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  1. I prefer the factory benelli collapsible stock. It looks and feels Alot better than some cheesy ar stock. I will make do with the length of pull. Not a huge concern. I do appreciate the input however. At least I didnt trade it for some ****** AR right? I think 9 shells of 1700fps 00 buck should stop any threat id be likely to encounter. With a box of slugs for everything else.
  2. Its hard to explain... it does not hurt per-say but its like a strong push, then its takes time to get back on target, after about two shots I have to completely realign my sight picture. I even tried holding it a bit out of my shoulder... that was a mistake... smacked hard into my face and i ended up having to go to the dentist to fix my gums. I gotta find a way to keep it on target under stained fire. Also the length of pull is too long, and on the middle setting its too short. But when i do get into a grove with it that thing is amazing, i love how fast it shoots and how reliable it is.
  3. The weight is not a problem I humped a 249 in Afghanistan doing convy security. Its the damn recoil of the thing, it is afterall a 50 cal rifle if you use slugs.
  4. Well, I decided to listen to my betters (you guys) and just keep my benelli. Its the best shotgun in the world and I would feel silly losing it for some stupid AR15. I'm just going to train train train with it to get as proficient as possible.
  5. Yeah I have a AAS in computer science too, that combined with my military exp and still nobody will hire me. I do have VA benefits but its limited to just medical coverage which is still good. I know there are ARs out there that are cheap but... I'm the type of person that likes to have the best thing I can get, hence the m4, and thats why i wanted that nice piston operated PWS that needs no upgrades at all... I dont know maybe I am just grapsing at straws... I see everyone with those nice rifles and it makes me jealous haha. I like the M4 alot and have put a few hundred rounds through it, jus
  6. I want an AR bad but I have no job and no way to get one unless I trade. Thats the only reason I would trade. No money = No new guns. So yeah... and walmart here sells tula .223 for $5 a box, so not that far off from 12 gauge price wise. I dont know... If I had a job then yeah I would just save up and get one. But when you apply to 100 places, literally 100, and you don't get a single call then I guess you have to make do with whatever little money you can get by doing odd jobs for friends and family.
  7. OH, I was also looking into getting a Colt HBAR or SP1... if someone has a minty one and wants to trade let me know!
  8. So I was offered a trade for a like new PWS MK116 Mod 1 for my Benelli M4 which has the LE stock and full length tube. I wondering if I should do it or not... I really love the m4 but a high end ar15 like that would be really nice. Not to mention alot easier for me to shoot, reload and train with. I just wanted to get your guys opinions on the matter... if it would be worth it or not. If I could I would just sell the m4 for 2K and buy a brand new PWS and mags and ammo but nobody here wants it. Link to the PWS rifle: http://primaryweapons.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=410&idcate
  9. Yeah im gonna stick with my zombie max buck shot. I think its something like 1700 fps. I dont mind the extra recoil even if I am on 5'5" and not very strong. For slugs I will go with the tru bal everyone keeps recomending. And I guess ill just use imp cyl for the choke with the slugs. Seems the be the combo most get the best results with.
  10. I always shoot in isosceles stance with my weapon firm against my shoulder. But I also hip fired with the stock collapsed (to try to cause a failure) and did not have any problems with other ammo. I'm amusing its just the brand...
  11. I also put a FFT 3/4 steel charging handle. Would that affect it at all? I doubt it... but maybe?
  12. Yeah it was the Fiocchi low recoil buck. It was failing to eject the spent shells and would put a fresh one on the lifter. I did shoot crappy low brass bird shot and it functioned flawlessly. Funny thing is the Low recoil buck had the same fps on it as the bird shot... so maybe it was just that ammo?
  13. I took the shotgun out today to run drills and train some more with it. I tried some 3" 00 buck and oh man, after 4 shots I had to give up on that ammo, it is just too brutal for my shoulder. And I tried low recoil 00 and (like I predicted) it did not cycle. Everything else worked perfectly though. I have yet to try the slugs as I am afraid of the recoil and damaging my gun. I did put the lube on the threads like M4Whore said. Hopefully it will keep the choke from getting stuck, I had no problems with it spinning off on its own. Overall I am extremely pleased with the Benelli, I will be keepin
  14. I have a whole set of benelli mobi chokes so its not a problem of needing to get them only if i should switch them out or not. Everyone keeps telling me that if i use a riffled slug through my mod choke it would blow the choke off the barrel. But i tend to believe that it would NOT affect it as it is a soft lead. I am really in love with this shotgun and dont want to do something stupid that would F it up for good.
  15. My farm has a 360 degree view of about 150 yards in each way.. so about that far.
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