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  1. When I switched my tube out I padded the jaws of my vise with cardboard secured by duct tape.I clamped the receiver top facing down.I took a wooden paint paddle and split it into five one inch long by 3/8's inch wide pieces.With a one inch diameter screw type hose clamp (automotive) I captured the wood slats with the clamp around the stock magazine tube.Using my heat gun softened the O.E locktite and easily twisted out the part.No damage/No drama.

    GG&G recall

    How many folks received the recall e mail from GG&G yesterday? Apparently their oversized safety has failed to properly secure the trigger group on some weapons.The part installed on my M4 has been fine.Not being a gunsmith,I'm curious wether these fail over time or the tolerances on the trigger groups vary enough to cause some safeties not to engage?Please chime in on observations and opinions.Just for snark's sake,thank god my Carrier Comp stuff works and looks perfectly.

    Vendor reviews

    Hello,M4 owner-new member.Not a big poster on various forums,but wanted to share recent transactions with Freedom Fighter Tactical and Carrier Comp.Ordered black forend from FFT shipped quickly.Zero fit issues.Ordered DG cote mag extension and Bolt handle from [email protected] took exactly five weeks.Quality is impressive.Spent one day just admiring the worksmanship.It is good to know such a niche firearm is so well supported.
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