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  1. I couldn't get the adjustable stock onto my adjustable stock tube either. I removed the allen head screw that retains the push button and removed the button. I found a rubber plug inside of the button spring. I removed the plug and button now pushes in far enough to easily put the stock on. I don't know why Benelli puts it there. Works better without it.
  2. Benelli won't sell the M4 collapsible stock to civilians,
  3. Thanks, guess I'll stick with M4 stock
  4. I looked at a parts schematic for a Supernova under the description of the stock tube it was called a recoil spring tube. Does anyone know if a recoil spring for a M4 could be put into a 166s adjustable stock tube. My thinking is if the spring would fit into that tube, the adjustable stock for a SuperNova Tactical could be put on a M4 for a 5 positon stock instead of a 3 with the original set up. I may have to do some dis-assembly and give it a try. I did try putting the pistol grip from the supernova collapsible stock on my M4 and it will screw on so the 166s tube would thread into
  5. I had forgotten one thing about the button on the Supernova Collapsible stock. If it's hard to push and you want to check for the rubber stop in the spring mine had, or just to remove the stock, once the set screw is removed, 3mm wrench, push the button in all the way in, past normal in position, then the stock can slide back off the tube and button will come out.
  6. I think by the time the government has time to come around checking on 922r compliance on my M4, they wont be concerned about compliance. They'ld be just coming for them in general.
  7. In a tactical situation I agree. Obviously the original design of Benelli allowed the ghost loading. Sometime after HK quit importing Benellis, a change was made to stop the ability to do so. One time I was told by a Benelli rep it was to satisfy wildlife management. That way for game or areas that limited magazine capacity to two rounds a shooter couldn't cheat and load an extra round on the carrier. In 20 + years I have never had a jam or failure due to ghost loading in even the most extreme hunting conditions with my early M1 or early generation Super Blackeagle.
  8. I've ghost loaded for years, but the Benelli I have that ghost loads doesn't have a notch, shown in picture, that engages the shell carrier like my new M4 does. May be something new on civilian M4's.
  9. My old HK import M1 and the H2O I had didn't have this notch in the carrier and would ghost load. This look like the spot on M2's that is modified to ghost load for 3 gun, I think! [ATTACH=CONFIG]2165[/ATTACH]
  10. I thought ghost loading was possible with the M4. Just picked up a new M4 and when I was assembling it, I noticed the notch on bottom of bolt carrier. Sure enough, can't ghost load a shell onto carrier. The H2O I used to have would allow ghost loading so I was surprised. Next question, grind out the notch or fill it in with weld to allow ghost loading.
  11. There is a set screw that holds the button in place. Remove the stock and set screw to remove the button and check the button spring. Mine a piece of rubber inside of the spring which I removed. Before I removed the rubber from the spring I couldn't even push the button in enough to put the on the stock tube. Works perfect without it and I have no idea why it was there.
  12. To use the collapsible stock on a M3 the stock tube on the M3 needs to be replaced.
  13. I was watching this auction and have to wonder if that was a real sale. I a hard time believing that anyone would pay that for an H2O.
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