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  1. Seriously? Took apart my trigger pack, and the hole in the hammer is 0.250, but the pin is only 0.235. That's the sloppiest fit I have ever seen for a moving part on a pin. Is there any reason for this, or is it just loose tolerances, so the hammer can be a low cost punched part? Unless I can find a reason, mine will be a LOT better fit.
  2. Could several people please throw some dimensions my way? I got a new plastic trigger housing. The hammer is around 0.150 thick, and the slot in the plastic lower is 0.160, so it's kind of a sloppy fit. I'm thinking 5/32, which is 0.156 would be a nice fit. However I understand lowers used to be metal, so I don't know if the gap has changed. Could anyone who is so inclined, and has a set of calipers, post what hammer thickness and gap width are on their receivers, and also mention if it is a plastic or a metal lower? Thanks,
  3. I'm just learning this product, based on a request, so I don't want to overpromise, so I think it is PRIMARILY about 922R. That said, I have heard complaints about the factory hammer deforming or mushrooming. I have not heard about failure to fire, so this might be a cosmetic defect, nothing more. The other thing is that I plan to NiB coat the hammer. This is a low friction coating, and since part of the trigger pull weight is the friction of the sears dragging on each other, it should reduce pull weight slightly. Now, a next step would be to make a complete new trigger/hammer/sear set. If I were to undertake this, it'd be a lighter, smoother pull, and it would be 2-stage. However I need to understand the market MUCH better before committing to a project of this magnitude.
  4. Just looked at Taran Tactical's website. They make a charging handle, and he's won National championships, so I'd probably be stepping out of my lane thinking I can do better. Based on my engineering degree and being a HP competitor, I know I can make a better trigger than anyone else out there, but something where you need to be an active 3-gun shooter to know, and I'm not ... that takes a little more arrogance than I like to swing. Who knows, maybe a winter project, though if I made a roller, it'd be Delrin or aluminum, not Titaniun. Ti is sexy and all, but this is not a part that needs strength, and for a weight savings of fractions of an ounce, not worth it.
  5. As an FYI, ShootingSight should be releasing a tool steel hammer for the M4 in a couple of months. If you are interested, please email [email protected], and we will get in touch as soon as they are available. These will be CNC machined Rolled Plate S7 Tool Steel, so the highest grade you can get. Price TBD - under $100. It will be 100% US made, so 922R compliant. Art Neergaard ShootingSight llc www.shootingsight.com
  6. NiB is much better for triggers than NP3. Teflon will not stand up to the high pressures generated on sear edges. NiB is upwards of 70Rc hardness. That said, DLC is even lower friction, so I've been curious to experiment - maybe this is the project. Not sure about charging handles, I know how to make good triggers, and it seems everyone and his brother is making charging handles because it does not take much skill. What is your definition of 'badass' when it comes to charging handles? Is there something that other options do not offer>
  7. Send an email to [email protected] that you are interested in the Benelli hammer, and I'll reply when we have something done.
  8. OK, so it looks like ShootingSight will be making these hammers. S7 Rolled Plate Steel, NiB coating. Give me a couple of months and I'll have them out. Art ShootingSight llc www.shootingsight.com
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