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  1. That is the one I use and am very happy with it. Regards, -d
  2. d

    Quick Tour

    For a second I thought the gentleman was doing leg stretches.
  3. Good catch Unobtanium, nice looking mounts, how long has the company been around? regards, -d
  4. I would check out the reviews on the other Salient arms products, it seems to be a mixed bag. Regards, -d
  5. check out LaRue, they have multiple mounting options. Regards, -d
  6. only post the pictures for a day
  7. I am sure you could raise the front sight, just put some small washer under it and the mount. By turning the rear "down" you mean you are raising (elevating) the rear sight, correct? Regards, d
  8. I have been gone from this forum for awhile and got back yesterday, ... I was kinda afraid I had crashed it. Regards, D
  9. d

    Surefire M80

    Good Afternoon Zeke, as others have stated, Botachtac... is a sketchy company. If you have google the company, they have a very intriguing history. Owned by royalty, sex and finacial scandels, many interesting thing going on with them. buyer beware my friend. Regards, d
  10. here is a decent copy http://www.militec-1.com/firearms/manual6.html you have to cut and paste. regards, d
  11. The M4 is one of the cool guns to get but the M1 is a classic, did it have the folding stock? Regards, d if you want to convert it, e-gunparts has one of the largest selections of benelli parts I have seen, not too bad on the price. I have a M1 folding stock kit from there that I am retrofitting to one of my supernovas. I will post pics when done.
  12. ... hmm... market for fireams here in America, who would have thunk? got to hand it to Benelli, quick on the uptake. Regards, -d
  13. Where does one pick up said manual? Regards, d
  14. Does the collapsible stock look redesigned? I am at work so I do not have my M4 to compare it to but the cheekrest looks shorter.
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