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  1. Where did you come across the mil spec 18.5"?
  2. It would be nice if Scalarworks made an option for the DP Pro.
  3. Very interesting set up. I have a Venom on my PCC.
  4. Thanks SD. That's what I was afraid of. I'm curious how my Aimpoint Acro would co witness on the OEM rail.
  5. I saw one from Midwest Industries but the photo is terrible. I've also seen what Scalarworks has. I'm just trying to find out what rail options are available. I don't want anything with a shell carrier attached to it.
  6. Crazy stuff. Thanks for the info. I like their mounts just not a fan of the Trijicon RMR. However, the SRO has the same screw alignment as the RMR. The down side is the SRO is not nearly as tough. I don’t know if it would stand up to the recoil.
  7. Not to boss hog in on the OP’s thread but I’d like to buy a Sync mount for the Ainpoint Micro T-1 etc. I’m assuming Scalarworks discontinued them. I can’t seem to find one.
  8. Does anyone know how the CC mag tube in “muted” matches up to the NP3 finish? They say it’s pretty close but I haven’t heard from anyone who actually has seen or owns one.
  9. Thanks SD. It seems my H2O dream is just getting too difficult to chase. I may have to go the route of Midnight or Burnt Bronze Cerakote.
  10. SD, does Wright Armory disassemble like Robar use to? Or does everything have to be broken down? I know you bust everything down, I’m just wondering what’s their method of operation. I know they say Ti can’t be plated but I’m wondering if they would do a mag tube and simply not warranty the finish?
  11. What QD are you running in the stock?
  12. I had a local shop do it for me. They are more of a 1911 custom place but they know what they are doing. I went way conservative compared to most. If you saw it you would probably think it wasn’t opened up enough. While this would be true to most I didn’t want to go too aggressive. I’m not a three gunner, just wanted to make reloading a little easier and efficient. At the same time I wanted to retain the tactical integrity without making it too sporting like. I hate throwing out the word “tactical” but I think it applies here. I messed around with it a little bit and was able to dual load a couple times. I’m sure with some practice and getting use to it I could be more proficient. Perhaps quad loads in the future but like I say it’s a modest opening. Overall I’m happy with it but I wish they rounded it off more where the mag tube begins and the follower lies.
  13. No worries. It was a good lead. It’s not your fault. Thanks for bringing it up as a possibility.
  14. I’d like to be first on the list. Lol My loading port job has been completed so I’m ready.
  15. I hate to laugh but it’s not at your situation. Todd from FFT just posted a new charging handle video on YouTube yesterday. He went on and on about how the steel and ti handles will both serve you for an entire lifetime. He further continued to say that the ti handles might get some dings but they will never fall out. Too crazy. Unless you didn’t have it fully inserted but I would guess that you know what you’re doing. Sorry to hear about your handle. Hopefully, he’ll take care of you.
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