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  1. That answer will cost $2500.00:cool:
  2. I am heading in a new shotgun direction and want to sell my Benelli M-4 with promag collapsable stock,mag extension and USA made hammer,trigger,disconnector. Totally 922r compliant. $2500 shipped. Pics to serious persons.
  3. I bought one of the pro mag C stocks strictly to help with the 922r compliance thing. I removed my factory marked Benelli C stock and will sell it for $350 shipped. Can send I phone pics to serious persons.
  4. Yes I think for pure functioning purposes it will meet the requirement. I just notice how the metal appears to have more of a cast type finish and the paint job appears cheaper. It is pretty stiff when sliding also. I wouldn't want to need to extend the stock in a hurry. If a fast in close shot was required I wouldn't attempt to extend the stock but just go with what I have in the closed position. Let's face it the C stock just looks nicer and makes for a shorter package, the fixed stock is superior for shooting.
  5. My Pro-Mag C Stock arrived today and I put it on my M4. I like it and have decided to sell my Benelli C Stock. The Benelli appears nicer finished but I don't mind a little rougher finish for the price and 922r compliant parts. I'll be posting my C stock here for sale pretty soon. Pics this weekend.
  6. I will likely be selling it, but I'm not sure yet.
  7. I'm waiting on mine and I only bought because it says on ProMags websight that it is 922r compliant. I have a factory c stock but would have to add more parts and I don't want to jump thru those extra hoops.
  8. Once it arrives and is installed I will examine it for a couple of days and try to get away to shoot and I will then post my experiences.
  9. I ordered a US made mag extension and follower from Carrier Comp and a collapsable M4 stock from Promag. I reckon I'll just sell my factory Benelli collapsable stock later on. This simplifies the 922r BS.
  10. So if you put the Promag collapsable stock on your M4 you only need a US made magazine extension to be compliant?
  11. It all goes back to what Obamas Chief of Staff Rohm Emanuel said " You can't let a good crisis go to waste". For all those who didnt think that they are going after guns and ammo, Wake UP!! It's all starting.
  12. I'm not sure my pm messages are going thru. If $500 shipped and like new I'll take it. Send your info to [email protected]
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