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  1. Thats nice. Im very tempted to buy one and check it out through night vision. Did you use scalarworks screws, or holosuns, to mount it to the sw mount?
  2. Just to be sure I understand, is it more of a 1/4 co witness, or 3/5 co witness. Like, decently there, or "If i crank the rear sight down it may go away, actually"?
  3. Looks good. What mrds is that? Does it cowitness with irons, or does the window block them?
  4. The OEM trigger guard underwent testing with Aberdeen and did fine. That is why I went with it. It's proven, and was a contract item.
  5. Lol, wow. That be fast. I bet they just found one somewhere while moving stock or something.
  6. Yes...but the Italian one, not the American one that you likely have. He is being 100% technically factual, but functionally, maybe not.
  7. Id like to see bigger glass, thinner housing, if possible.
  8. The Comp M5 was your T3.
  9. I live pretty rural, tiny spiders/bugs/etc. love tiny spaces. I am not at all saying one will fall into/make a nest and you'll be kilt in da hallways, but it is something to consider.
  10. Is there any exposed metal on them askde from the QD swivels? Any chance at all of scratching up cerakoted guns, etc. Just googled a YT video. I wish you could get this without the Jedi Buckle. That releaee nub is just begging to snag gear or underbrush and dump your kit, imo. Probably at the worst moment. Unless Im missing something?
  11. My issue is the open emitter design. On pistols, the violent action of the slide can clear debris or water, etc. The shotgun and rifle, not so much.
  12. My 2017/18 M4 11724 looks exactly like the installed unit.
  13. The bolt seats very early in the cycle. You have significant carrier movement prior to any unlocking/bolt rotation. I agree that it needs to go back to benelli, just wanted to touch on this.
  14. Could the cam pin track im the carrier be machined incorrectly? Thats kindof what this looks like to me.
  15. Do you have pictures of the carrier tip?
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