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  1. Haha, that’s what I finally did. I grabbed one of my AR roll pin holders and the pin protruded just enough to get it seated. I was giving it light taps after that. I didn’t want to drive it into the side of the disconnector and deform anything. Once I had alignment I started putting a little more force on it. Still crazy tight. I think I had some tolerance stacking going on with the NP3.
  2. That disconnector pin can be a real SOB to install. I just installed a FFT group with an NP3 plated disconnector pin. Tight is an understatement.
  3. It's not advisable to use Blue Loctite on that stock retention screw correct? Just screw it in until it bottoms out and seat the ring.
  4. Those look good. I was considering ordering a pair like that but I was concerned about getting the proper size to fit correctly. That pin ring has a very narrow opening. I recently ordered a pair from McMaster Carr and I was pleasantly surprised. The description is non existent but they turned out to be the same ones that FFT sells. Imperial IR-38 made in USA. McMaster #5415A61 They are smaller than I thought but so far they have been excellent. I've only used them on the Magazine Spring Seal Ring and Trigger Guard Pin Retaining Ring and they were tremendous. They real test wi
  5. Briley states that their colored charging handles are 2 piece. I'm wondering if they all are of if the silver is a one piece design? It seems they are all 2 piece.
  6. Definitely have SD do your tear down and reassemble. Otherwise, you might be sorry. Very sorry.
  7. I have Starrett punches, Grace roll pin punches, Grace brass bunches, Whia and Borka torque tools. I’d still like to get a set of dedicated screw drivers. The Wheeler set I have is cheesey and I usually use the Borka bits in it because they are much better quality. That PB stuff looks pretty good. I think Grace makes a decent set of dedicated screw drivers but they aren’t cheap and not that many sizes in the set.
  8. The ones that I have, I ordered from MWG. They cam in the Benelli packaging. I think they are made by Trulock.
  9. I really appreciate that. Right now I'm trying to iron out the damage issue with them. I'm not sure how that will be done yet but I'd like to somehow route it to you afterwards.
  10. Yes, the choke tube that comes installed with it does. However, I've purchased 2 Benelli brand Improved Cylinder chokes and they didn't have the notches.
  11. Just got my M4 back in hand. No notches on that choke either. Weird....again.
  12. I will say other than the issue it looks amazing. They plated the heck out of everything. The entire trigger pack is all NP3's except for 2 roll pins. The carrier and bolt head is completely plated. In the factory H2O they left the bolt head chromed. They even plated the barrel extension. You can see where they re staked the ejector etc. It's a shame FedEx boogered it up.
  13. I don't think you can NP3 over JB Weld.
  14. Got the M4 back today and all I can say is I'm horrified. I'm going to give them the opportunity to correct the issues first. Due to it not being packaged the same way I sent it in damage occurred. Compounded with a couple minor issues I'm not happy. The damage is stomach turning. I don't even know if it's fixable.
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