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  1. Just got a +2 Nordic extension. Holds 7 in the magazine and functions flawlessly with the Teflon follower. Looks good and about 1inch shorter than the barrel. Sorry I don't have any pictures yet. I'll try to get some in the next 2 weeks.
  2. I have used the Mesa sidesaddle on my M4 for well over a year. The only issue, if you don't use the shells from time to time when shooting, they can become pretty stuck. Gun functions flawlessly with it.
  3. Great looking gun and I'm here in Scottsdale. Let me think about it and discuss it with my son. If you get an offer sooner, certainly take it. This seems to be a great buy. Good luck. I'll get back to you by this weekend.
  4. Went out in the desert yesterday. Again SuperNova functioned flawlessly with low recoil Federal slugs and buckshot. Hitting 12 inch gong at 80 yards with slugs using only stock iron sights. Used Federal 2 3/4 Walmart 4 shot to massacre soda cans and small melons thrown in the air. Great fun!!! And yes, we cleaned up our shells and cans, leaving the melon bits for the birds, donkeys and coyotes.
  5. Shot my new SuperNova Tactical this AM for the first time and and it readily all 2 3/4 rounds I fed it! Slugs, 00 buck, and 4 shot. Light recoil and extremely accurate at 50 feet. Gun is definitely made to last. You'll want a longer barrel for trap.
  6. I picked the last one up at my gun club 2 days ago, while waiting for my M4 Tactical to be repaired by the gunsmith. I hope it will be a little more reliable. Now just trying to find a Mesa Tactical rail with 6 shot carrier. I am finding that most popular guns and ammo have been in very short supply nationally. I think things are going to be TIGHT for several years to come.
  7. What happened to the picture? Did mods delete it?
  8. sib1948

    Vendor reviews

    I too have been impressed with FFT and Kip at Carrier Comp. Also have had nothing but positive experiences purchasing weapons from Buds Gun Shop and ammo through SG Ammo out of OK.
  9. Just added FFT 1/2 inch Ti charging handle and the GG&G bolt release pad to my M4. Had the gun stripped and cleaned sonically at the same time when the gunsmith installed the bolt release pad. After 25 rounds of LE low recoil slugs and 00 buckshot the bolt jammed open. Loved the function of the pad bolt release until this happened. Had to leave the gun with the gunsmith to let him figure out what t.he problem is. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Not enough lube or loads too weak to cycle properly. Had never had a problem before in over 1 year of regular shooting, but had not used the
  10. +1 to above! I have the collapsible stock, but only advantage I've seen is to make it shorter when lugging it around between range trips. I always shoot it fully extended. I have found Federal low recoil in slugs and 00 buck powerful and a pleasure to shoot all day. Very accurate and tight groups at 50 feet. Added a Cmore RTS red dot sight this weekend that worked great for fast target acquisition. Welcome and enjoy your new friend!
  11. Don't think that would help the looks much and would not leave much protection for your glass.
  12. Agree the motion activation of the Delta is nice! Just got back from the range and the RTS looked great on the M4. Popped right on the rail and zeroed easily after 15 shots. Easily ate the center out of a 6 inch target at 25 yards with my 64 year old eyes. I'll post some pictures on the M4 soon, but jammed open on the last shot. Gunsmith had just put in large GG&G bolt release, so left it at the range for him to solve the issue. EoTech also worked well, but appeared too bulky on the M4 for my tastes.
  13. Received my RTS 7 MOA sight today. It looks great, bright and solid. Will get it mounted and to the range this weekend and let you know how it compares to the EoTech EXPS 2-0 with 3.5 MOA.
  14. Thanks for interesting and informative reference. In Arizona, luckily we have great gun freedom, which is necessary living in a border state. And yes, let's all get out and vote this year to protect "our rights".
  15. Nice and mean looking weapon.
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