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  1. I've been busy with my new job and not as diligent as I should be in watching the forum. Evolution paid me promptly and this was an excellent transaction. Thankyou!
  2. I had bought and assembled this unit with plans to put it into another Benelli M4. I chose to go a different path. This is an LNIB set of giblets from a donor trigger group that came from another gun of mine. Aside from being function tested, it is new/un-used. The trigger group (A&S) is the black, no logo variant, and was also new at the time I installed these smallparts. I used a black TTI safety, and the A&S reduced power safety spring. After assembly, as noted, I function tested this trigger group to ensure that it was safe, and fully functional. It is. All parts not described are
  3. I believe it to be the pin on the side that actually bares most of the brunt of recoil, not the bottom you depress. Is this not correct?
  4. The pin in the stock is replaceable. Tap it out tap a new one in (or rotate it a bit and put it back in if you cannot source a new one, all the same). The recoil tube...not so much. She heat treated for reasons.
  5. Lead faucet tactical is my favorite sling, and I've used: BFG LaRue Vtac Pig slider/bungee 1 point HSP Ferro concepts Ms4 magpul Probably stuff I've forgotten.
  6. That said man, and I'm talking to me, too...if you don't take care of the machine, it won't really matter the "why", just the "what".
  7. I gotta take up for dude. You pull 12-16hr shifts dealing with criminals, entitled people, drug addicts, life and death situations, sometimes you just need to eat some bullshit.
  8. I see no need for it as I run a QD up front on the IWC mount. Only 1 end needs QD, IMO. If you aren't using the IWC, you should be. You need a light!
  9. He was an OG from back when I got into the Benelli m4/M1014 platform. Making good stuff all along.
  10. Assembly is what is illegal, not sale or possession.
  11. When you loosen the choke, it should "pop". Also, use choke tube grease. It will ensure that you can loosen it, lol
  12. As stated, Briley.
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