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    Yes, I am a woman.
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    Cape Cod
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    Upland bird hunter. Grouse and Quail are my specialties. Shooting .22 rifles.
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    Retired Federal LEO.
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  1. My H+K S90 M1 in Police Configuration has a 20 inch barrel with fixed rifle sights. Since it's shorter than the 21 inch barrel you are seeking, I know you wouldn't be interested. Besides I would never sell it - just teasing you a lot. Who would possibly want a police model, all black, with pistol grip and full mag that holds 7 rounds + 1? Just for fun I also bought the 28 inch ventilated hunting barrel with 3 chokes, magazine limiter and standard stock, at the same time I bought the Benelli for just over $750 dollars. You have to love those 1986 prices. When it's time for me to move on to greener pastures, I want that Benelli buried with me. But, those 20 inch barrels are out there!
  2. Cast Cast is the windage adjustment on a shotgun. It’s a lateral bend in the stock designed to center your dominant eye over the rib. Shooters with wider, rounder faces or narrowly set eyes often need cast, while many thin-faced shooters can shoot uncast stocks (most American gunstocks have no cast, whereas many European guns do). Right-handed shooters need “cast off,” a bend to the right; lefties need “cast on.” If you want to adjust cast on a pump or a semi-auto shotgun use a toothpick shim. Loosen the bolt and wedge the shim lengthwise along the stock head opposite the direction you want to bend the stock. Gunsmiths can permanently cast stocks with hot oil or a heat lamp.
  3. All the time I served in Law Enforcement, I wore a standard Buck 110 folder. The blade is a little thinner now from sharpening, but if you take the time to sharpen it correctly, that 110 will be always serve you well especially on seat belts and ropes.
  4. Let me know when you make a bayonet adapter that will fit an U.S. Army model 1917 shotgun bayonet (17 inch blade - VietNam era). I have a H+K S90 M1 in Defense Configuration. That's the all black model with no screw in chokes. 7+1+1. Pistol grip with rifle sights.
  5. Many years ago around 1986, I used a H&K imported Benelli Super 90 M1, in Police configuration, to quaily at the academy Police range. Using Foster Slugs, my Benelli was almost like shooting a rifle. The sights were simple and the barrel short, but I wouldn't hesitate to take deer out to 75 yards with complete confidense. The M4 is a fancy version of my shotgun and with the correct slugs should shoot just as well if not better. "Police Configuration" means all black with rifle sights, 7+1 capacity and pistol grip.
  6. Money is usually the moving factor with HD shotguns. If cash is short, then I would recommend a Mossberg 500 in HD configuration in 20 guage. Remember, you're not shooting bear or deer at 50 yards, it's people at very close range, so a 20 guage with buckshot will do the job and be easy to manage. I have seen many old Mossberg 500's that have not been taken care of and they look aweful with bad wood, poor blueing, rusty, dirty, rattle like an old Chevy pick-up and just fowled up. However, they keep working totally. If you take pride in your weapons and can afford a little better gun, then go with the Remington. If you admire your HD shotgun and plan to keep it well cleaned and not stored in the backyard out-house, then it's a Benelli pump in HD. One quick note, last year I talked a girl friend into getting a 20 guage coach gun with exposed hammers. Easy to use, still quite potent and easy to store safely. Pop 2 shells in, cock the hammers and cut lose. My friend is not a hunter or shooter, she just needed something easy to use "just in case".
  7. Went Quail hunting on opening Saturday. Met a young man who hadn't been Quail hunting before and wasn't sure what the Quail looked like. Two hours later and with my experience and my great Quail whistle (sorry no dogs), I had managed to bag one Quail for myself and he shot four (the limit in our state). I believe I have transformed him into a Quail hunter for life and he tells me he'll have a dog by next season. A truly great day
  8. Two more weeks before the upland bird season starts. These last two weeks are the slowest two weeks of the year. Maybe I'll clean my 20 guage shotguns again. Haven't done that in almost 24 hours
  9. For many years I've been reading about Ghost Loading Benelli's. If you like to fool around at the range, then by all means have fun with that "extra round". If you depend on your Benelli to save your life or your families, then DON'T. Ghost Loading an extra shell works sometimes but mostly will jam up your shotgun. Once it's jammed, your done. You can't ask a criminal to please wait while you disasemble and put back together your Benelli. If you're trying to save your life and you haven't ended "the dance" with one or two shots, then I hope you have life insurance. Again, if you're fooling around at the range, get the +2 magazine extension, Ghost Load your Benelli and buy the speed load attachment.
  10. I'm a little confused. Some members of the Massachusetts legislate are screaming they're going to bring back the 1994 AWB as soon as the holidays are over. Problem is, when it did expire, the state of Massachusetts adopted it completely and has been the law ever since. That's why Massachusetts is one of the worst anti-gun states. How can the state adopt some laws that are already on the books? By the way, what happened to the old Sullivan gun law that states anybody illegally caught with a firearm will serve an one year MANDATORY sentence? Has anybody been sent to jail for that? That law was meant to end gun violence once and for all !
  11. Here in Taxachusetts, crows can be hunted Friday, Saturday and Mondays. During the rest of the week crows fly slow and just overhead. During those three days, they fly at 15,000 feet and 120 mph. They just seem to know when the weekend gets here :-(
  12. I'm having a pretty good season so far. Seen 4 pheasants. One I shot and the others ran (I really need a dog!) Flushed a Woodcock in some really heavy cover and took her on the second shot as she was weaving between Pine trees. Seeing Quail every time I go out and bagging at least one each time (they keep dashing into thick hedge rows). I'm hoping this Hurricane takes down most of the leaves to give me a chance.
  13. Totally FANTASTIC pictures !!! The picture of your shooting instruments was the icing on the cake.. Way cool !! I have a Browning A-5 in 20 guage. What was the make of the missing gun ?
  14. The Quail areas are so full of tall grass and briars and the leaves are still on. Got out my Quail whistle and after a few minutes this beatiful rooster stepped out of the field to see what all the calling was about. One flush later and a blast from my Remy 1100 in .410 guage (7.5 shot) and I had my first Quail of the season [ATTACH=CONFIG]1706[/ATTACH]
  15. I tend to agree with Hookster. Once I lined up one shotshell from every brand I had, plus some from the same company purchased in diffrent years. Then I placed a ruler on top of the tallest shell (all unfired). All the shells except 2, had different heights. That was an eye opener.
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