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  1. Ain't that the truth!
  2. Hey guys Not sure if this has ever been asked before in this forum. This really isn't a question about 922r as I do know it, understand it and am in compliance with it. Has anyone in this forum or do you know of anyone that has had their M4 with C-stock inspected by any law enforcement agency to see if it was indeed "922r compliant"? Just curios that's all.
  3. Well...I'm a "single" point sling guy so I prefer a Magpul MS3 sling (in black) attached to a GG&G sling adapter made for the M4. It attaches at the end of the receiver and does not interfere with the collapsible stock at all. The best part about it is...you can convert it to a two point sling if you want. If you need to scale a wall or climb a ladder with your M4, you can in seconds convert it and sling the M4 around your back, climb the wall/ladder, then convert it back or not. The hook on the sling is "lockable" too.
  4. Getting ready to buy a Magpul tactical single sling for my M4 with C stock. Looking for a sling adapter with a ring so I can clip the sling into. Anyone using this one made by Mesa Tactical? Any good?[ATTACH=CONFIG]1211[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1212[/ATTACH]
  5. I wasn't going to fire it without checking with you guys first. On page 128 of the manual it states that 4 notches = Improved Cylinder. 2 notches= Improved Modified What threw me off was that my choke doesn't have any "symbols" just the "notches" Maybe some chokes have them and some don't. No big deal with me now that I understand what their used for. Thanks guys:)
  6. Well I got the M4 today and opened the box and noticed all the oil had leaked out of the container. I was a little surprised that it was all broken down, I thought it was going to be complete. No big deal, it actually made it easier for me because I added a factory collapsible stock and then had to make the dam thing 922r compliant:rolleyes: The installation of Kip's full mag tube was fun (seriously). Placed the receiver in the bench vise with rubber guards, fired up the old heat gun, put on my work gloves and it came right off. I was surprised how "little" heat was needed to melt
  7. Hey guys I'm new to this site and just want to say Hello. I see a couple off names here that I recognize from AR-15.com. I should be picking up my M4 from my Chief (FFL too) in a couple of days. Got a great deal from Law Enforcement Sales.com in Lamesa, Texas. Great guys to do business with. Believe it or not this is my first Benelli. Always wanted an M4 but couldn't afford it. lol I'll be asking lots of questions too. Hope to learn some. I plan on doing the basic parts replacement the day I pick it up. I'm ready to roll. There are some great videos on U-Tube on how to r
  8. That's funny because I did the same thing too. LOL Stocked up on ammo too! I pick up the gun in two days...sweet!
  9. Nice setup! I didn't know that we had to "pin" a collapsible stock on a shot gun in California. I have never heard of this law. Can you give me details?
  10. I don't think there is any room left to add something...maybe mount an Ipod. I'm just jealous. Very nice.
  11. Hello I'm new to this forum and just read this thread. I know I'm late to this but do you have anymore left? Thanks, Rick
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