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  1. Buy a few hundred or so of that cheap ammo from wally world and have at it. While your at it, put some buck shot and slugs through her as well. Keep the M4 running wet (keep her lubed up) You will have her broken in no time. Now I can cycle the cheapest crap out there with out issues. This worked for me, others may disagree or agree. Its up to you.
  2. BW-How did you secure the Magpul rail to the M4 hand guard? I just bought the Magpul rail, and drilled 2 holes In my hand guard. I secured the rail with the supplied hardware from Magpul...............Then the hand rail would not fit on the M4. The screws are hitting the gas tube. Did you glue yours or DBL sided tape?
  3. I have a used but NOT abused KZ Quad rail for the M4. This rail system new is $200 + S/H (http://www.botachtactical.com/kzm4.html). In the pictures you will see a separate rail. This was part of the KZ upper rail. It was once piece. But seeing as I have the 8 shell holder with the built in rail, the KZ rail was not going to fit, so a machine shop cut it off for me. You can still use it as a scope rail if you want. Or you can use the factory scope rail. Im asking $140 shipped to you
  4. And WTF are you talking about??
  5. Man, no one is interested in a nice M4? How about a BTT
  6. Up for sale is a 18 month old Benelli M4. It has roughly 200 rounds through her. Functions flawlessly! No problems with birdshot rounds. I am including The M4 with factory box, manual, factory stock forend, Kips Ti Tube (already installed), and factory tube (it shows heat marks from heat gun. The factory tube is a bit*h to get off). Price is $1550 shipped to your FFL. Here are pics of my M4 BEFORE I put on Kips Ti tube. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/album.php?albumid=101 Also, there is a Mesa 8 round side saddle, a Botach KZ M4 Quad rail, and a factory collapsible stock that IS
  7. Hey all. Im looking to get a M4 11724. Yes, this is the 14" model with a C-stock. My question is, are you seeing that big of a shot pattern difference verus the civilian model with an 18" barrel with buck shot at 30yards or so? I know its only 4" that is being cut off from the barrel, but I want to make sure Im going to get my $$$ worth before I get it. Also, what are the pros and cons of going with the M4 11724 model? I know ALOT of you guys have them, so lets hear it
  8. I see you guys are giving him ideas for a cheek riser for the standard stock.. Is there anything available for a collapsible stock? I would love to put a small trijcon sight on my M4, but there are times where I need to keep my stock collapsed, and as we all know there is no cheek weld. Any help
  9. Here, contact her... The person of contact for the stock is: Laurie Kayser Benelli/Franchi Coordinating Assistant Benelli USA/ Stoeger Industries 17603 Indian Head Hwy Accokeek, MD 20607 301-283-6981 ext 136 301-283-6988 -FAX The person of contact for the stock is:
  10. HA! Now that the thread heading got your attention, it is true. If you are a LEO, Govt employee, etc let your friends know that you can buy directley from Benelli a M4 Collapsible Stock for $150 shipped (as of 10/10) I am posting this because Im tired of seeing honest LEOs being suckered into buying these stocks for duty use from leechers off of gunbroker, and even on this site for in excess of $300, $400, $500+ dollars. Its crazy, so get over yourself if you have been selling them. Buyers, GOOGLE is your friend. Use it The person of contact for the stock is: Laurie Kays
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