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  1. This is pretty wild. I had a lot of interactions with him over the years as a customer, and never once had an issue of any nature. Has something changed, if so, anyone know more about what's up?
  2. IC may give better results, depends on the slugs and buck you're using. MOD will not cause an issue with Brenneke or Foster type slugs, though.
  3. I am not sure the brand. Tornado brush.
  4. I use a tornado brush. Right? Wrong? It's about the only thing that gets lead out.
  5. Meh. The way things are heating up, I may snag another Entry, regardless.
  6. I would put money on it being lead deposits.
  7. The Chonk of the REIN Micro is well worth it. Battery cannot compress/batter a spring due to the batteryjack, and the 1300 lumens and 50K+ lux is staggeringly superior to the 500 lumen M300C pictured on the left. The weight of the REIN Micro per my scale, with battery, is only 5.9oz. The improvement in ergonomics (tail cap), and massive jump in output as well as the battery retention (especially for a 12ga) far trumps the @2oz weight savings of other options.
  8. I had called them about that a couple weeks ago, and they said they did not have it. In the mean time, a MAWL soaked up my Benelli M4 discretionary budget. I already have an M4 SBS, just wanted another, but did NOT have a MAWL, so...
  9. I'd heavily consider the Cloud defensive REIN. The battery Jack is a godsend for a high recoil platform. The tailcap also wont require any fiddling with. Downside is the head diameter equals streamlight hlx. I'll mock one up in a few hours.
  10. Oh, and since you took the time to view this, here is me playing in my yard with the one I currently have. Maybe it will entertain you.
  11. I just use the OEM handle. It really isn't a drawback. I run the gun like an AK and charge it by rotating it outboard with my strong hand, and reaching under the gun with my support hand and charging it with a couple of hooked fingers (index and middle).
  12. Just what the title says. Any stock configuration is fine. If you are a dealer with one on a Form 3 willing to transfer to my dealer, or you see one in stock online that you're not gonna snag, I'd appreciate the opportunity of a heads up. Thanks! (Not looking to buy on a Form 4, as back to back F4s is just crazy wait time).
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