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  1. Awesome pics! Great thread! Thx SD.
  2. Loading port pics, please! 😁 I've been printing out a couple of your previous ones. My local smith will do the port modification for me. He said we could draw up a sketch so he could see what I'm looking for. I figured I'd print some pics and do one better. I know he is going to start breaking the edges with a ball ended end mill. Hopefully, he finishes it up by hand. They always do pretty good work. Quick question on the forearm stippling. I have thought of getting this done through TTI or something. I like the look of the Tango stippling. I'm confused about the selections on their website. If you purchase from them (forearm) they offer two stippling options, classic and full. However, when you supply your own parts it seems you get the default stippling (whatever that may be). Also, it shows forearm and complete forearm. Is "forearm" one side and "complete" both sides?
  3. Excellent. Good to know. Thanks!
  4. Sorry, if I missed this In your prior posts. How do you get the CC mag tube to match the NP3? Robar mentions Titanium can’t be NP3’d. Is finished titanium a pretty close match? Or, do you go with a cerakote?
  5. Interesting you mentioned the Channelocks I was looking at those..
  6. Lol. I have snap ring pliers but the nose(s) was too large to get in between the little cut out in the ring end. I guess I need to junk those and get a better pair. My mini pair of needle nose got the job done. I was able to get in there and spread the ring enough to slip it over.
  7. Thanks SD! Glad to know they are shipping promptly. Thanks for the heads up about the washer. Common sense would dictate that it's no longer needed. I didn't see this mentioned any place by A&S. Not a huge deal but sometimes I need to confirm things to reassure myself.
  8. For those that have the A&S do you use the washer for the lifter plunger and spring? It would seem that because of the A&S design it would no longer be needed. There is no longer a recessed cut for the washer.
  9. Never mind, got it. Wow, that was ridiculous.
  10. I have the newer pin ring. It's not like the C clip. Trying to reinstall after upgrading the lifter. It's this: This clip makes you want to sell your M4.
  11. I’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on their enhanced trigger frame. Does anyone know if they ship promptly? Are they really in stock if the sight states so?
  12. Are the rear sight, front sight protector and rail getting NP3’d also? Or, will they stay OEM or possibly satin black Roguard?
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