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  1. Not sure yet, still designing and making improvements
  2. First prototype came in. Don’t worry about the green, that’s just for prototyping. It will be black. Will need to make some fitting adjustments since I had to fiddle with it to make things fit and wasn’t a nice experience. In the process of doing this, I came up with a better handguard that will be more ergonomic and all polymer. Doing the mlok rail part might not be a good idea due to potential sales vs cost. Still need to run some numbers. Enjoy the pics.
  3. Right now, the plan is to see if there is a market for this. If it goes well, then I plan on making one for the beretta 1301, Mossberg 500, and Remington 870. Not sure about the M3 yet, numbers have to make sense.
  4. Prototype ordered, should have it in about 10 days.
  5. Design is almost done. Started talking to some machine shops on costs for something like this. First prototype won’t be cheap but doable, not a problem. The question will be, do people want this. I certainly do, so I’ll definitely have one on my benelli.
  6. Started the process, super early stage and still working on size. The holes will be mlok.
  7. I would love to try the SPAS-15 omg that thing is sexy.
  8. Is that sight piece detachable from the barrel so it can be added to the new m3 barrel, I hear they are compatible. Not sure if refinishing the barrel is worth it, how long do those things last?
  9. Yup, I’m aware. What I’m saying is if we made our own it should be mlok. I phrased it wrong now that I re-read it.
  10. Another option is to just design the polymer part that could maybe be attached to an existing mlok handguard like the Briley etc..
  11. I know some of you are pretty good using CAD. I’m thinking of getting a custom forend similar to that of the SPAS-12 like in the image, metal mlok and the polymer minus that bump in the front. I’m only looking for the designs, I can take care of manufacturing on my end. Is anyone willing to work on this? I can pay. I also have some skeleton type stock sketches but first this. Any tips welcome. Again, just need someone good with mechanical design.
  12. What software do you use? I’m currently wanting to get a design of a SPAS-12 inspired forend with mlok slots on top. Like the image below minus the bump in the front:
  13. The rail is here: https://www.benelliparts.net/products/benelli-m4-qd-sling-and-picatinny-rail?pr_prod_strat=use_description&pr_rec_id=d418a3efe&pr_rec_pid=8093800956142&pr_ref_pid=8093799645422&pr_seq=uniform
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