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  1. Apologies, this item has sold. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I have 3 Benelli M4's. 1 is a safe queen. I bought a brand new Surefire M80 from a licensed dealer and installed it onto the shotgun 3 years ago. Never fired the gun ever. The forend has never seen gunpowder, nor any outside weather. Never mounted any attachments onto the forend. My gunroom is climate controlled. I think i also have the original box for the Surefire M80, but am not certain. I plan to repurpose the gun and will not need the rail. If interested, I can send photos. Because of its excellent condition and hard to find status, would seek $225 (including delivery) for it. The price is well worth the condition, noting that I paid more than what I am seeking to recover. Kindly inform me if you are interested in photos. Thank you.
  3. Also, I did have a good grip on it. I may have been heating the wrong spot, however I heated multiple spots, without delays, for 20-25 minutes each, without stopping. Again, any thoughts?
  4. Hello, thank you for the replies. It loads, and it cycles. The barrel slides in properly. Everything seems to work. I am only relaying what others have told me, regarding heat dissipation. I heated the tube for 20 minutes, then decided to heat the receiver for 25 minutes. It was a long process, and I used focused heat. I just wanted to make sure I didn't bend the receiver nor the threads, and I also wanted to make sure that I didn't weaken the springs, etc. Any thoughts?
  5. Thank you. I replaced the tube, reinstalled everything properly, and tested to make sure it cycles. I am not planning on using any LockTite (so that I can remove the mag tube for cleaning in the future). I don't visually see any problems, but I my main concern is damage assessment and damage control, regarding my looooooong heating of the receiver, the threads, the springs, as well as my concern about the potential damage caused by torque post-heating and ChannelLock-turning. I am refinishing the gun. I wanna make sure I didn't move it out of spec or create an unreliable home defense shotgun. It seems like people with the black shotguns don't experience this problem. Anybody with an H2O have this problem, or figured out how to avoid it?
  6. Also, the paste was thick and white when the mag tube unscrewed. It came off with a terrycloth towel (because the threads of the mag tube and the receiver were both NP3 Plus coated). I didn't need to use Acetone, as described on many Internet posts. Am I nuts to think that the NP3 Plus is really that powerful? I mean, all the YouTube how-to videos show that you need to use Acetone and scrub, and that a little heat and hand cranking does the trick... just wondering.
  7. And, as a reminder, Robar told me that the NP3 Plus caused the heat to dissipate, resulting in the need for the 45-minute heating. The good news is that NP3 Plus seems to really work well... the bad news is that I probably should not have decided to modify an H2O shotgun. Too late, unfortunately. Too bad there are so few, if any, threads or experiences on message boards describing such experiences with H2O models, otherwise I would not have done it.
  8. Thank you for the replies. In addition to shooting properly, I'd want it to be intact, knowing that I didn't compromise springs, etc. I used a cheap Home Depot Wagner Model HT 1000 gun, 50/60 Hz, 120 VAC, 10 Amp, 1200 W. I also read somewhere that threads that are on the receiver will bend from prolonged heat exposure, but I was able to screw in the 7-round extension without problems. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  9. Thank you for all your replies. I can't find any dimensional drawings, but would really like them. I used a metal straight edge, and it looks straight. It assembles, cycles, loads, and seems to operate (I have not fired it, because I packaged it and sent it to Robar for recoating due to bad discoloration). My concern is that I heated it, and also simultaneously tried to twist it using rubber-protected ChannelLocks. I keep reading that using strap wrenches while heating will result in torqued twists that can bend the receiver. I was also thinking that I should replace the bolt release button spring due to heat exposure. Would there be anything else that I should replace?
  10. Hi, I have an M4 H2O. I bought a 7 round mag tube. I wanted to remove and replace the factory 5 round tube. I looked up how-to instructions on YouTube. I started heating the tube with a heat gun, then the receiver. It may be a quick heating job for a black M4, but the coating on the H2O took the heat for 45 mins before I got the tube to start turning. I discolored the finish on the receiver. I read that prolonged heat, while applying force to remove the mag tube, may bend the receiver out of spec. Anyone know how I can make sure I didn't bend the receiver? PS: Robar confirmed that the NP3 Plus dissipates heat, and also confirms that it could have discolored, so I decided to send it for a removal and reapplication of NP3 Plus.
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