never said “EXACT”. I’m just trying to get it close so it looks normalish. I thought perhaps somebody may have done the same to this specific part.
  10. I know how to color fill and I know what options are available. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what color/brand is the closest match. I want to re color fill the red circle on the cartridge drop/shell release lever. I'm not sure what shade of Testors, Lacquer Pen or Nail Polish would be the closest. Obviously red but....just wondering if anyone has any experience matching this up.
  11. Has anyone noticed their extractor tension lightening up a small amount after you put some shells through the gun? Like maybe the first 100-200 or so? Perhaps its just breaking and the spring taking an initial set. One of my bolt heads has noticeably less extractor tension than a new bolt head that I compared it to. I don't think it's cause for alarm but I can notice a distinct difference. I'm wondering if there is something else at play here besides break in.
  12. Great advice and info from Benelliwerkes. I used a 5/64 punch to move the pin out slightly for the first stage. Then I realized I didn't have a small enough punch for the next step. I scratched my head and remembered I have an old Dan Wesson firing pin that I use for various things. I believe it's 9mm/38 super dimension. This was perfect. I was then able to ease the roll pin out enough to completely remove it by hand. - Done easy peasy!
  13. Sorry, I didn't receive/view messages until I was at work this morning. I was unable to post it sold until now. I was locked in a meeting all day with a 2 hour drive to and from. Gman56 was first in.
  14. Selling this RX Arms CH. It's an excellent handle, just a little more circumference than I'm use to. It's been test fit a few times but never used in live fire. Titanium handle with steel shank. $90.00 shipped. PP F&F or you pay the fee, also Venmo. I can take a USPS MO if you want to go that route as well.
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