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  1. Hey all. I have an M1 that has a 21 inch barrel and a +4 mag tube. It's set up for Home Defense use but I am going to use it for hunting hogs this fall. I need a sling that will allow me to carry it while walking and then get it into action quickly when a sounder of hogs comes into range. I don't have any front mounts on it now, but it wouldn't be hard to add one to my Nordic barrel clamp. What sling would you all suggest? Thanks Nala
  2. Hey all, I have an M1 that I have converted into a home defense shotgun with a 21 inch barrel and +4 tube. The only complaint I have with it, and all Benelli owners and shooters are well aware of this, is the painful recoil. It can get down right harsh when shooting home defense or police type loads in 00 Buck and slugs. I am wondering if there are other options out there to help out a bit. Are there recoil pads available that are much better than the standard factory pad that comes on it? I'm sure this pad that's on mine is NOT state of the art considering it was made over 20+ y
  3. MY LORD.....I thought the price for Benelli barrels was bad at $495! That's chicken feed compared to this barrel. YOWZA! I wished Benelli would give us a break out here on the prices of their stuff. There just ain't no sense in a barrel costing almost $1000 even if it is an NFA item. CONGRATS on scoring a sweet barrel PCFIVEZ. I hope you'll post pics of your sweet setup when you get it all squared away. I'd love to see the pics.
  4. Really great looking setup. I especially like the RED charging handle. I am in the market for a new handle for my M1 and can't decide what one to go with. I have Nordic components on it now and have thought of getting the BFB Handle that they sell, but I like a bit of color every now and again too. I wouldn't mind a stainless finished one or even something like the one you have. How has it worked out for you? Do you have any complaints at all on the bolt handle? That is a Briley charging handle isn't it? If not, please let me know what it is as I'd like to look into getting one
  5. Hey all, I have an M1 that's set up for home defense use and I am wanting to get another charging handle for it. I have a Nordic +4 tube on it now, but don't know anything about their charging handles. Can you all tell me what you have found works well and doesn't pull out easily as some of these handles do? I've read some of the posts here about certain charging handles that don't fit right and easily come out at the worst times. That is something that I definitely DO NOT want. Which charging handles should I take a look at and consider? Thanks for the time and help.
  6. I was in the same boat you are in. I had the 24 inch barrel and wanted the 21. I went to the 3-gun forums and posted it in the classified sections. It took a couple years but I finally got a 21 inch barrel, but it was from a new M2. The M2 barrel fit just fine in the receiver, it was the forearm that was the trouble. It would not fit at all. I had to take out the DREMEL tool and grind out some material but I eventually got it to fit and work just fine. It fits just as good as it did when I got it with the 24 inch. I would like to get a new forend from an M2 to see if it would fit,
  7. Hey all, I went out today to shoot my M1 with a 21 inch VR barrel and +4 Nordic mag tube. I took 100 rounds of the bulk pack Federal 7 1/2 shot and shot it all. My shoulder was definitely feeling the results of my day with my M1. What I would like is to find something that would lessen the felt recoil. Do you all know of a good buttpad replacement I could put on it? I don't know if the Comfort Tech stock would fit my M1 and if it did knowing Benelli it would cost a fortune. Do you all have any ideas for me? Has anyone else had this problem with their M1? I have had a
  8. Hey all, Just curious, what kind of prices have you seen on the M1 USED Pistol Grip stocks? I have an M1S90 with a 21 inch barrel and I just added a Nordic +4 to it and it really looks and handles nice. I have always thought about putting a Pistol Grip stock on my HD weapon, but don't know how I'd like it. I've seen a few for sale, but priced as though they were NEW. Not gonna do that. I guess the downfall of owning the best semi auto in the world is that when you want parts for it, or something added to it, you gotta pay out the wazoo for it. Anyway, what have you all
  9. Hey all, I am curious about unloading these full mag tubes. I just finished installing the NORDIC tube I got for myself for XMAS for my M1 with 21 inch barrel. I got the +4 which now I have a 7+1 capacity. It sure looks great too with that barrel clamp. Anyway, I was loading it up to make sure everything was ok and there were no binds or issues that would cause a problem. When I was ready to UNLOAD it, I thought I'd try what I have seen others do online instead of racking the handle back and forth 8 times and making such a racket. I put my finger in and pushed in on the l
  10. Hey all, I'm rigging my M1 up for Home Defense and 3-Gun and am going to add an aftermarket bolt handle. There are quite a few out there and I wanted to ask you guys which one(s) you like and have found works well for you. Any suggestions? Thanks Nalajr
  11. I'd like to find a used Nordic. That's what I wanted in the first place. I guess I'll go ahead and get one if I can't find a used one somewhere. Thanks all Nalajr
  12. Hey all, I have an M1 with a 21 inch barrel that I am wanting to make into a Home Defense shotgun and something I can try 3 gun with. I have been looking at mag tubes and seems like the TACSTAR and the Carlsons are the most affordable. I'd rather have the NORDIC, but they are $85 bucks with shipping. I can get the TACSTAR for half that. So, has anyone used one or have thoughts on them? I'd like to get your opinions if you don't mind. Also, I wouldn't mind buying a USED tube if I could find one the length I want. I would either want a +3 or +4, something that would not extend p
  13. The 1301 is getting a lot of notice with the 3 Gun crowds. It seems to be a worthy challenger to the Benelli reign. I have a 21 inch M1 that I haven't shot, ever, and am now thinking of making it up to be a Home Defense and 3-Gun shotgun. I am also toying with the idea of trading it for a 1301. Nalajr
  14. Hey all, I am going to turn my M1 into a HD/3-Gun shotgun and the first thing is a bolt handle. I've seen a few and there are a couple that have caught my eye. Before I buy one I wanted to ask you guys and see what you all like and work well for you. Have you had any reliability issues adding a new and heavier bolt handle? I'd really like to see pics of your setup if you don't mind. Thanks Nalajr
  15. Hey all, I am wanting to set my 12 gauge M1 Super 90 up for HD use. I need either a +3 or +4 mag tube extension. I'd like to get a new bolt handle, something that looks as good as it works and the barrel/mag tube clamp. If anyone has anything that I can use, please get in touch and see what we can come up with. Thanks for the time. Nalajr
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