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  1. Ill take two if you have any left. Where did you get that wrench? 5mm correct?
  2. How do you like the blackbore choke? Is it a CR or MR? I am thinking about getting one for my M2 if/when they produce them. Why are you still using the factory mag tube with the limiter?
  3. Ill wait for your review before ordering one.
  4. Im thinking that I could also run the factory benelli clamp/sling swivel behind the BMT with the sling loop on the other side. Any problem with having two clamps causing more stress on the barrel/tube?
  5. MOD-C, BMT clamp or MT clamp? Did you get the one with the 3 rail slots and the sling swivel?
  6. Where is the best place to get a CDM mount and tape switch? I usually go to brownells because I get a nice discount. I have a couple of surefires a E2 Executive Elite with the LED and the G2. Ill have to check out the P60 series, thanks.
  7. I like that Nordic clamp setup alot and Nordic makes great stuff. I think I might get that and a X300 for my M2 tactical. I was thinking about the dedicated Surefire forend but the LED version is really expensive. Some say its like holding onto a pringles can. I really like the stock forend on the M2 Tactical and its rock solid too. The tape setup reminds me of this...
  8. I was looking forward to this movie until I saw that it is PG-13. The 1st season of Walking Dead is over now too.
  9. Thanks. I purchased my M2 before my M4 and I know that alot of M2 owners have been waiting a REALLY long time for an extended tactical choke/muzzle device. This would be a game changer for the M2 world. There are alot of M2 owners that have been waiting for a product like this to arrive. As far as I know this would be the first ever and have total control over the M2 market for muzzle attachments.
  10. I will definatley get this for my M4. Any way to get the accessory choke in crio for my M2?
  11. I found a picture of Tinsel. Damn Canadians with their beady eyes and flapping heads.
  12. Its a 2 piece design. The screw in choke has threads that extend past the barrel and the muzzle device screws onto that. As far as I know there are no legal issues with installing muzzle brakes on shotguns at any level federal or state. It would be cool if there was a quick detach suppressor that would screw on the threads of that choke for some Zombie stealth kills and then I could go all "No Country for Old Men" on those damn Zombies. And make some of those chokes for the M2 also.
  13. Stompy

    Benelli MR1

    The anti-troll. Keep trolling and he will find you!
  14. Nice. Lots of great stuff out there for the M4, but where is all the M2 love? I still cant find a muzzle break or tactical choke for my M2.
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