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  1. Know what you mean, in 21 days (17 work days) I leave for 10 days of hunting in South Dakota. Have checked the SBE II's a coupel times and started piling gear in the garage. Have a good / safe hunt.
  2. Tuck, What color / pattern did you get yours dipped? I don't recall seeing a pic. Had one of mine dipped in digital cammo and love it.
  3. Get in line with Tucker and the rest of us south paws for a long-long wait. Talked to the VP of Marketing for Benelli USA at the SHOT Show a couple years ago about Left Handed 20's. He said less than 10% of thier US shotgun sales are 20 ga and less than 10% of the population is left handed. Didn't meet the economic hurdle.
  4. I will be traveling to England in October and usually hit the Holland & Holland Shop and Ray Ward's Gun room. I'll have to check out mag extentions for the Vinici.
  5. Matt D

    Not a Benelli

    The gun in middle with the engraved duck was first choice: but for a 93,700 pounds ($170,000) a little out of my price range. The least expensive shot gun in the place was 70,000 pounds. Besides my wife made me leave credit cards at home. All the guns where true works of art, all hand engraved and to think engraving tool don't have erasers.
  6. Matt D

    Not a Benelli

    Was in the UK last week, had a day off. The one in the middle was my favorite gun.
  7. Tuck, Just followed you home, I hate when that happens. Looks like the ejection hole is on the wrong side for you? I suppose you can reverse the safety that gun?
  8. Mudhen, How do you like the BigFoot Spec decoys? Took a couple cases to my buds in Arkansas last year, they laughed at first. This year they had me bring three more cases from Rogers.
  9. Just got back from Arkansas last week and had a very good hunt. For public hunting try the White River Refuge http://www.fws.gov/whiteriver/huntingpage.html and Bayou Meta http://www.byways.org/explore/byways/2279/places/35444/
  10. I have 2 new Benelli brand left handed 1 3/8" gel recoil pads, 1 in the box 1 without the box. $75 shipper. And 3 new Benelli brand Nova type non gel recoil pads. $40 shipper. PM me if interested.
  11. Thanks Hog But notice in the Spec picture, I am small too. So it works out well.
  12. They don't make wood stocks but might be worth a shot to call and see if they could help. http://www.bellandcarlson.com/
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