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  1. You can always go this route. You don't have to get the one with the extended hose. Although nice, not necessary. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Bernzomatic-TS4000KC-Trigger-Start-Torch-Kit-TS4000KC/203368730
  2. Yup, when you see some smoke plumes come out that usually indicates the thread locker has been defeated.
  3. Somebody put a link in a different thread a few days ago. I think some guy on Calguns sells a pretty nice kit.
  4. Whoa! That sucks. Let us know how you like that XS. Is that the non tritium version?
  5. Milspec

    Got the disease

    Stay with the BRD and cherish it. Don't venture into SD's H2O thread and get the NP3 bug. Once you go down that road all is truly lost. On top of it I've been salivating for a Tavor TS12. Not good!
  6. Milspec

    Benelli M4 101

    Did all the original H2O's have a plated or silver trigger guard? It seems I've seen photos where some were silver and some were not.
  7. Milspec

    Benelli M4 101

    How can I tell if my M4 has this? What are the visual signs to look for? Do all newer models have this feature, say 2015 and up?
  8. I'm just trying to clarify. When people talk about 2 port/4 port this is in reference to the gas ports in relation to the the pistons correct? We're not talking about actual conventional porting which mitigates recoil/muzzle rise. I searched for barrel picks to compare the two but I couldn't find anything on the interwebs.
  9. I found the machining to be a bit rough on the Benelliparts.net trigger group. Lots of tool marks and the sides of the hammer had a weird bevels to them in some spots. The trigger bow also seemed to have minor sharp/rough spots. Just my opinion. I returned it to them for a refund. At the time he said they had a new guy doing them. Maybe there were growing pains with that first batch. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt on it. FFT trigger group appears to have much, much better machining. Some people have reported fitment issues with the polymer trigger guards.
  10. That's a good question because if one doesn't have the bits or a router set they aren't cheap. Especially if you are using a bit for a one time job. I wonder if a 7/8" hole saw would give reasonable results. Maybe not quite as clean. The sharpie method looks good. Rosin or baby powder might give a good representation as well if applied to the end of the recoil tube?
  11. I don't know why all the stuff I sent in through April wouldn't be in the same batch as my M4. I know I'm not privy to the inner workings of their business but it seems odd. I totally get it if the items I sent in a week and a half ago didn't make the cut. However the status of my M4 was updated on 6/25 to finish in process. It would only be logical to expect that everything up to April should have went out with it?? I'm not upset, I mean it comes when it comes. I would rather have it be right than rushed. I'm just confused on this one.
  12. Woohoo! my M4 ticket now reads: "NP3 / Metal Finish In Process..." Ummm but what about the the stuff I sent in a week after that and in April? 🧐
  13. I sent them a few more gizmos last week for NP3. I'm hoping this will help pump up their part count needed to get a batch done. Or however it works.
  14. I don't know when I'm going to see mine again. Given the current prices I sometimes wonder if they put it back together and sold it for a premium on GB. Then ordered another one for me in it's place. LOL 4 months and counting with no end in sight. It's like buying 2 suppressors and waiting for the stamps.
  15. Flip that thing right now on GB to the panic buyers. Use half the money for a Corona vacation and the other half for a NIB M4 when things cool down. LOL
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