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  1. Thanks for the tip: I'll give it a try.
  2. I got the 5.11 single case on sale. I've only been to the range once with it, but it carried my pistol and hundreds of rounds of ammo for both the pistol and my benelli without any trouble.
  3. I finally got all my ducks in a row, 922r and otherwise. First, full-length Ti mag tube from Kip. That went on before I even shot the gun (I didn't appreciate the shop putting a little scratch on the barrel when they installed it, but whatever). Second, small tri-rail, VTAC light mount and a SureFire L4. I need an allen wrench to break the gun down, but it serves the purpose of getting a light on the gun in the cheapest and lightest way that I could figure out short of duct-taping a flashlight to the fore end. Third, VTAC padded 2 point sling. Had to borrow some snap ring pliers from a buddy b/c the one I ordered from Amazon sucked big time. Fourth, Urbino stock from Mesa Tactical with the Limbsaver. I don't ever plan on putting optics on the gun, so I didn't get the cheek riser model. All that's left now is to to shoot the darn thing and see how the shorter LOP and Limbsaver feel! 922r compliant, lightweight and clean! A big thanks to you guys for helping me navigate the world of M4 parts and accessories.
  4. Hello all, This is kind of a two-part question. I'm setting up my m4 for home defense primarily. I'm thinking about the urbino (and also potentially kip's replacement picatinny rail), but had a couple questions. 1. does having a cheek riser installed create a less than ideal cheek weld for shooting through stock iron sights? 2. what are the advantages of an optic over the stock iron sights or a tritium front dot? I'm a strong believer in KISS and also don't see myself really engaging anything beyond 10-15 yards. The only thing i can think of would be an end-of-the-world hunting situation, but other than that, I'm not sure what the advantages of an optic would be. Again, in a home defense or LA riot type scenario in an urban/ suburban setting, I'm not likely to engage anything beyond 20 yards at the most (across the street/ down the block). At this point, I'm leaning towards the urbino with limbsaver but without the cheek riser for economical reasons. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Slider
  5. I checked out the voodoo double bag at major surplus, but ended up picking up the 5.11single on clearance from lapolicegear. Currently I've got a Sig 226 and my Benelli in there, around 250 rounds of 9, 3 magazines, and about a hundred rounds for my M4. There's also two Cold Steel machetes for when I run out of bullets or need to take care of something with steel instead of lead. I ended up going with the 5.11 b/c of price. The Voodoo seems nice, but I just didn't need the extra storage for a long gun I don't own. Besides, IF I had the extra storage, I would probably have jumped on the M1A I've been eyeing and would now be in the dog house permanently... =)
  6. Thanks, have the full length tube and follower taken care of already.. =) Thanks for the input regarding the fore end though.
  7. my mistake. If all else is equal, can someone help me with the second question? Thanks.
  8. Looking at the potential price of the Urbino ($600-$700 IIRC) vs. prices ($200-$300) for US made fore ends, I'm leaning towards fore ends for purely economic reasons. However, the question remains, and I hope more experienced shooters can help me out with this. For civilian shooters, is a shorter LOP worth the premium one would be paying? How exactly does a shorter LOP affect a shooter and accuracy? This is a combo question: 922r (again), but also functionality. I don't plan on mounting an optic, and AM considering a light, but don't feel like I need one just yet. Due to work and life, I haven't even been able to shoot my M4 yet to pattern and sight. Thanks for looking, slider
  9. slider76

    New Toy : )

    Love my 226 in 9mm. How do you like the Sig 1911?
  10. slider76

    Benelli M4 ammo

    That was the only point I was trying to make. The issue is not what a slug does to a deer, but whether it would stop a wild pig (which in many ways is tougher than a target with more human features) or a bear before it had a chance to give someone a very bad day. In the interest of full disclosure, the only deer I've ever seen shot have been on tv. I've seen pigs close up, and would feel more comfortable engaging it with the business end of a truck than I would with a gun.
  11. resurrecting an old thread: how do you like your sling?
  12. This is an old thread, but how does it shoot? Weight-wise, is it much heavier?
  13. After having the gun on layaway for longer that I would've liked, it's finally home. Kip's tube is on and a follower from Brownell's is in. Apart from that, it's stock. I don't plan on putting an optic on until I've shot it a lot just with the iron sights. Next question: is the only other U.S. made part currently available the foregrip from Surefire? Anything else that would improve the functionality of the weapon and bring me under the magic number re: 922 ®?
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