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  1. Good price. If I needed one, I'd buy this.
  2. Wow...just wow...if only I had kept mine instead of selling it to Toaster, rofl! Hey, supply/demand.
  3. I checked my views, I don't think anyone watched the damn video, and truthfully it was boring, so here's just raw data: Fiocchi 1560fps 1oz slug Chronographed at 3m from muzzle 14":1358.6 fps /// 1794.8 ft-lb (assuming 438gr slug) 18.5": 1429 fps /// 1985.7ft-lb (assuming 438gr slug) 70.4fps deficit for the 14" barrel. Translates to 190.9 ft-lb (presuming 438gr slug weight, which this slug weighed in at when dissected, although the wad is attached and I did not account for it.) Federal LE12700 1325fps Buckshot Chronographed 3m from the muzzle 14": 1244.6 //// FPE per pellet @ 50gr per pellet: 171.9 18.5": 1261.2 //// FPE per pellet @ 50gr per pellet: 176.6 *Chronographing the buckshot proved problematic, only 3 rounds registered properly from the 14", and all 5 registered from the 18.5" barrel, although one round was low, at 1202, but was included in this average. The average would rise to 1276, without it. Based on this data, I plan to run the low-recoil LE13300 and 1300fps rated low recoil Truball slugs from my shotguns, both. Shooting either at night makes a HUGE difference in flash signature, the noise and concussion is notably different, and recoil doesn't much matter to me and my split times don't seem to care, but I do feel less beat up after shooting a lot with the LR stuff, but mainly, it's wear and tear on the gun that while I'm sure it will take it (The military tested the M4 to over 4 million rounds during development across their samples, and derived a 25,000 round between major part replacement schedule from such), I see no need in it, given the other factors.
  4. Rifle data in non-magnum calibers often comes from a 24" test barrel. Shotgun ammo, 30" test barrel. These are somewhat "industry standards" and deviations from that are abnormal.
  5. This stuff is pretty close to the money compared to a lot of ammo out there! That said, Federal is very forward about saying their velocities come from from a 30" test barrel: http://www.le.vistaoutdoor.com/ammunition/federal/slug/details.aspx?id=704
  6. When it comes to shotguns, we have all heard the "Don't get an SBS, it limits your range!" and then we have people chime in saying "No it doesn't, with equal chokes, you get nearly equal patterns, and with slugs, they are just as accurate", to which the rebuttal "But the velocity will be less and the shot/slug won't hit nearly as hard from your SBS as from a "full size" tactical shotgun barrel like an 18.5 or 20"" Then we are left with a bunch of conjecture and confusion and very little real data and both sides kindof walk away without having actually unpackaged anything from the debate. I have long held the opinion that with at least low-recoil ammunition, the girth matters more than the length, when it comes to shotguns. Bore VOLUME is what matters, and considering the amount of powder in a shotgun shell vs. length vs bore ID, there has, in my mind, always been plenty of bore volume to make up for lopping off several inches of length because of the large ID of a 12 gauge bore. Regardless, conjecture is what we want to get away from, so I decided to actually test the theory and see if the bore ID of the 12 gauge made up for the bore shortening in the case of the SBS. Today, I tested low recoil ammunition, since it's so popular. Tomorrow, or soon, I will also test full-power ammunition, and see if the trend changes because of the larger amount of powder involved. Average velocity of 14" firing LEB127LRS (rated velocity, 1300fps) 1180.6fps, calculated kinetic energy (assuming 438gr), 1356ft-lb Average velocity of 18.5" firing LEB127LRS (rated velocity,1300fps) 1215.2fps, calculated kinetic energy (assuming 438gr), 1436ft-lb Average velocity of 14" firing LE13200 (rated velocity, 1145fps) 1088fps, (energy per pellet, assuming 50gr pellet weight) 131ft-lb Average velocity of 18.5" firing LE13200 (rated velocity, 1145fps) 1125.25fps,(energy per pellet, assuming 50gr pellet weight)141ft-lb With the slugs, the 14" SBS gave up 34.6fps, and 90ft-lb of kinetic energy. With buckshot, it gave up 37.25fps, and 10ft-lb per pellet (90 total) of kinetic energy. This is the equivalent of 6 yards in distance of flight travel, presuming a G1 BC of 0.07. Across Federal's low-recoil LE ammunition, this is a very uniform result, and I have a high level of confidence in its accuracy due to this. Thank-you for watching, and I hope this answered any questions you may have had on the topic.
  7. Well, as a datapoint, I tried the 1oz and 7/8oz Fiocchi slugs. Gun definitely liked the 1oz, but like yours, it was not 100% reliable. I opted simply to use the Federal Truball, although I would love it if Fiocchi would load those to about 1250 instead of 1150.
  8. Ive never broken anything in, if the margin of function is so narrow that you need special loadings...thats not good. Use normal ammo. Dont take this to mean the lightest possible loading made, but rather, a normal middle road product.
  9. Someone will want this. I see the request from time to time.
  10. Yes, i bought the medium stuff i think it was. Even his light stuff is wayyyy too thick for this application. Its meant for pistol slides, especially loose fit guns with his heavier grades, and for warm weather. The stuff im referencing in this thread can be run in sub zero temps and is very thin, without running. I have never seen a grease like BRB before. ALG grease comes close, but BRB is stringy like Enos grease, while being lighter than toothpaste.
  11. Ive not. Ive tried sts 1145fps 1-1/8oz, and 8 pellet 1145fps flite control le. Works fine. Even held loose. As stated, down to -5*f, i detected no thickening of note when i tested a blob in my deepfreezer.
  12. No, its just a generic oil as far as i can tell.
  13. Most greases will slow the action. I have not found this the case with the BRB. I use it on the rails very heavily, and the weapon functions fine, even with low recoil 1145fps 8 pellet federal LE buck. Very positive function. I note no negative effect vs. Oil on the energy of cycling in any weapon ive used it on. Wewr has been significantly reduced to the anodized rails and the phosphate rails of the carrier.
  14. I will contact the owner, and see if he wishes to post here. He has posted on several forums, and is very easy to engage with questions and provides information that I have found to be quite useful, about the product.
  15. Yep! It's pretty cheap to try. Let us know what you think! I bought the "free" sampler to start, as well.
  16. I've gone back to "core" products that have mil-spec testing, etc. as of late, after being very disappointed with Froglube, Fireclean, and other newest and latest and greatest. I did, however, decide to try one more. "Black Rifle Balm". It touts as a very light grease, and I can vouch that it is. It's like a better version of ALG Grease. It's lighter, and stays in suspension much better. I have been using it for 6+ months, now, and it's a winner in my book. I do not note it thickening, becoming gummy, or any of that. The manufacturer makes no crazy claims, and there is no need for some ritualistic application. It's basically an extremely lightweight grease that has a very solid add-pack. To that end, the wear on the carrier, cam-pin, and rails of my SBS Benelli M4 with more rounds through it than several of my last M4's shows the least amount of wear I've ever seen on the M4 platform, regardless of the type of lube I have used. Clean up is easy, and the wear pattern suggests that this product DOES do something SLIP 2000 and G96 synthetic and others don't. I have been using it on my suppressed .22 pistol and AR15, as well. It does equally well in these applications. I like it a lot because I can apply heavy lube, and it will not run out of the action if the weapon is stored vertically as in a rifle rack. I have tested it down to -5*F, and it did not become noticeably thicker when I moved the blob with my finger. I paid for all of mine, and have no affiliation with the company. https://www.cherrybalmz.com/product-page/black-rifle-balm
  17. This community has a very long memory. Wait about a decade or so before you call it. One never knows when a past thread long forgotten, but uncovered on Google will torpedo a sale or purchase.
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJiSkNtrprg You have the 1301, Benelli ID system, Kalashnikov, and Benelli M4 in slow motion to review above. None of these systems use a buffer. The Benelli ID has been proven, especially, to last a LOONNNG time. All of them look as, or more violent than the Benelli M4 on the rear impulse. I propose that no, a buffer is not needed, and that one should leave the timing of the gun alone.
  19. You say it beats the **** out of things...does it? It's pretty low recoil, even given its weight. Noone I know of has ever broken a receiver, or the "back" of the carrier. Watching it cycle in slow motion, it's not bad at all. I really think it should be left the **** alone.
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