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  1. I'm using a Blue Force Gear Vickers Padded Sling. I put an HK 1" Sling Snap Hook on it and attach it to the small hole in the Benelli Collapsible Stock. I have a Surefire Rail so I have a GG & G Sling Thingy (Heavy Duty) on the other end of the sling.
  2. Oooops! My bad, it is an FFT Titanium Charging Handle.
  3. Had my GG & G Titanium Charging Handle fly off while shooting. I'm hoping it was not seated right when this happened. Has this happen to any one out there?
  4. I mounted the 8 shot on my M4 and had problems with cycling, put the original rail back on, no problems. I was able to get a return at Brownells.
  5. I agree with ROCKETW19. It fits like a glove!
  6. Here is a link to see my SBR. http://forum.lwrci.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9670
  7. Great observation.....I put the light there just for the picture, I can get a good grip behind the light but, I'm not even running a light on the Benelli, I pulled it from my LWRC M4 SBR.
  8. Just put the FFT Titanium Tube on tonight.
  9. I will do that. I did mail back the other parts and inavertantly sent him the Factory Trigger, we'll swap the parts in the mail. He is still not sure anything is wrong. After becoming an expert in changing the trigger group out (about 10 times) I think the disconnector was sitting forward just enough to catch.
  10. FFT sent a new trigger group. It worked, function check OK. None of the earlier problems! Will get a chance to shoot it on Sunday. Great Customer Service at Freedom Fighter Tactical.
  11. The dealer I spoke with told me the work on these guns is done here.
  12. Yes, the trigger does hang up on the disconnector with the trigger pack out.
  13. When I checked with a few dealers in PA about a month ago, I was told "by the end of the year" so, I chose a standard M4.
  14. That's why I was confused (newbie). Now I realize that the list on FFT only has the 13 parts relevant to the Benelli M4. The list I received from the ATF is the all inclusive parts list. And yes, this topic has been beaten to a pulp but, it's still confusing. I couldn't get a straight answer from the ATF regarding the Surefire M80 Forend. There are vendors that have a "Made in the USA" flag on this product and yet Surefire sent me an email stating that they are not compliant to "Made in the USA" they are "American Act" compliant. Because the rubber rail covers are made elsewhere.
  15. This is a copy of an e-mail I received from the ATF this morning. Is this the "same" list, or are there added parts? ------- ------- Federal law 922® states in part, it shall be unlawful for any person to assemble from imported parts any semiautomatic rifle or any shotgun which is identical to any rifle or shotgun prohibited from importation under section 925(d)(3) of this chapter as not being particularly suitable for or readily adaptable to sporting purposes except that this subsection shall not apply to—(1) the assembly of any such rifle or shotgun for sale or distribution
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