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Found 11 results

  1. Camp Stamp

    My M4 Build

    After about 4 months, I finally have a Benelli M4 in the configuration that I want. Huge shout out to @StrangerDanger for all the advice and suggestions!! Here's the parts list for those interested: Collapsible Stock Multi Light Benelli M4 Mount - Scout Heavy Duty Push Button QD Swivel (2) Surefire M600DF Dual Fuel LED Scout Light 1500 Lumen Black Modlite 18650 Body QD Rotation Limited Sling MOUNT-N-SLOT for Buttstock Blue Force Gear Vickers Padded Sling Black Nylon Dave Metal Works Oversized Safety FFT / Wolff Premium Trigger Gro
  2. Hello All, New to the forum & have a question about some discoloration on the barrel of my M4. I bought the shotgun a while ago and the discoloration has been there since new. Nothing I've tried has taken it off, so I'm assuming it's part of the finish or something. Concerned me at first b/c it almost looked like rust. The discoloration is in two places on the barrel near the gas system. I attached photos & circled the areas I'm talking about. Any ideas what this is? Thanks for any help!
  3. Selling an upgraded and never fired Benelli M1014 (M4). All OEM parts that were swapped out in the upgrade are included in the sale. All major work was done by an expert (known as @StrangerDanger in the forums). All parts sourced, including the shotgun, are approximately equal in total to the selling price (so price is firm and extremely fair). Benelli M1014 (M4) Upgrades • Collapsible Stock (3 position adjustment tube) • Scalarworks Sync Mount for RMR • GG&G Bolt Release • Freedom Fighter Tactical Charging Handle (steel, 3/4” x1”) • Impact Weapons Multi
  4. I've saved up some money and I'm looking to get my first gun: a Benelli M4. As I've been reading up on it, I've gotten confused as there seems to be different models of it, some don't have interchangeable chokes, etc. At the very least, I know I want a pistol grip, the collapsible stock, and the 7 round magazine tube, but I've read that other parts should be replaced as well. Would anyone be willing to give me a simple 101 on the Benelli M4? What parts can and should be replaced, where to purchase one, and what other things should I know? I'm already aware of the benelliparts.com sit
  5. Hello! I am considering putting the ScalarWorks rail on my M4 and mount a Trijicon SRO. I am thinking about taking off the original sites in order to have a cleaner, less cluttered look. Will this leave open holes? If so, is that a problem? If it does leave open screw holes, are there flush-mounted screws available to cover the holes? Thanks!
  6. Since my last post was very informative, I figured I'd make one for parts and for 922r compliance. I'll start by first sharing the information I received via an email from the ATF. With that out of the way, I would like to know what are the best US made parts to get for upgrading a Benelli M4 11707 while making it 922r compliant. I'm wanting to get the 7 round tube and the collapsible stock. I'm aware of FFT and TTI as well as Carrier Comp. I've heard good things about the ladder and went ahead and ordered a full length titanium magazine tube from them. Since it comes with a follo
  7. I'm looking for an ATI Raven Adjustable Stock and Forend Package for my Benelli M4.
  8. Anyone know how to remove the sling plate retainer? That piece retaining the sling plate underneath the barrel (couldn't find it in the manual). Thanks much.
  9. Hey guys, My name is Julian and Iam from Germany. PLease excuse incorrect spelling or gramma, if I do so. I recently bought a new Benelli M4A1 and I have some questions: 1. Are the pistons interchangeable to each other when cleaning? I mean can I place the right one into the left piston channel and the left into the right channel? 2. The bolt head has some kind of defect in one locking lug. Would you send it bach for exchange? Function is okay. Thanks and greetings!
  10. Brand new benelli m4 stock for sale. Charging also for sale.
  11. Changed out my forend and don't need these anymore. Will take $40 shipped.
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