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  1. After starting this topic; I started to think it probably was a very unusual loading method. Still wouldn't mind finding out if they even make one for this shotgun. I think I would like the look; not necessarily need it... Thanks everyone for commenting.
  2. I know this is late in the game for this post, but I just reviewed SDs "Complete Trigger Group Assembly" and it is excellent!!! It gave me enough confidence to go ahead and buy the TTI Benelli AccuGuide Extended Carrier. Very descriptive and well organized; thanks SD !!!
  3. Maybe I should ask if anyone here has actually added one of these, thinks this would be a good mod or totally unnecessary??? I'm still not sure one even exists. Maybe it was just the way he was loading it; upside down with stock resting on his shoulder and muzzle point down.
  4. Yes, this is more like what I thought youtuber was talking about. He definitely said barrel heat shield.
  5. I did a search before asking this question because I'm sure its been discussed before, but couldn't get a hit. I was watching a youtube, of someone shooting their M4, and they were complaining about the barrel being hot when reloading. He said he was going to buy a heat shield, but failed to mention what brand he was going to buy. Doing some internets searching; I see ATI mentioned quite a bit, but that seems to be more of a quad rail addition than a heat shield. I don't want to make any modification to the shotgun; just a bolt-on is my goal. Any recommendations, opinions or experiences would
  6. I added a DMW extension to my M4 and they sent a spring with i... I didn't install their spring and just out of curiosity; I loaded with the stock 5 round spring in place. It's been a while since I did this, but I think I barely got 7 rounds in with the stock spring... Is that possible ? Or maybe 6 -3".
  7. Thanks everyone for responding to my question. I enjoy reading all the recommendations and experiences. Hopefully we can get a few more... Normally I don't buy something without researching first, but in this environment and on the site I purchase from; popular brands/ models(???) are gone if you look away or blink. To Diesel79; yes unfired. Thanks again everyone
  8. I purchased the Arms Unlimited when it was on sale; I haven't installed it yet; has anyone used the AU handle; if yes; how was/ is it working? Thanks
  9. I recently purchased some Federal Law Enforcement 12 Gauge Ammo LE127RS for my shotguns. Overnight I started to realize I should have made sure it would actually function in the M4 before purchase; not after. here are the stats if anyone could enlighten me; would be a great help: Bullet Type Hydra-Shok Rifled Slug Muzzle Velocity 1300 fps Muzzle Energy 1655 ft. lbs Primer Boxer Casing Brass Casing Thanks Also, Is there a
  10. DEBWB

    Sig Sauer Question

    Thank you for the heads up on Sig Talk. I found a discussion there about the specific model I'm looking at and what the "W" designates. Thanks again
  11. DEBWB

    Sig Sauer Question

    Thanks for the link; I'll check it out.
  12. DEBWB

    Sig Sauer Question

    I'm pretty sure it means something specific about the pistol. Thank you for responding.
  13. Hopefull it is permitted to ask a non Benelli question on this forum? If not, I apologize and please delete. If yes, I'm thinking of purchasing a Sig Sauer P226, WE26R-40-BSS-SRT. I believe it to be discontinued and cannot find any particulars on this pistol. I'm trying to find out what the "W" designates. There seems to be plenty of information on the model without the "W". Any help is appreciated.
  14. Thank you SD for the response. You forced me to open the safe and re-confirm what I have. It is a 11718 and bolt carrier is silver; so I'm assuming it is NP3. I was actually thinking of my 11795 with the black bolt carrier. Thanks Again
  15. SO, if my 11718 has the black bolt carrier; it's cerakote ? I had Robar coat a DMW mag tube extensions in NP3; I just assumed the gun was NP3. If it is cerakote; the NP3 matches pretty darn close... I'm not sure what a receiver extension is...
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