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  1. LE132 was driven by LAPD. They issue m4. Inhave had one light load, it felt different and did not fully cycle. Otherwise fine.
  2. For brown bear, brenneke is the way. 00 should be fine on black bear. 14"=Cyl as noted.
  3. Ive never liked or had good results from the Hornady loading, and fwiw, it clocks around 1450fps from an 18.5 while full power federal manages 1320-1380 typically, as I recall, with some nipping the 1400 barrier. I prefer LE132 00. Here it is compared to your federal tungsten stuff.
  4. I typically grease the sear and hook surfaces with a lube that warns against it, such as Cherrybalmz, and it does indeed improve the trigger feel, although I'll never vouch for the safety of it because it does say not to, lol
  5. Probably because your LaRue mount is being slowly destroyed, if you're using the OEM rail. Pop it off and look at that recoil lug... Holy thread reservation! Advice still stands, though.
  6. I zero at 50 yards using slug. I do not believe that a 50, 25, or 100 yard zero would impact the kind of thing a shotgun is likely to be used for when it comes to violence, unless you are hunting, and then your hunting AO will dictate distance so you wouldn't be asking. (Yes, I have work to do)
  7. You can also check this out:
  8. No. I have an M4 SBS and am going to buy another one (because why not? Also, I'd like a "spare"...). I like everything I've read and heard about the 1301, but I have zero desire to invest in one.
  9. OP, can you update us? I have the Esstac cards and their velcro, 5 shot, and it slowly began peeling my velcro off the de-greased receiver with the loaded shot card. Has it done this to you, as well?
  10. I've whittled things down a good bit myself. I own two Hodge MOD 2's (14.5 and an 11.5 that was a collab project), an M4 SBS, and a few pistols, some cooler than others. Also, a SNT 18.5" pump gun, because I need a beater, lol! I plan to buy another M4 SBS, but other than that I honestly want for nothing except a .300WM bolt gun for Alaska, etc. I'll likely snag a Ruger American with threaded barrel. I have a Surefire 762RC SOCOM that I need to find a host for, and that sounds like it. My Dad on the other hand, owns everything from a Calico .22 rifle to a C Sharps .45-70, to a Colt 6724, to a menagerie of very heavy bolt guns in various calibers. He is a collector not a shooter, though. Plop him at a bench and he's happy, more or less.
  11. It is extremely robust. https://www.aridusindustries.com/product-category/beretta1301/ The 1301 will cycle all things well, except LL, and it comes closer to cycling those than the M4, from what I have HEARD. I would believe it. That said, if you have a shell that will not quiiiettttte cycle your M4, but does the 1301, I'd say the margin is too slim to count on it, anyways. My test for cycling/function is to hold the weapon like a big pistol without locking my arm, and run it. If it will cycle through the mag and lock back, I consider it G2G. The 1301 is a great shotgun. It is, however, a hunting gun steered toward tactical use, and the elements of design when you take it apart show this. It will not run for as long as an M4, but it will run very very very very long, indeed!
  12. I'm somewhat practical. Yes I could have flipped it for money, but I also can flip stocks for money, too, with less hassle. I just have zero use for a .50 and it would fall under the "That's cool...but why?" for me, as it would add no more capability than I already have, in my AO. If I lived in NV or Montana or something where I really had some range, yes, absolutely!
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