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Found 4 results

  1. Finished installing the new full length mag. Special thanks to @SOCOMguy for providing the mag and @StrangerDanger for the detailed instructions on install.
  2. So I ordered some parts from benelliparts.net This was my experience.. They guy was very short and not very helpful. Honestly it seemed like he could barely communicate in english. Towards the end(today) he just flat out starts sending immature insulting emails. The parts I ordered from his site are not as described and when i sent pictures to him about the quality difference. He responds and begins insulting me for no reason. Here are some screen shots and pictures.. You will see my initial email with pictures or the part condition and then screen shots of what the website shows. Then you will see a very immature man treating his customers terribly.. I will admit I know very little about the platform. But to just bash customers for no reason, and send out parts that dont match website description is unacceptable in my book.. here is a picture of the mag tube I was supposed to recieve. Here is a picture of how a brand new recoil tube is supposed to look. Obviously mine looks worn and like it came from a donar gun. So how does our humble benelliparts.net antoine respond? Which is why you dont make assumptions Antoine.. Or abuse your customers because your having a bad day. I have 4x 922r compliance parts here from freedom fighter tactical. By the way great guy to talk to, and based on what professionals have told me it will keep the gun entirely legal. Anybody have any similar experience? I'm posting this from a phone so sorry if its not a perfect post. Anybody have any advice for me and completing my m1014 build?
  3. Hi, I have an M4 H2O. I bought a 7 round mag tube. I wanted to remove and replace the factory 5 round tube. I looked up how-to instructions on YouTube. I started heating the tube with a heat gun, then the receiver. It may be a quick heating job for a black M4, but the coating on the H2O took the heat for 45 mins before I got the tube to start turning. I discolored the finish on the receiver. I read that prolonged heat, while applying force to remove the mag tube, may bend the receiver out of spec. Anyone know how I can make sure I didn't bend the receiver? PS: Robar confirmed that the NP3 Plus dissipates heat, and also confirms that it could have discolored, so I decided to send it for a removal and reapplication of NP3 Plus.
  4. I've done a lot of reading on this forum, and there seem to be two schools of thought: those who modify without concern for 922r, and those who worry about it. Let's begin by assuming that I want to keep my gun as legal as possible (taking into consideration the somewhat murky legalese that the ATF has afflicted us with). Being a resident of CA, i have two questions: 1: are there enough American made parts on the market to add a mag tube extension or full mag tube + everything else to get my magic number of imported parts to 10? 2: can I even register my M4 as a SBS and add a mag tube as a citizen of CA? Cost effectiveness: which way's cheaper? Less money spent on gun equals more time on the range. Thanks for your thoughts.
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