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  1. Yeah, so bad news: it does not work. I only made 1 batch of these hammers, so I know they are identical, and I've been selling them for a while with no issues, then suddenly in the past month, I've had 4 people with issues. #4, I thought to ask him if his gun was new, and it was. I'm leaning towards something changed slightly in the trigger group for new guns. I can see two ways to make it work, neither great: 1. The trigger is not going far enough forward to allow reset. Forward travel is controlled by a notch in the back of the trigger, and there is a pin (smaller than the not
  2. ShootingSight makes a hammer to get you one 922R compliant part. www.shootingsight.com S7 rolled plate tool steel that is wire EDM cut, then NiB coated for smoothness and wear resistance.
  3. No update. I would not hold my breath. In looking at the basic geometry - ie where they put the pivot pins, I do not see a way to make the trigger significantly better. Since there are other less expensive 922R parts out there to get to the required count, I'm just going to stick with the hammer for now. Sorry.
  4. Are you pulling off some other stock option?
  5. The follower in the magazine tube is a cheap and easy part to replace.
  6. I have not shot bird shot with the M4, but I presume if I go out and shoot clays, it will cycle OK?
  7. Just looking at the pictures, the replacement disconnector visually seems to sit further forward. Get an Amazon set of shim gages Shim gage, and figure out how thick a shim you need to fit between the disconnector and the trigger housing to get it to work correctly. Then, cut a thin piece of that shim and silver solder it on to the front of the disconnector. I get it that when you buy something, you want it to work out of the box, but between being unable to identify which part is faulty, plus with no replacements being available, plus the vendor taking the attitude that you have to
  8. Booth 3657, in with Gear Head Works.
  9. I need to stop by the Holosun booth anyhow. Maybe we'll cross paths.
  10. What are you exhibiting? I'll be there with a booth, but this year I'm thinking about scaling back the booth, so I can spend time seeing the show, rather than managing the booth.
  11. ShootingSight.com is making them now. EDM cut S7, with NiB coating. A whole lot less than 1700, and including free shipping.
  12. I'd make that option 2 - looks to be a spinner.
  13. Must be a burr in the pin hole on mine, because it looks like the hole is smaller on the inside than the outside. If it is supposed to be a straight hole, then you can just drive the pin inwards. In thinking about it, one way would be to permanently fix the detent. You would slot the tip of the handle, so you insert, then rotate it to lock in place. You would then need some sort of releasable anti-rotate concept on the handle end.
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