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  1. Good price. If I needed one, I'd buy this.
  2. Wow...just wow...if only I had kept mine instead of selling it to Toaster, rofl! Hey, supply/demand.
  3. I checked my views, I don't think anyone watched the damn video, and truthfully it was boring, so here's just raw data: Fiocchi 1560fps 1oz slug Chronographed at 3m from muzzle 14":1358.6 fps /// 1794.8 ft-lb (assuming 438gr slug) 18.5": 1429 fps /// 1985.7ft-lb (assuming 438gr slug) 70.4fps deficit for the 14" barrel. Translates to 190.9 ft-lb (presuming 438gr slug weight, which this slug weighed in at when dissected, although the wad is attached and I did not account for it.) Federal LE12700 1325fps Buckshot Chronographed 3m from the muzzle 14": 1244.6 //
  4. Rifle data in non-magnum calibers often comes from a 24" test barrel. Shotgun ammo, 30" test barrel. These are somewhat "industry standards" and deviations from that are abnormal.
  5. This stuff is pretty close to the money compared to a lot of ammo out there! That said, Federal is very forward about saying their velocities come from from a 30" test barrel: http://www.le.vistaoutdoor.com/ammunition/federal/slug/details.aspx?id=704
  6. When it comes to shotguns, we have all heard the "Don't get an SBS, it limits your range!" and then we have people chime in saying "No it doesn't, with equal chokes, you get nearly equal patterns, and with slugs, they are just as accurate", to which the rebuttal "But the velocity will be less and the shot/slug won't hit nearly as hard from your SBS as from a "full size" tactical shotgun barrel like an 18.5 or 20"" Then we are left with a bunch of conjecture and confusion and very little real data and both sides kindof walk away without having actually unpackaged anything from the debat
  7. Well, as a datapoint, I tried the 1oz and 7/8oz Fiocchi slugs. Gun definitely liked the 1oz, but like yours, it was not 100% reliable. I opted simply to use the Federal Truball, although I would love it if Fiocchi would load those to about 1250 instead of 1150.
  8. Ive never broken anything in, if the margin of function is so narrow that you need special loadings...thats not good. Use normal ammo. Dont take this to mean the lightest possible loading made, but rather, a normal middle road product.
  9. Someone will want this. I see the request from time to time.
  10. Yes, i bought the medium stuff i think it was. Even his light stuff is wayyyy too thick for this application. Its meant for pistol slides, especially loose fit guns with his heavier grades, and for warm weather. The stuff im referencing in this thread can be run in sub zero temps and is very thin, without running. I have never seen a grease like BRB before. ALG grease comes close, but BRB is stringy like Enos grease, while being lighter than toothpaste.
  11. Ive not. Ive tried sts 1145fps 1-1/8oz, and 8 pellet 1145fps flite control le. Works fine. Even held loose. As stated, down to -5*f, i detected no thickening of note when i tested a blob in my deepfreezer.
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