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  1. This is his email to me and my response. ... Sorry this can not be shipped out of the US. Mark A Gunter On Jun 5, 2016, at 12:29, VadimVladimirovich wrote: please tell me, you can send in Russian in Moscow? Отправлено
  2. This is a scam. I emailed that I had one for sale at 125 and he wants it shipped to Moscow.
  3. Thank you for the info, you are correct. You spelled out exactly what I do not like with my current set up.
  4. I really like my AVA tactical light mount, the only problem I have with it is the sling can't be mounted perpendicular to the barrel. I really think an extended quick detachable sling mount would be the answer. Has anyone ever came across one of these?
  5. I definitely need the tall mount to use it with the stock in the collapsed position. Thanks for all the input. I now have ideas for manufacturers that I didn't even know existed.
  6. I would like to use my M4 with the stock in the fully collapsed position. Does anyone know what would be the correct base mount for the T1? I know most run this set up in the middle stock position. The trouble with me doing that is occasionally when bring the shotgun up into position it will catch and hook the point of the cheek rest on my suspenders. Yea I know, don't wear any. i have the carriercomp rail base already installed.
  7. The grunt


    I love the gunny. Semper Fi
  8. What is a sling mounted retention device? I assume it's something new. Many pics?
  9. The two lumamax that I bought are 170 lumens, I think that the older units had less output. It is bright enough for my purpose. It looks good and works well. Of course, others may disagree.
  10. I took Joel's advice. I bought the L4 Lumamax for my M4. I liked that Surefire enough that I bought another for every day use.
  11. What kind of a review was that? I assume that you did do some sort of review prior to the edit.
  12. I have one of their tubes on my M4 and it is a quality piece. I would not want to wait that long provided that there is a comparable unit available from FFT.
  13. I think 6 months would be optimistic, my son in law has been waiting over a year for his to be released.
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