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  1. Do you mean "tornado brush"? I've been using a tornado brush on all my shotguns, and it does a GREAT job
  2. My M4 must have an issue. Even Ben Strainy would struggle to eject shells thank you for the detailed explanation of the process you use.
  3. the manual suggests using your index finger, and the associated instructional figure shows an index finger pressing the shell retaining lever. but i've tried thumb, middle finger, multiple fingers, etc., and it's almost impossible to unload shells from my M4. i can usually get a couple shells to unload, but by then i'm sweating, spitting, cussing, swearing, etc. and i finally give up and just unload the remaining shells by cycling them out. i know everybody struggles a bit with this issue, but mine seems 100 times worse. i installed a GG&G tactical bolt release pad (i don't think that would matter). as i recall i noticed the same difficulties unloading shells from the minute i first got the gun.
  4. I have a VERY hard time (cussing and swearing hard time) "unloading" shells from the magazine using the method described in the manual (press the cartridge retaining lever...aka "shell stop"...with index finger. You stated that your modification "option 2" made loading noticeably easier, but you didn't say if it also made "unloading" easier? Thanks
  5. I can ghost load my Benelli M4 no problem. Watch this video I found on youtube. Maybe it will help. http://youtu.be/lHKRsiJKJP4
  6. maybe I'm getting old, but I'm not familiar with the word "fudd". I checked the urban dictionary and I'm still laughing they give about 10 different definitions. I think I know, but which of these definitions is the one you prefer? http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=fudd
  7. consider Utah. There's a town here that's working on a law requiring every home to have a gun
  8. When I lived in Commifornia I pinned the stock. I removed the pin when I moved to Utah. I am very happy with the collapsible stock, but I have to say that my cheek felt like I got kicked by a mule after a long training day. I recommend a bit of padding (doesn't need mch to help) where you rest your cheek on the stock.
  9. The carriercomp charging handle works fine with the GG&G bolt release. I've had no issues at all. Btw, IMHO the gray colored Carriercomp charging handle looks great on the M4
  10. is it the slight movement itself that's causing issues? or is it the noise from the parts? i've never played around with liquid rubber, but i wonder if something like that would be worth trying?
  11. this is what i had in mind...more or less for my purposes. it's actually a Blackhawk cheek pad with a zippered side storage pouch for a rifle (about $30). it happens to fit over the benelli collapsible stock nicely, and the side pouch easily stores 7 shells. this cheek pad is very well made, and it should help reduce the "bite to the cheek" from the collapsible stock when shooting slugs all day. btw, i'm in commifornia so i had to pin the adjustable stock in place so it doesn't matter to me that this cheek pad covers the release button. i wanted to be able to carry extra shells on the butt stock, and i wanted a pad to reduce cheek pain. i'm anxious to try it out, but it looks like i found a good solution for the problem that i wanted to solve.
  12. thanks for this. yeah, that *might* work. hmmm. the collapsible stock is considerably more narrow than a traditional butt stock so i'm not sure if the fitted sleeve would work or not. but this is the type of idea i was looking for so thanks again. i think i saw a picture of a soft shell holder (canvas or nylon material) that looked like it used paracord to securely snug to the butt stock. but i can't seem to find it now that i'm looking for it
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